Who treated injuries inflicted on Jesus on Cross

Scott Thong Says:
July 11, 08

“I do not know where you got your information from, but I contend that it is inferior to the logic and proof of my arguments.”
“6) Even if Jesus was not 100% dead, the burial treatment would kill Him – 100 pounds of spices and preservatives were put into His open wounds, then His body was tightly wrapped like an Egyptian mummy!”

Paarsurrey Says:

In my opinion the source lies in the deep study of NTBible, only the PromisedMessiah 1838-1908, has by his logical arguments exposed the mythical philosophy of Paul. One finds no tradition of such exhorbitant amount of herbal fragrances applied on the dead body of a person. This was done by Nicodemus, a physician and his companions who were friends of Jesus. They were smart enough not to bury Jesus in a grave as they knew he was alive lest he get suffocated, so they laid him in spacious tomb and applied the herbs for treatment of Jesus. When Jesus got cured of his injuries inflicted on him on the Cross, they helped him to unwrap the coverings and to get out of the tomb.They were the “angels” who were seen by the women, in my opinion.

PromisedMessiah 1835-1908 Says:

On the evidence derived from books of medicine

A piece of evidence of great value with regard to the escape of Jesus from the Cross, which no one can help admitting, is a medical preparation known as Marham-i-Isa or the ‘Ointment of Jesus’ recorded in hundreds of medical books. Some of these books were compiled by Christians, some by Magians or Jews, some by Muslims. Most of them are very old. Investigations show that in the beginning the preparation came to be known as an oral tradition among hundreds of thousands of people. Then they recorded it.

At first, in the very time of Jesus, a little after the event of the Cross, a pharmaceutical work was compiled in Latin, in which there was a mention of this preparation along with the statement that the preparation had been prepared for the wounds of Jesus. Next, this work was translated into several languages, until, in the time of Mamun-al-Rashid, it was translated into Arabic.

It is, moreover, a strange result of divine intervention that eminent physicians of all religions — Christian, Jew, Magian, or Muslim — have all mentioned this preparation in their books, and have stated that it was prepared for Jesus by the disciples. A study of books on pharmacology shows that this preparation is very useful in cases of injuries due to blows or falls, arresting immediately the flow of blood; and as it also contains ‘myrrh’ the wound remains aseptic.

The ointment is also useful in plague; it is good for boils and ulcers of all kinds. It is, however, not clear whether the ointment was prepared, as a result of divine revelation, by Jesus himself after he had undergone the suffering of the Cross, or, that it was prepared after consultation with some physician. Some of its ingredients are like specifics; especially ‘myrrh’ which is mentioned also in the Torah. In any case, the wounds of Jesus healed up in a few days by the use of this ointment. Within three days he recovered sufficiently to be able to march seventy miles on foot from Jerusalem to Galilee. Hence, regarding the efficacy of this preparation it is enough to say that while Jesus healed others, this preparation healed Jesus!

The Books which record this fact number more than one thousand. To mention them all would be too long. As, moreover, the prescription is a famous one among the Yunani (i.e., those versed in ancient Greek medicine) physicians, I do not see any need to state the titles of all these books: I set down below the titles of only a few which are available here.


I leave it open for the viewers to investigate and to see through the truth in the above.

Please feel free to comment for peaceful discussion and searching for the truth only.

I love Jesus, Mary and Muhammad.


I am an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim

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