Quran is guidance for humanity, there is no doubt about it

July 28, 2017

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Oh hai.

This is for believer and non-believe alike. For myself: I used to be Catholic, and became Anti-theist out of my own reasoning; I was sure no god existed. Through debate, I have to admit that it’s possible that some god could exist, but I remain pretty sure that certain gods do not exist in this universe. Debate has also caused me to accept that billions of people asserting a claim is “some evidence” of the claim’s validity (I know that’s contentious–the point I’m making here is I changed a position based on people demonstrating I was inconsistent and wrong in my opinions).

If you haven’t ever changed your belief, would you state you’ve never been proven wrong? If you’ve been proven wrong but haven’t changed your belief, aren’t you operating in bad faith–and if not ‘bad faith,’ what are you doing?

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Is it actually difficult to write a fiction consistent with reality when I don’t write about much of anything in the physical world?

Are you a creationist?

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“The Honorable Lord Krishna: A Prophet Of Allah”

July 27, 2017

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I quote from it here:

While many recognize the differences between Islam and Hinduism, few may appreciate that according to Islamic principles and Prophet Muhammad, Lord Krishna was a true Prophet of God.

The obvious question that emerges is that if the same God sent Lord Krishna and Prophet Muhammad, why do Islam and Hinduism have notable theological differences? Simply put, Islam only argues that the original core teachings of Hinduism and Islam are the same — the unity of God and the obligation to serve mankind. Furthermore, nothing in the Quran, Sunnah or Hadith declares that Lord Krishna was not a prophet. Thus, this short article offers nine points to consider – together – that Lord Krishna is a true prophet of God, a prophet whom Muslims also revere along with their fellow Hindu neighbors.”
The whole article needs to be read, please.
I highly recommend it.

Muslims respect Krishna

July 27, 2017

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I haven’t met many Muslims who respect Krishna actually, and neither does the Qur’an mention Hinduism. But overall, yes, the Qur’an is very universalist in its understanding of religion. By this I don’t mean it says that everyone goes to heaven, but that the insistence of Islam upon God as the One and the Absolute has led to the acceptance of a multiplicity of prophets and revelations (5:48).


Are you an Ahmadi by any chance?

Has a religion ever mentioned the existence of another religion?

July 26, 2017


Has a religion ever mentioned the existence of another religion within its source material? (self.DebateReligion)

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Quran not only mentions other revealed religions but mentions that those religions were truthful in their origin, their founders got Word of Revelations from God and that they were truthful persons. It is incumbent on the followers of Quran/Islam/Muhammad to believe in such founders and respect their revelations in whatever positions these are now. One cannot be a Muslim if one does not believe in the truthfulness of such persons and the messages they brought from God. It is for this that the followers of Quran/Islam/Muhammad respect Buddha, Krishna, Moses, Zoroaster, Jesus, Socrates etc. Regards



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Mary was not the wife of God, so Jesus was never a “Son of God”

July 25, 2017

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The Quran states that Jesus was a prophet of Allah and nothing more; however if we assume this to be true, why would he lie of being the son of God? It seems to me that Islam has given a position to Jesus that is evidently paradoxical. I find this to be the biggest flaw in Islam, and I can’t see any sensible justification for this contradiction.

EDIT:: My address has been resolved in the comments below by numerous people.

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I have provided many proofs below on how Jesus equates himself to Godhood, I recommend you look into these points and warn you of the potential hypocrisy of a frivolous reversal of when Jesus was literal and when he was metaphorical. I only say this because I wish to avoid a debate where anyone would simply say he is being metaphorical when he states himself as the Son, and literal in any other occasion when it does not suit one’s belief. I concede the Bible is not without metaphors and the like, however, it would be dangerous to assume everything possible as such when interpreting the Bible; such a behavior would simply belittle the message of the word of God. Once again I urge you to look into my many examples of Jesus’ Godhood below.


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“Arguments for the singularity of a deity”

July 24, 2017

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Hello all. I have realized lately that I have never seen an argument for the singularity of a deity. By this I mean that all arguments I have seen for the existence of any god works equally as well for the existence of many. Of course, you can’t make the leap from “there is a god/gods”, to “this/these god/gods are the only true god/gods because my holy book/elders/religious tradition says so”. I’m looking for logical arguments for either a singular god or a singular pantheon, as I can’t find any.

Of course, as a Norse Heathen, I am a polytheist myself, but I welcome any thought provoking answers to this question. So, if you think I missed some arguments let me know! after 4 UCT I will be at work, so it might take me awhile to respond; however, I will attempt to get back to every top level comment I receive.

Thank you in advance, and best wishes.


Can you please explain your train of thought? As it is, your statement is incoherent.



“Wikipedia and Beyond”

June 13, 2017

About Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia, useful information:

Jimmy Wales’ sprawling vision

“Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia, lives in a house fit for a grandmother. The progenitor and public face of one of the 10 most popular websites in the world beds down in a one-story bungalow on a cul-de-sac near St. Petersburg, Florida. The neighborhood, with its scrubby vegetation and plastic lawn furniture, screams “Bingo Night.” Inside the house, the décor is minimal, and the stucco and cool tile floors make the place echo. A few potted plants bravely attempt domesticity. Out front sits a cherry red Hyundai.”

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“Is the Quran fireproof?”

June 12, 2017

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I have liked following posts on the subject:

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Paarsurrey comments:

Quran is a revelation that descended on the heart of Muhammad by God and the whole of it is memorized by heart by the Muslims, and those who cannot memorize it they at least memorize a part of it, from the times of Muhammad. If the intention of those who burnt it to destroy it, they cannot do it from the hearts of the Muslims.

As a second measure, Quran was also written down in the times of Muhammad and standardized by his Caliphs, and the non-standard copies were burnt by the Caliph themselves. So burning of Quran with a good intention is no wrong.

In fact, the worn out copies of Quran or torn pages of it are lawful to be burnt or to put them in a flowing stream or river or a lake or in the sea, to dispose them off.

It is the intention of those who do it, that matters. If the intention is wrong then it is just a childish measure done by some insane individuals, they must be answerable to the law of land where the bad act has been done.

Sure, it is a condemnable act.


One may like to view the following article:

Qur’an Disposal


I give an excerpt from it:

“When Muslims want to respectfully dispose of a text of the Qur’an that is no longer usable, we will burn it. So if someone, for example, in their own private collection or library had a text of the Qur’an that was damaged or that was in disrepair, so the binding was ruined, etc., or it got torn, they might bring it by to the Islamic Center and ask that someone here dispose of it properly if they were unsure how to do that. And what I’ll do is I’ll take it to my fireplace at home and burn it there in the fireplace. So I sort of take the pages out and then burn it to make sure that it gets thoroughly charred and is no longer recognizable as script.”

Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly


One would also like to read the following comments on the above site:

Most Islamic scholars agree that burning old copies of the Quran, in a respectful manner in a clean place, is acceptable as a last resort. In this case, one must ensure that the burning is complete, meaning that no words are left legible and the pages have been fully destroyed. At no time should a Quran be burned with the regular trash. Some add that the ashes should then be buried or scattered in running water (see above).
The permission for this practice comes from the early Muslims, at the time of Caliph Uthman bin Affan. After the official, agreed-upon version of the Quran had been compiled in a consistent dialect of Arabic, the official version was copied while the old or nonconforming Qurans were burned.

As always in life, it is not the act as much as it is the intention.





Did Baha’ullah understand “Urvatu’l-Vuthqá” correctly?

May 27, 2017

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I give the verse of Quran where “Urvatu’l-Vuthqá” is mentioned in Quran with the verses in the context:

[2:253] These are the Signs of Allah; We recite them unto thee with truth. Surely, thou art one of the Messengers.
[2:254] These Messengers have We exalted, some of them above others: among them there are those to whom Allah spoke; and some of them He exalted by degrees of rank. And We gave Jesus, son of Mary, clear proofs and strengthened him with the Spirit of holiness. And if Allah had so willed, those that came after them would not have fought with one another after clear Signs had come to them; but they did disagree. Of them were some who believed, and of them were some who disbelieved. And if Allah had so willed, they would not have fought with one another; but Allah does what He desires.
[2:255] O ye who believe! spend out of what We have bestowed on you before the day comes wherein there shall be no buying and selling, nor friendship, nor intercession; and it is those who disbelieve that do wrong to themselves.

[2:256] Allah — there is no God but He, the Living, the Self-Subsisting and All-Sustaining. Slumber seizes Him not, nor sleep. To Him belongs whatsoever is in the heavens and whatsoever is in the earth. Who is he that will intercede with Him except by His permission? He knows what is before them and what is behind them; and they encompass nothing of His knowledge except what He pleases. His knowledge extends over the heavens and the earth; and the care of them burdens Him not; and He is the High, the Great.
[2:257] There should be no compulsion in religion. Surely, right has become distinct from wrong; so whosoever refuses to be led by those who transgress, and believes in Allah, has surely grasped a strong handle which knows no breaking. And Allah is All-Hearing, All-Knowing.
[2:258] Allah is the friend of those who believe: He brings them out of every kind of darkness into light. And those who disbelieve, their friends are the transgressors who bring them out of light into every kind of darkness. These are the inmates of the Fire; therein shall they abide.
Paarsurrey says:
Baha’ullah by claiming himself god has transgressed greatly and as such has gone astray from the right path of Quran.
On the one hand Baha’ullah says that Quran is secure and not changed, if he had revealed Quran being god, he would have understood that the strong handle is Oneness of God (Allah).
By wrongly describing the “Urvatu’l-Vuthqá” or strong handle in Kitabe Iqan he has been exposed to be wrong.
Baha’ullah’s ,therefore, was neither god nor messenger/prophet of God nor manifestation of God.
Baha’ullah was simply an errant human being.

“Did Baha’ullah read and understand Quran correctly?”

May 25, 2017

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#3 paarsurrey  wrote:

Unless one quotes a verse or verses of Quran which Baha’u’llah read and understood correctly from the context verses of Quran which others could not understand, this will be just a claim or a story. Please quote some examples.

In response to my above post the Bahai wrote the following post:
The Bahai wrote/said in Post #4 :

Both the Bab and Baha’u’llahs writings contain many many quotes from the Koran given in context and each are a book in its own right, so where could you start? It can not be posted here as it is far to much information.

Here is One passage of the Koran Baha’u’llah has explained

Qur’an 91, The Surah of the Sun
By the sun and its noonday brightness!
By the moon when it followeth it!
By the day when it revealeth its glory!
By the night when it enshroudeth it!
By the heaven and that which built it!
By the earth and that which spread it forth!
By a soul and Him who fashioned it!
And informed it of its wickedness and its piety;
Blessed now is he who hath kept it pure,
and undone is he who hath corrupted it!
Thamud in their insolence rejected their prophet,
When the greatest wretch among them rushed up:
Said the Apostle of God to them, “The Camel of God! Let her drink.”
But they treated him as an impostor and hamstrung her.
So their Lord destroyed them for their crime, and visited all alike:
Nor feared He the issue thereof.

Here is the explanation given by Baha’u’llah (Provisional Translation to English) – Commentary on the Surah of the Sun

A quote from it

“…Know that the sun mentioned in this blessed surah hath divers meanings. At the level of primacy and unity, and in the city of pre-existent divinity, it is one of God’s mysteries, one of his sanctuaries, stored away in His treasure hold, concealed in His knowledge, and sealed by God’s own seal. No one is informed thereof save the One, the Unique, the Omniscient. For in this station the sun signifieth the Primal Will and the illumination of divine oneness that by means of its Self sheddeth its effulgence upon the horizons. Whoever approached it was illumined thereby just as, when the sun riseth, its rays encompass the world, all save those surfaces that remain veiled from it by some obstacle….”


Paarsurrey says:
Baha’uallh did not explain the difficult portion of the Quran chapter. Why did God (Allah) swear (Qur’an 91, The Surah of the Sun)?
“By the sun and its noonday brightness!
By the moon when it followeth it!
By the day when it revealeth its glory!
By the night when it enshroudeth it!
By the heaven and that which built it!
By the earth and that which spread it forth!
By a soul and Him who fashioned it!”
Did Baha’ullah explain it?
He did not. If Baha’ullah did, then please quote from him.
This explanation is given by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad:
“The Philosophy of Allah’s Swearing by Various things Here one needs to be reminded that there is a deep philosophy in God’s calling the sun and the moon etc. to witness.
Some of our opponents, out of their lack of knowledge, criticise God for calling to witness created things. As their intelligence is earthly and not heavenly they fail to appreciate true insights. The purpose of taking an oath is that the one who takes an oath puts forward a testimony in support of his claim. A person who has no witness of his claim calls God to witness, for He knows what is hidden and He is the foremost witness in every controversy. Such a person puts forward the testimony of God by taking an oath in His name, meaning thereby that if  God does not thereafter chastise him, that would be proof that God has confirmed the truth of his claim.
It is, therefore, not permissible for a person to take the oath of any created thing, for no created thing possesses knowledge of the unseen, nor has it the power to punish one who takes a false oath. In these verses, God calling various phenomena to witness is not the same thing as a person taking an oath. Divine manifestations are of two types. One, those that are obvious and concerning which there is no controversy. Secondly, there are those Divine manifestations which are inferential concerning which people differ and can fall into error. By calling to witness the obvious phenomena, God Almighty’s purpose is to establish by their evidence His inferential manifestations.
It is obvious that the sun and the moon and the day and the night and the heaven and the earth, possess the respective characteristics that we have mentioned, but everyone is not aware of the characteristics possessed by the human soul. Thus, God has set forth His obvious manifestations as witnesses for the purpose of explaining His inferential manifestations. It is as if He says: If you are in doubt with regard to the qualities with which  the human soul is invested, then reflect upon the sun and the moon and the other phenomena cited which obviously possess these qualities.
You know that man is a microcosm that comprises a tiny representation of the pattern of the universe. As it is clear that the great bodies of the macrocosm possess these qualities and provide benefits for God’s creatures, then how can man, who ranks above all those bodies, be without those qualities? That is not so.
Indeed, like the sun, man possesses the light of knowledge and reason whereby he can illumine the world. Like the moon he receives the light of vision and revelation from the Divine and conveys it to others who have not yet arrived at the highest stage of human progress. Then how can you say that prophethood is a false notion and that all prophethoods and purported Divine laws and books are only the imposture and selfishness of certain human beings. You observe how all paths are lit up and the heights and depressions become distinct when the day dawns.
In the same way perfect man is the day of spiritual light, by his advent every path becomes clearly distinguishable. He points out the right path, for he himself is the bright day of truth and righteousness. Similarly, you observe how the night accommodates the weary and how the labourers, after working hard during the day, sleep in the gracious lap of the night and rest from their labours. The night also covers up all defects and imperfections.
In the same way, the perfect servants of God come to provide comfort for people and the recipients of revelation relieve all wise people of extreme effort. Through them great problems of insight are easily resolved. Also Divine revelation covers up the defects of human reason and, like the night, does not let its faults to become known, inasmuch as wise people correct their mistakes on their own in the light of revelation, and thus through the blessings of God’s holy revelation save themselves from being exposed.
That is the reason why no Muslim philosopher offered the sacrifice of a rooster to an idol as was done by Plato. Plato was misled as he was deprived of the light of revelation and despite being a great philosopher he perpetrated such a stupid and hateful act. The following of our lord and master the Holy Prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, safeguarded the Muslim philosophers against such stupid and unholy practices. This shows how Divine revelation covers up, like the night, the deficiencies of the wise.
182-184 The Philosophy of the Teachings of Islam
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