virgin can give a natural birth to a human son

Jesus s/o Mary was born without a father. This fact has perplexed many a persons, with the result that some have even resorted to deifying him and believing that he was Son of God or God, just because of this unusual but natural birth. In fact, as per their own belief, based on OT, Adam was also born not only without a father but even without a mother, if unusual birth of Jesus makes him Son of God or God ,as they say mere in superstition and myth , then they should deify Adam logically double-fold and also deify Eve double-fold . Now if we admit this logic there have become two sons of God and one daughter of God and if as they say that Jesus was a perfect man and perfect God, we shall have 3 Gods+ two Sons of God one Daughter of god; and that would be without having wife by God and all these human beings would become perfect humans and also perfect God as the logic goes.

But this is all illogical, as in Old Testament Son of God etc is mentioned only metaphorically and symbolically; meaning thereby the most loved ones by God having some authority from God as Adam was made by Him on his image i.e. like Him. Since Jesus followed Torah so he clearly spoke of the usage of OT, if and whenever he spoke these words.

Then the matter of born ;without a father does not end there, there are at least two other instances quoted by history in this regards which tell s that Changes Khan was also born of a Virgin and a Chinese Monarch who founded a dynasty was also born of a Virgin; these Virgins also had dreams more oo less of similar in nature to that of Mary; that they would give birth to sons without a father.

But that is of folklore and/or from the sources of history; and not based on scientific research or scientific study. Here we mention a scientific study/research whereby the possibility of virgins giving births to sons is discussed, as mentioned by Mirza Tahir Ahmad:

So how was Christ born?

We understand that research on the subject of single mother birth without the participation of a male is being carried out in many advanced countries of the world. But so far human knowledge is only at a stage where scientific research has not yet advanced to such a level where positive irrefutable evidence of virgin births in human beings can be produced. However, all sorts of possibilities remain open.At lower orders of life two phenomena are scientifically well established:

Parthenogenesis and Hermaphroditism.

As such, the miraculous birth of Jesus, to Mary, can be understood to belong to some similar natural but very rare phenomenon, the peripheries of which are not yet fully fathomed by man.Here follow brief descriptions of the phenomena of Parthenogenesis and Hermaphroditism. Parthenogenesis – This is the asexual development of a female ovum into an individual, without the aid of a male agent. It is observed among many lower forms of life such as aphids and also fish. There is also evidence that parthenogenesis can be a successful strategy among lizards living under low and unpredictable rainfall conditions.

In laboratory conditions, mice and rabbit embryos have been developed parthenogenetically to a stage equivalent to halfway through pregnancy, but have then been aborted. In recent study, human embryos could be activated occasionally by parthenogenesis using calcium ionophore as a catalyst. Such research raises the prospect that some early human pregnancy losses may have involved the parthenogenetic activation of the embryo.

Hermaphroditism -This term applies when organs of both sexes are present within a single female and the chromosomes show both male and female characters aligned side by side. Laboratory tests have revealed cases such as that of a hermaphrodite rabbit which, at one stage, served several females and sired more than 250 young of both sexes, while at another stage, became pregnant in isolation and gave birth to seven healthy young of both sexes. When autopsied, it showed two functional ovaries and two infertile testes while in a pregnant condition.

Recent studies suggest that such a phenomenon is possible, rarely, among humans also.Please don’t mix up with paradoxes, God could create whatever he pleases, but for that He needs no wife. Creations of every thing physical and spiritual in the Universe, God just created these things, simple as that, but of course without a partner or wife.

I don’t think there is any logical or rational reason of creating a god out of a human being like Jesus.

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  1. Den Poitras Says:

    You might entertaining more thoughts on this “subject of subjects” by going here:
    My interest in parthenogenesis began in 1969 and has not let up since.


  2. Den Poitras Says:

    Here is a much better, re-edited, updated, version of this above article that has been read by over 800 people in the last month. I’d really love to hear some of your thoughts. May the Great Mother bless you and your loved ones. —Den


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