Let Jesus remain a fully man (or 100% man) at least


I understand that the Catholics believe, sorry I don’t share this believe with them, that Jesus was a fully god (or 100% god) and a fully man (or 100% man) at the one and the same moment; kindly correct me if I am wrong.

A fully god has to be Creator of this Universe and beyond it if there exists any. He is a creator of all the physical, moral and spiritual realms; yet the creator is never one within them, as that would be paradoxical.

As a man or above that a fully man; Jesus has to be in the image of god exhibiting full powers/faculties that one could think of a man to have. That power requires of Jesus, that he should be able to regenerate at least (if he did not ever create anything). If he is unable to regenerate then he must be having some deficiency/defect (maybe some impotency, please excuse me). Since Jesus is fully man, so we understand from the above, that he must regenerate in any case. For regeneration he must had got married or otherwise he would be considered with some deficiency/defect (may be impotency, if it is correct to say).

Since Catholics believe that he is in full image of god, and I agree on that; this deficiency/defect/demerit/impotency would therefore reflect or impair his full god status logically. It would mean in other words that as god also he was incapable of creating nothing; not a good proposition.

I think to avoid this impairing reflection in the capacity of god, Jesus must logically marry a woman, rather many women, no harm (since he was a Jew who have a tradition of many marriages like David from his lineage) as that would prove his potency or regeneration capacity forthwith.

I don’t see any blemish if Jesus would have got married with Mary Magdalene, as some people in the West project, or Jesus had married Marian in Kashmir and has off-springs also from them. I won’t object and I keep it open. Jesus could marry more in Kashmir, Afghanistan (as some people call themselves Issa Khail, children of Jesus ) or elsewhere in India (not strange at all as he was from the line of David) as per the Jewish tradition.

Those Kashmiris or in Afghanis/Pukhtuns who say that they are from his pedigree and are his children actually come here to the rescue of the Catholics in my opinion; and this news should be an occasion for merry making like Christmas and not of rejection.

This way at least Jesus is proved a fully man; sorry if he was not god; except that like Moses, Buddha, Krishna, Socrates and Zoroaster he was fully illuminated with the light of God Allah Parmesher Ahura-Mazda YHWH and this way he was like many other Messengers one with God Allah (as per the Muslim tradition Messengers are numbering 12500000 approximately in the whole world).

This is the only sense in which sometimes the Messengers tell this phenomenon to their followers that they are one with God.

No disrespect is intended to any person, religion, faith or creed; we are discussing things in search of truth and Truth Jesus and Mary loved so much.

I love Jesus and Mary as I do love Buddha and Krishna


I am an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim

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