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BBC_ Religions: “Jesus in Hinduism”

April 23, 2013
Shaunaka Rishi Das

Shaunaka Rishi Das

Jesus from a Hindu perspective. Photo: courtesy: Eirik Newth ©

“Jesus in Hinduism”: is an article from:
The article states:

“Shaunaka Rishi Das has been Director of the Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies since its inception in 1997.” “He gives his view on Jesus from a Hindu perspective.”

Shaunaka Rishi Das narrates:

(I quote his words below)

Quote:”I’ve an Indian friend who, when he was seven ,moved with his family from India to England, where he was enrolled at a new school. On his first day he was asked to speak to the class about a saint from his Hindu tradition.

Enthusiastically he began to tell the story of the saint called Ishu, who was born in a cowshed, was visited by three holy men, performed many amazing miracles, walked on water and spoke a wonderful sermon on a mountain.

Of course, he was telling the story of Christ. But he was bewildered to hear that the teacher laid claim to Ishu for herself and her friends and she let him know that this was her Lord and her story, not his. He was very upset about this, because Ishu’s tale was his favourite story.

You see, in a sense, Hindus don’t really see Jesus as a Christian at all. (Of course Jesus didn’t either, because the term wasn’t used during His lifetime.) In Hindu thought, church or temple membership or belief is not as significant as spiritual practice, which in Sanskrit is called sadhana.”Unquote

For more detail,please click the following link:

Paarsurrey says:

This show that Jesus went to India after the event of crucifixion in which he survived in near-death condition nevertheless alive. He died a natural death in Kashmir and is buried there.

One of the many “Words” is Jesus Christ- the Son of Man/Adam/Mary

April 10, 2010

I received following e-mail from Austin; the topic “The Truth Will Set You Free” could be read by accessing the ablove link. I responded with the following reply:

Hi friend Austin

I sent following post to you; but it did not get published on to your blog.
Please publish it and confirm to me.



Hi friend Austin

I would suggest you to rephrase the above sentence from your post; please
make it to read “One of the many Words is Jesus Christ- the Son of Man”
Would you please do it for me?


I love Jesus and Mary as mentioned in Quran

I am an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim

P.S. The e-mail also bounced backed to me


Quran mentions Jesus as Word of Allah (G-d):

Verse (3:45)

The analysis above refers to the 45th verse of chapter 3 (sūrat āl ʿim’rān):

Sahih International[And mention] when the angels said, “O Mary, indeed Allah gives you good tidings of a word from Him, whose name will be the Messiah, Jesus, the son of Mary – distinguished in this world and the Hereafter and among those brought near [to Allah].

Quran also mentions the following earlier in the same chapter:

Verse (3:39)

Sahih InternationalSo the angels called him while he was standing in prayer in the chamber, “Indeed, Allah gives you good tidings of John, confirming a word from Allah and [who will be] honorable, abstaining [from women], and a prophet from among the righteous.”

It is very clear from the above that:

  1. Both Jesus and John were kalamatu(A)llah or Word of G-d, meaning their good tiding was given before their birth to Mary and Zechariah, respectively. And it is not a small sign. Right?
  2. Jesus is mentioned as Son of Mary, not as “Son of G-d”, obviously as G-d never had a wife named Mary.

Our Christian friends, needs to rectify their wrong creeds they have been given by the Pauline-Christianity. And Jesus never supported Paul, his associates or the Church. Right?



Paul spoiled Jesus’ true teachings

March 19, 2010

Paul spoiled Jesus’ true teachings to avenge his obvious enmity

hvtbintl69 Says:

I understand your beliefs but what are they based upon? The evidence? Of course Mary/Jesus they never celebrated Easter. Jesus was the originator.
There is no evidence that Jesus survived the cross nor is there any evidence that he died in Kashmir years later. Nothing in archaeology or scripture verifies it.
Jesus was dead on the cross, his friends put him into the tomb due to the oncoming Sabbath not any kind of conspiracy with the Romans. No removal occurred.

paarsurrey Says:

Hi friend hvtbintl69

If Jesus would have been the originator of the Easter, the annual feast of the Christians; he must have celebrated it himself. In fact Jesus was not founder of the “Christianity”; it was Paul who founded “Christianity”:

1. Paul only used Christ’s name as a scapegoat

2. to spread his own (Paul’s) Theology invented at Rome

3. and also to take revenge from Jesus who had escaped death on Cross

4. by spoiling Jesus’ true teachings

5. and who (Jesus) had gone out of the reach of Paul who was a dead enemy of Jesus and his friends.

Jesus had nothing to do with Christianity of Paul and the Church.

I have given numerous proofs to that effect in my posts in my blog; you or other Christians of 32000+ denominations are welcome to refute them if you like, with your reasonable, rational and logical argument. I don’t think Christians could refute them. It is an inter-faith discussion blog; everybody is welcome to join the discussions opened by me in my posts. I respect all the 32000+ denominations of the Christians. Even JWs or Mormons who declare to be the only true Christians are welcome here. Everybody is invited to join the discussion.

I love Jesus and Mary as mentioned in Quran


I am an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim

The Disciples stole Jesus’ body and faked His resurrection

November 4, 2008

The above title “The Disciples stole Jesus’ body and faked His resurrection” is only an allegation on the disciples put forward by the writer of the artilce appearing on the link:

The title holds no ground as Jesus’ body was handed over to his disciples by Pontius Pilate and it is very much mentioned in the NTBible. The disciples took care of their Master and provided him with the best treatment available at the time.

The ointment specially prepared by the disciples and applied on the injured and unconcious body of Jesus is well known in medical history of the times is called “Marhum Hawariyyeen” which could be translated as “Ointment of the Disciples”. The same medical is also known as “Marhum Essa” which could be translated as “Ointment of Jesus”; as it was applied on the injured and uncoscious body of Jesus and then his body was wrapped with a lot of wrappings.

The Disciples (Nicodimus and Joseph Armithea) took care of injured Jesus and treated him in the spacious tomb.

When Jesus gained consiousness and was strong enough he showed himself up to the other disciples, he ate, drank and slept with them.

So where was the need of any resurrection when Jesus never died on the Cross in the first place?

I repeat here one of my posts in this blog:

Actions of disciples putting wrappings on Jesus’ body testify; Jesus was injured but alive when laid in the tomb

Paarsurrey says:

Why and what for; So many wrappings on Jesus?

Kindly let the wrappings of Jesus tell the story of Jesus that he did not die a cursed death on Cross but he survived as he had earlier foretold to show Sign of Jonah. Jesus migrated from Jerusalem and went to the East to spread his teachings in the ten tribes of the house of Israel who were settled there; a primary mission of Jesus as he had also told.

The question to start with is; why Jesus was wrapped into in the first place? The wrappings speak that the persons who wrapped him were sure that Jesus had not died on the Cross.

A dead body needs no wrappings whatsoever.The body of a dead person is covered with a shroud that is the Jewish, Christian and Muslim tradition I think. The dead body is given a bath or washed and is wrapped into a shroud/s.The final funeral ceremony is held, and it is placed in the grave.

Please quote from some Jewish, Christian and Muslim sources if I am wrong.

1. When and where Jesus was given a bath or his body was washed.

2. Did the disciples ,who had fled away from the scene of crucifixion, were informed of the funeral ceremony? If not, why not?

3. Who lead the funeral prayer?

5. Was funeral ceremony held in Jewish tradition or Christian tradition? Christian tradition was invented later by Paul or his church unauthorized. Jesus had given no such tradition.

If those who were trusted with the body of Jesus did not participate or arrange the above; and we find no such recorded account in the four gospels, it is sure those who looked after his body knew that Jesus was not dead and hence they did not do it.

The injured body always needs wrappings after application of the ointments or medicines in the garb of fragrances.

I think the rest is very clear.

Those who wrapped Jesus; they are the ones or their helping friends who are supposed to unwrap him. If they could put him in a tomb and placed a stone on the opining; they could help Jesus to push the stone away, unwrap him and let him go.

This is very reasonable. I think you agree with me.

I love Jesus and Muhammad.


I am an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim

Was Jesus substituted with another man on the Cross or before? Quran denies it

October 21, 2008

Paarsurrey says:

I just want to copy/paste here an article from the website of Mr. Akbarally Meherally >

Akbarally Meherally says:


A Presumptive Interpretation!

1.Recently I received from an Imam, a complimentary copy of the booklet ‘A BRIEF ILLUSTRATED GUIDE TO UNDERSTANDING ISLAM’. This beautifully illustrated publication is published by DARUSSALAM, Publishers and Distributors, Houston, Texas, U.S.A.

On page 58 appears the under mentioned English text of a verse from the Holy Qur’an:

…They said, “We killed the Messiah Jesus, son of Mary, the messenger of God.” They did not kill him, nor did they crucify him, but the likeness of him was put on another man (and they killed that man)… (Qur’an, 4:157)

2. Last year I purchased a copy of ‘THE NOBLE QUR’AN’ in English Language. The cover page states “Interpretation of the meanings of The Noble Qur’an’. Inside it reads; THE NOBLE QUR’AN Translated by Dr. Muhammad Taqi-ud-Din Al-Hilali and Dr. Muhammad Muhsin Khan. Published by DARUSSALAM, Publishers and Distributors, P. O. Box 22743, Riyadh, 11416, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Fifteenth Revised Edition. December 1996.

On page 199 appears the under mentioned English text for the above verse 4:157:

“And because of their saying (in boast). We killed Messiah ‘Isa (Jesus), son of Maryam (Mary), the Messenger of Allah,” — but they killed him not, nor crucified him, but the resemblance of ‘Isa (Jesus) was put over another man (and they killed that man)…”

After reading of the above text or texts a reader may conclude that Allah (SWT) has Himself Revealed in His Own Words the;
“substitution of ‘Isa (Jesus) with another man”.

The wordings of the original Arabic text do not categorically speak of “substitution of ‘Isa (a.s.) with another man”. Here is the transliteration of the actual Arabic text and its literal translation as translated by other Muslim and non Muslim translators. I hope and pray that this will give the readers an opportunity to understand the “Words of Allah”.

The publishers of ‘The Noble Qur’an’ have printed the original Arabic text, side by side with the English text. The text which reads:

“but they killed him not, nor crucified him, but the resemblance of
‘Isa (Jesus) was put over another man (and they killed that man)”
is the translation / interpretation of the Arabic text that reads:

“wa ma qatala hu wa ma salabu hu wa lakin shubbiha lahum”

The variations appear in the translation/interpretation of the end portion of the verse which reads: “wa lakin shubbiha lahum”
wa means: And, also, but, whilst.
lakin means; But, still, nevertheless.

shubbiha means; To be made like; A likeness or similitude.
(This could refer to: A likeness or similitude (of Jesus), or
A likeness or similitude (of Killing), or
A likeness or similitude (of Crucifixion), or
A likeness or similitude (of Killing & Crucifixion)
lahum means; Was made for them.

Below are the other English translations by Muslims and non Muslim scholars for comparison:

1. Translation by Allama Abdullah Yusuf Ali:
“But they killed him not, nor crucified him,
only a likeness of that was shown to them.”
2. Translation by Mohammed Marmaduke Pickthall:
“…They slew him not nor crucified
but it appeared so unto them;”
3. Translation by Professor Arthur J. Arberry:
“…yet they did not slay him, neither crucified him,
only a likeness of that was shown to them.”

In the above English translations the translators have refrained from advocating any specific theory since Allah (SWT) has not mentioned any of the prevalent theories on the subject in this verse or anywhere else in the Qur’an. (I repeat “in the Qur’an”).

Muslim scholars have in the past advocated more than one theory which can be also regarded as an applicable interpretations of the phrase “but a likeness of that was shown to them”. As for an example, Sheikh Ahmed Deedat had written a well publicized booklet ‘Crucifixion or Cruci-fiction’ based upon the so called “Swoon Theory”.
(The word “swoon” means; to faint).

It is not my place to judge or to declare which theory is the Reality.
All I am trying to emphasize is that since Allah (SWT) has not categorically declared “Jesus was substituted with another man”, the factual translation should leave the doors open for the alternate theory or theories. The prevalent theory or theories, based upon any document or documents other than the Qur’an, can be included within the footnotes of the verse, for the knowledge of the readers. They should not form the part and parcel of The Revealed Text. In Surah Al- ‘Imran (3), verse 7, Allah (SWT) clearly reveals that no one knows “the true meanings” of the verses that are not entirely clear, except Allah.
I am sad to see that people who have an easy access to propagate the TRUTH – Revealed by Allah (swt), are propagating their own theory of SUBSTITUTION in the name of Allah (swt). I have also noticed that the original Commentary written by Abdullah Yusuf Ali on this subject has also been edited by the publishers or the editors of the revised edition.

To read more on the subject of Shaikh Deedat’s “Swoon Theory” and how it concurs with the biblical texts and the prophecies by Jesus, please click HERE (i.e. and read the text under the sub-heading: ‘The Final Days Of The Ministry Of Jesus’.
Allah knows the Realities…

Paarsurrey says:

I thank here Mr. Akbarally Meherally for giving me permission to copy/paste his article in this blog, for the benefit of the public.


I am an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim

All holy attributes belong to Allah; Jesus was only His worshipper

August 31, 2008

The Promised Messiah 1835-1908 says:

God commences the Holy Qur’an with the following verse which is contained in surah al-Fatihah:
The Holy Quran : Chapter 1: Al-Fatihah

[1:2] All praise belongs to Allah, Lord of all the worlds,

That is, all perfect and holy attributes belong exclusively to Allah, Who is the Lord of all the worlds.

The word ‘alam comprises all different peoples, all different ages and all the different countries. The commencement of the Holy Qur’an with this verse was designed to counter the views of such people as attempted to monopolise God’s unlimited providence for their own nation and imagined that the other nations did not belong to God or that having created these other people, God discarded them as being of no consequence, or else perhaps they were shelved to oblivion by Him, or (God forbid) they were not even created by Him.

To illustrate this further, we refer to the view of the Jews and the Christians, still commonly held by them, that all the Prophets and Messengers of God belonged only to the House of Israel, and that God completely ignored the religious and spiritual requirements of other people, as though He were displeased with them and that, despite finding them in manifest error and ignorance, He showed least concern for their spiritual welfare. As is also written in the Gospels that Jesus Christ (peace be on him) observed that he had been sent only for the lost sheep of Israel.

Impossible as it is, yet by way of argument let us assume that Jesusas did claim to be God. In that case, for him to confine his beneficence to such a small circle as the House of Israel does not behove the magnanimity of God. Had he been God, was he God only for the House of Israel to the exclusion of all other nations? He is known to have suggested that he had no concern for those who did not belong to the House of Israel.
But he answered and said, I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel. (Matthew, 15:24)

Click to access Message-of-Peace.pdf

I love Jesus, Mary and Muhammad

I am an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim

Jesus was not put in a grave after the event of Crucifixion

August 27, 2008

My Christian friend richmaffeobooks said:

“This question of the Real Presence, for me, revolves around the concept of the timelessness of eternity. I look at it this way, from our perspective, Jesus died some 2,000 years ago. But from God’s perspective (because He is outside time and space) Jesus is STILL on the cross, (and He has not yet gone to the cross), because time is not linear in eternity. Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever because He is outside of linear time.”

Paarsurrey said:

I think this must be your opinion only. JesusYeshuaIssa, as you know according to Holger Kersten, a German Scholar did not die on Cross but he died a natural and peaceful death in Sirinagar, Kashmir, India at the age of 120 years ( not 33 years as is commonly believed). Now he is resting in the heavens as did Moses, he died and got buried and now he is resting in the heavens.

Also now Jesus’ Second Coming has taken place in the form of the PromisedMessiah 1835-1908, so in my opinion, relevance of all such ideas doesn’t remain valid.

You say “Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever because He is outside of linear time”. Kindly give straight passages from OTBible in support of your this claim and also for the reason , if any.

Please don’t mind, I respect your faith.


Antother Cahtolic friend adrift said:

“If this were true, which it is not, it would make Jesus a liar.”
“Also now Jesus’ Second Coming has taken place in the form of the PromisedMessiah 1835-1908, so in my opinion, relevance of all such ideas doesn’t remain valid.
There is no such thing as reincarnation this cannot be true.”

”Opinion should be based on truth.”

Paarsurrey said:


I respect your faith. I don’t blame you, but the common man in your faith has been made to believe certain things which are not actually there. For instance, Jesus was never put in a grave, but you believe that he was put in a grave where even a healthy man whether one was earlier put on Cross or not would die. Jesus did not get resurrected from a grave, as he was never buried in grave.

He was laid in a tomb, which was spacious enough to accommodate two/three persons, it had a bigger opening which could be termed as a door and a smaller one that could be termed as a ventilator so that Jesus does not get suffocated there. This seems to be well thought of secret plan of Pilate who had held Jesus innocent and did not want that he should be killed on cross. Nicodimus, the physician brought an unusual quantity of herbs (fragrances) which were ingredients of a miraculous ointment later known in the ancient medical books as Ointment of Jesus or Ointment of Disciples which were applied on his body. Jesus was laid unconscious in the tomb but with this treatment he got cured in due course of time; and that fulfilled the Sign of Jonah of which Jesus had prophesized. So that is perhaps the reality of the events, I think.

You have the right to differ with me and you are welcome.

Jesus’ Second Coming 1835-1908 is not that his spirit has entered literally in the body of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, the PromisedMessiah. This is not our concept, which would be much of a concept of Hinduism or Buddhism. Our concept is that as Jesus came into Judaism which were divided into many a cruel and hardened sects and Jesus was sent to soften them and unite them under his peaceful teachings, so is the PromisedMessiah 1835-1908 to work for unity of faiths/denominations/religions of the world with peaceful means; well you can uderstand that this is not a smaller job.I think you agree with me. It is not difficult to understand.


I am an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim

The Concept of Sin and Atonement not based on anything Jesus said, did or taught

August 21, 2008

The Muslim thinking on atonement is broad based and is not literally linked to the story of Adam and Eve as narrated by the Jewish/Christian scriptures:-
• All human beings are born innocent. After birth or more pertinently after the age when a person is mature enough to distinguish right from the evil, every person is responsible for his actions sinful or otherwise. If he repents before God for his sins and resolves before Him that he would not do it again; God in his mercy and in his sole discretion could pardon him. If God pardons then the person is like the one who has done no sin.

• All prophets -the perfect men; are innocent and not sinful and that is why they are chosen by God as His messengers to humanity (from Adam to Abraham to Moses to Jesus, from Krishna to Buddha to Muhammad) all prophets of God are respectful persons and innocent and not sinful.
My present submissions are not intended against the factual person Jesus s/o Mary -the perfect human being; but it is intended against the mythical Orthodox Christian faith who deify Jesus and present him as Son of God or God. This is solely done to bring such person to realize the points where they made the mistakes so that they could update their faith based on facts, scientific knowledge, reason and rationality.

I agree on many points with the views of certain moderate Christians who believe that God does not play favorites. He loves all His children equally. No just parent would hold their children accountable for what the children did not know .But unlike the orthodox Christians, the moderate Christians do not believe that people who are not Christians are condemned automatically.Their thinking is very close to the human psyche that has not changed much from the time of Adam to date.

To elaborate the point I present what Mirza Tahir Ahmad has stated on the issue:-

Muslims believe that all divine books are based on eternal truth and none can make any claims contrary to that. When we come across inconsistencies and contradictions in any so called divinely revealed book, our attitude is not that of total denial and rejection but that of cautious and sympathetic examination. Most of the statements of the Old Testament and the New Testament, which we find at variance with the truth of nature, we either try to reconcile by reading some underlying cryptic or metaphoric message, or reject part of the text as the work of human hands rather than that of God.

While Christianity itself was true, it could not have contained any distortions, unacceptable facts or beliefs giving a lie to nature. That is why we started not with the textual examination but with the fundamentals themselves, which through centuries of consensus have become indisputable components of Christian philosophy. Rudimentary among them are the Christian understanding of Sin and Atonement. I would much rather believe that someone, somewhere during the history of Christianity, misunderstood things and tried to interpret them in the light of his knowledge and misled the following generations because of that.

The reader must be reminded here that this concept of inherited sin is only a Pauline misinterpretation. It cannot be rightfully attributed to the teachings of the Old Testament. There is an over-whelming evidence t to the c contrary in many books of the Old Testament.

In the fifth century, Augustine the Bishop of Hippo; was involved in a confrontation with the Pelagian movement, concerning the controversy of the nature of the fall of Adam and Eve. He proclaimed the Pelagian movement as being heretical because it taught that Adam’s sin affected only himself and not the human race as a whole; that every individual is born free of sin and is capable in his own power of living a sinless life and that there had even been persons who had succeeded in doing so.
Those in the right were labeled as heretics. Day was denounced as night and night as day. Heresy is truth and truth heresy.

From the above, it becomes comfortingly clear that the concepts of Inherited Sin and of Crucifixion are based only on the conjecture and wishful thinking of Christian theologians at a later date. It is quite likely that it was born out of some pre-Christian myths of a similar nature, which, when applied to the circumstances of Jesus Christ, tempted them to read close similarities between the two and create a similar myth. However, whatever the mystery or paradox, as we see it, there is no evidence whatsoever that the Christian philosophy of Sin and Atonement was based on anything which Jesus might have said or done or taught. He could never have preached anything so contrary to, and so diametrically opposed to human intellect.

How salvation of ‘Animism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, or cults such as Jehovah’s Witnesses or Mormonism’?

August 15, 2008

Paarsurrey says:

Hi Bud Press!

Thanks for your remarks on my above comments. Sorry, I don’t agree with your following points mentioned by you.

1. “Jesus Christ died for you on the cross (Romans 5:6-9).”
2. “Salvation and eternal life cannot be obtained through world religions such as, Animism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, or cults such as Jehovah’s Witnesses or Mormonism. Your salvation and eternal welfare rests in the Jesus Christ of the Bible.”

Firstly, Jesus never died a cursed death on the Cross, in my opinion; and secondly, there is no relationship between the sins one commits and the death of a third person for the sins of another person.

Maybe you like to read my following posts in this connection:

I love Jesus, Mary and Muhammad


I am an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim

In response to remarks of our friend Bud Press dated August 15, 2008 at 9:22 am at

“Jesus Christ died for you on the cross (Romans 5:6-9):”

“Salvation and eternal life cannot be obtained through world religions such as, Animism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, or cults such as Jehovah’s Witnesses or Mormonism. Your salvation and eternal welfare rests in the Jesus Christ of the Bible:”

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