Which existed first “something” or “nothing”?

October 1, 2015

May 21, 2015#1

Which existed first “something” or “nothing”?

or none of them unless the ONE who created/evolved them communicates and informs us which one.
Topic open for Theists and Atheists alike.

Sep 24, 2015#335

Pudding wrote:
Both is equally possible, but what is the true answer? I don’t know the true answer.
Something may existed first in a mystery that i don’t know of.
Nothing may existed first in a mystery that i don’t know of.
Who is the ONE?

The ONE true [God/Creator] A/B/C/D/E…etc from religion A/B/C/D/E…etc?
God A/B/C/D/E…etc?
Creator A/B/C/D/E…etc?
Which one is the ONE from those A/B/C/D/E…etc?
I guess each to their own.

It is G-d/Allah/Yahweh/Ahura-Mazda, the same ONE all over the world in different religions with different names in their language having 99+ attributes mentioned in Quran.

Quran- the amazing Recitation of systems introduces Him in the first Chapter called Al-Fatihah with four primary attributes of Him and then the whole Quran mentions one or more attributes of Him in the following chapters generated from the four primary attributes.

In this sense Quran is a book/Recitation which illustrates His attributes and as to how and when his attributes work in every chapter that follows Al-Fatihah.

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Hot Debate : When science goes gibberish!

September 29, 2015

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Paarsurrey wrote:

Is it another aspect when science goes gibberish?

ben d wrote:

ben d

Indeed…..when people hear the term ‘big bang’, many do not understand that according to the theory, there was no cause or reason involved in the miraculous explosion that created existence from non-existence…they think that science understands, or will eventually understand how it happened….

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Hot Debate:Carbon dating of the Birmingham manuscript: Quran cannot be before Muhammad’s birth

September 29, 2015

Post #675

Paarsurrey wrote:

The carbon dating of the Birmingham manuscript, as is evident, is not correct to second/minute/hour/day/year extent, it only provides a range within which it could be possibly located. Rest is to be decided by the inner evidence from the text of the scripture.
The inner evidence rejects that Quran could be before Muhammad’s birth for the reasons I have mentioned. Similarly, Muhammad was a real and historic person, the ineer evidence of the Birmingham manuscript reject that Quran descended after Muhammad.
The only possibility is that it was descended on Muhammad within his life span, though codified later in the time of Caliph Uthmān. Birmingham manuscript is similar to Uthmān Codex without change.
One cold observe the correctness of my above expression from the following verse of Quran:
The Holy Quran : Chapter 10: Yunus
[10:3]Is it a matter of wonder for men that We have inspired a man from among them,saying, ‘Warn mankind and give glad tidings to those who believe that they have a true rank of honour with their Lord?’ The disbelievers say, ‘Surely, this is a manifest enchanter.’

The OP or anybody else to tell us which other scripture could have come up with the above verse except Muhammad.

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How to read Quran?

September 27, 2015

Post #195

Paarsurrey wrote:

One has to adopt a proper measure to understand the truthful scripture, it is not like reading a novel or a story-book.
Please give it another try.
One should be clear of any bias while reading Quran.
Kindly start studying Quran from the beginning to the end, then read it again please and have a note-book with you while intently reading it. One should write down the valid question arising in one’s mind very naturally; this is not prohibited. If the context makes the questions clear or one realizes that one’s question is not valid; one could delete it and proceed further. This may take sometime of course; but it is worthwhile trying it, after all it is an oft quoted book of an important world religion.
I think it is not difficult to understand the verses by using a common sense approach which is generally helpful for understanding any book in the world.
A single verse without the text and the context could be sometimes misleading.
One cannot correctly understand the meaning of a word unless one knows the whole sentence in which it has been used; the value of a sentence could be best understood in a passage, and of a passage is best understood in a chapter. The reference with the context is therefore most essential for a meaningful understanding.
This helps to understand the verses; hence Quran is self-explanatory.
Quran in the very beginning make it known that it is a book for guidance to humanity to the righteous and as such it should be referred to in the ethical, moral and spiritual matters. Why persist to use it otherwise?
Another thing is that science is never final in anything; there is always a room for improvement in knowledge of science; nobody has closed yet the book of science; so why at all compare it with Quran.
Quran leaves the field of science open for search and research for the believers and the non-believers alike; it does not block science for investigation or oppose it.
Science does not have any absolute realities; it is a tool of human beings for physical advancements and with the available data it searches and researches till it matches with the nature; nature is the master. Nature existed when humans had virtually no knowledge of science; and science is subject to improvement as and when new data is obtained. It has no claims to perfectness.
It is therefore futile to look for any scientific mistakes in Quran; there is none there.
It provides guidance on temporal, moral and spiritual matters. Quran does not want that it should be believed only as a book of authority from an authority. It provides the wisdom to a thing and reason and logical arguments, in a way, that it is not a tedious book like the books of philosophy which are full with difficult terminology not understood by the common man. It mentions wisdom for the Philosophers, experts and the common people all at one and the same time; as it is guidance for everybody.
I think it appropriate here to suggest an on-line website for studying the same:
It is true that Quran if read in the Arabic language a little loudly in a manner that it does not disturb others has its own spell-bound charm; that cannot be denied.
Nevertheless; its real charm is its profound system of meaning conveyed in its message; one could benefit from it, in any language. Where-ever the translator has not been able to comprehend the meaning correctly, one could check the original Arabic word and find its etymology, available online.
I have personal experience of this; people borrow questions from unfriendly websites; but when referred to Quran, for the text and context, the questions become irrelevant.
I may add here that all translations, in fact, are commentaries as one could translate only to the extent one understands; if one does not understand fully one’s translation would be defective to that extent.
As is evident translations of Quran are not the real words of God; that is factual and reasonable; that does not mean that Quran should not be translated for understanding it.
When one has finished it, we can compare our notes with one another.


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Hot debate : “Where are the remains of Jesus of Nazareth?”

September 26, 2015

Post #234

Paarsurrey wrote:

Still another clue for Jesus’ remains:
A thangka (pronounced with the h silent) is the traditional form of religious painting produced by Buddhist monks for centuries in the Himalayas.

Note the scars in hands of Jesus
Abhijith’s Knols


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Hot debate : “Where are the remains of Jesus of Nazareth?”

September 26, 2015

Post #230

Paarsurrey wrote:

Remains of Jesus would be found where Jesus went after his treatment in the tomb of Joseph of Arimathea and where he lived thereafter and died.

A strong clue from Bible:
Doubt of Jesus’ having died on the cross was expressed very much at the scene of the Cross.

Pilate marveled

And Pilate marveled if he were already dead. (Mark 15: 44)

When Pilate was informed about the death of Jesus on the cross, he marveled at hearing it. We know that Pilate was the most experienced person in this field; who may have experienced hundreds of crucifixions in his time. That is why; he knew very it well that a 33 years, unmarried young person shouldn’t die in few hours, while the other two thieves (elder than him) were still alive after the crucifixion.

So, Jesus journeyed elsewhere, hence the empty tomb.


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Hot Debate: “What is latest on the “synthetic cell”?”

September 25, 2015

Post #1

Paarsurrey wrote:

Of course it is made by imitation to some natural product, nevertheless it is not created. Is it?
1.(of a substance) made by chemical synthesis, especially to imitate a natural product.
“synthetic rubber”
(of a proposition) having truth or falsity determinable by recourse to experience.
1.a synthetic material or chemical, especially a textile fiber.
1. combination or composition, in particular.

  • the combination of ideas to form a theory or system.

noun:synthesis; plural noun:syntheses
“the synthesis of intellect and emotion in his work”

  • the production of chemical compounds by reaction from simpler materials.

“the synthesis of methanol from carbon monoxide and hydrogen”

At the most it is an imitation of what already exists in nature in abundance created by G-d from annihilation.
Or in terms of our “resident historian”, it is plagiarization of nature,Post 400, and not original.
One should look at the modesty/humbleness of science and arrogance of the pseudo-scientists in the garb of atheists/agnostics./skeptics .


P.S. I am not against the real scientists rather I laud their efforts to discover/invent things useful for the humanity.

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“The Tomb of Christ”

September 23, 2015

Shasta on April 5, 2009 at 22:41 said:

Yes, there are graves for Jesus in Jerusalem, France, Kashmir (India) and Japan.
My research has foused exclusively on the probable survival of jesus from crucifixion, and his ultimate trvaels and death in kashmir. These views have been reinforced first with the 12 appearances of jesus after crucifixion within the NT….plus examining evidence about crcuifixion and the plots afoot to save Jesus…then examining the overwhelming evidence in Kashmir. Yes, Muslims rule the tomb. All who were Christians, Jews, and Hindu, Sikh, and Buddhist have either fled Kashmir or converted…leaving only Muslim caretakers. This has been a problem for those claiming the tomb is a Christian site.
I am returning to the region in September to resume the DNA project. The artifacts will be scientifically validated and documented at that time. Till then, please keep an open mind.
Or better yet, do some more reading and research on your own. If the theory proves correct, and Jesus is discovered there, this certainly will alter all historical views and interpretations.
All the best,


What is the latest on DNA testing?

HOT DEBATE: “Where are the remains of Jesus of Nazareth?”

September 23, 2015

Post #198

Further to post #196 above. Jesus’ remains would be found where he journeyed to.
“Jesus’ Deliverance from the Cross & Journey to INDIA”

“I have written this knol so that by adducing proofs from
established facts, conclusive historical evidence of proven
value, and ancient documents of other nations, I might
dispel the serious misconceptions which are current among
Christians and most Muslim sects regarding the earlier and
the later life of Jesus.


Christians and most Muslims believe that Jesus was
raised to the heavens alive; both have believed for a long
time that Jesus is still alive in the heavens and will return to
the earth sometime in the latter days.”
marathakam abhijith. Jesus in India….FACT OR FLAW!!: THE FIRST SIDE….. [Internet]. Version 1. Abhijith’s Knols. 2010 Jun 28. Available from:https://abhijithmarathakam.wordpress.com/article/jesus-in-india-fact-or-flaw-33u5226e1zr9g-8/.

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Tracing descendants of Jesus

September 23, 2015

The Descendants of Jesus: Tracing the Family of Christ Through the Ages 

Professor Hugh Montgomery has spent decades researching the bloodlines of Europe and Outremer. His controversial conclusions fly in the face of the accepted orthodoxy. Jesus married Mary Magdalene…


Now, as in the time of Jesus, the Jewish people wrote about the times and events around them.  Jesus was a Rabbi and by Jewish Law he must have been married and a father.  Celibacy, in the ways of Christian tradition, was considered unnatural to Jewish tradition.  A grown man who was unmarried & celibate would have been mentioned extensively in chronicles were this the actual case — the Romans didn’t destroy everything, so, where is this “unnatural behaviour” mentioned in extant records of those times? Celibacy does not equal purity — that is Pauline thought.  In the bounds of marriage, intimacy has no sin.  And if God incarnated in human form to experience a human life, how on earth would such an important part of life be left inexperienced? Rather or not Jesus married & had children should not shake faith.  It changes nothing of who he was and what he did, ultimately.  This is where faith steps in and is that not what it’s all about?
+@Rain Wolf I agree with you that Jesus got married and had children. There are many claimants as physical descendants of Jesus, in France, in KPK province of Pakistan and in Kashmir, their claims should not be ignored and must be searched into. DNA of such persons should be matched and the relics or remains of Jesus and Mary must be carbon-dated to find the truth. Regards


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