Elijah was to descend from the heavens with his chariot before coming of Jesus

DT Says:
July 13, 2008 at 1:44 am

Admittedly I know very little of your particular brand of Islam, paarsurrey, but that doesn’t keep me from saying it is a false religion, for any sect led by a man called the Promised Messiah, who isn’t Jesus of Nazareth, goes against the Bible which I believe to be God’s Word. It seems that you, in typical Islamic fashion, pick and choose which scriptures of the Bible to believe. Would you say that anything that contradicts your assumptions, fo example the scriptures TJ pointed out speak of Christ’s literal death, are simply evidence of corruption? That’s the current mainstream Muslim apologetic approach. Perhaps yours is different.

Anyway, we appreciate this dialogue. As TJ said, perhaps we’ll post on this topic soon. Thank you.

paarsurrey Says:
July 13, 2008 at 10:19 am

Hi DT!
I appreciate your comments.

You know that Jesus used to talk in parables; hence in my understanding those who wan to take his Second Coming as physical and literal don’t understand Jesus and his person fully. Perhaps they are the ones who take things arbitrarily, especially the things he had himself explained.

Jews believed in the Second Coming of Elijah before advent of Jesus; and one should not forget that Jesus and Mary were Jews and they were followers of Moses. Elijah was the person who went to skies along-with his Chariot and horses  and the Jews believed in this. Jews waited for the descent of Elijah from the skies before Jesus’ arrival. Jews asked this question from Jesus and he replied that John the Baptist was the Elijah, of course not physically and literally, but metaphorically.

In this is the reply of Second Coming of Jesus. I love Jesus and therefore I would side with Jesus instead of siding with Paul who wanted to take it physically and literally to mislead people from the path Jesus followed. Paul id not follow the guidance Jesus provided in this connection. I don’t think the Christians are correct in believing such mythical concepts. This way they only become irrational whereas Jesus was a rational person.
This is my understanding, one may differ with it but with reasons.


I am an Ahmadiyya peaceful Muslim.



Holy War -the peaceful version- with reasons, arguments and peaceful dialogue

The News:

One will, perhaps, love to read the following:

“Holy War”: Is it Armageddon? with its ” Peaceful Version”! 1

“Holy War”: Is it Armegiddon / Armageddon? – with its “Peaceful Version”! 1 | paarsurrey (wordpress.com)

One will be taken aback to note that Armegiddon/Armageddon is nothing like as one would have imagined or known so far. It is not to be fought with any physical and destructive weaponry and or the lethal arsenal of the day. It is peaceful and in fact, I understand, it has already started and it is sown like a seed!

It was a debate between the Pauline-Christianity (represented by Mr. Abdullah Atham) and the Second Coming 1835-1908 , that took place in Urdu language and was published then by the name “Jang-e-Muqaddas” in 1893 ( 22 May 1893 to 5 June 1893) in the then British India and has been recently translated and published in English by the name “The Holy War”:

The Holy War — A DEBATE BETWEEN ISLAM & CHRISTIANITY — Jang-e-Muqaddas (alislam.org)


From: a peaceful Ahmadiyya Muslim

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