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Does Christianity belong to Jesus in Acts and or Words

September 3, 2022

paarsurrey said: 
Favorite church songs?

Why sing a song in a Church, which Jesus did not sing, please? Right?

Sxxxxxxxxx said: 

Because this is how people worship.

Sorry, but your question reads to me like, “Why pray to Jesus in a church when Jesus did not pray to Jesus?”

Paarsurrey write:

Jesus was never a Christian, he was a Jew, please?
Do Jews worship in the synagogue?
Synagogue, also spelled synagog, in Judaism, a community house of worship that serves as a place not only for liturgical (public worship) services but also for assembly and study.
synagogue | Definition, History, & Facts
Didn’t Jesus used to go to the Synagogue to worship, please? Right?


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And “Hinduism” is misnomer of a Religion/Dharma

March 5, 2021

Please view paarsurrey’s post #548 on RF.

Vxxxxx said: Why not?

paarsurrey wrote :vide Post #548 : < (Please click on the post # to get right into the discussion to join in , please)

And “Hinduism”, I understand, is a misnomer:

Aryan Homeland, Airyana Vaeja, in the Avesta. Aryan lands and Zoroastrianism.
15. Hapta Hendu**
** The seven Indus Rivers, Hapta Hindu (nation #15 above), are: 1. the Indus (Veda-Sindhu), the 2. Kabul and 3. Kurram rivers joining on the west and north banks of the Indus, and the 4. Jhelum (Veda-Vitasta), 5. Chenab (Veda-Asikni), 6. Ravi (Veda-Airovati), and 7. Sutlej/Beas (Veda-Vipasa) rivers joining the Indus’ east and south banks. (There is some discussion that the Saraswati River mentioned in Hindu Vedic texts was also an Indus tributary – though this is not clear.) The Hindu texts are mainly concerned with the eastern & southern tributaries while the Zoroastrian texts are concerned with the upper reaches of the Indus and all its tributaries whose valleys would have provided access to the plains – areas north and west of the Punjab (Panj-ab meaning five waters in Persian) – i.e. present-day North-West Frontier Province in Northern Pakistan, Northern Punjab and Kashmir in India and Pakistan.
Aryan Homeland, Airyana Vaeja, in the Avesta. Aryan lands and Zoroastrianism.



Sixteen Nations of the Vendidad

The list of sixteen nations in the Vendidad is as follows:

Vendidad NameAlternative SpellingOld Persian/ PahlaviGreek / WesternPresent NameFeatures: – Good &
– Bad
1. Airyanem VaejoAiryana VaejaAiran Vej (Phl.) Iran– Good & lawful
– River snakes,
  climate change to severe winters.
2. Sukhdho
(also Tuirya)
Suguda (OP)SogdianaSugd, Northwest Tajikistan,
Samarkand (SE Uzbekistan)
– Good land
– fly Skaitya which kills cattle
3. MourumMouruMargu (OP)MargianaMarv / Merv,
South Turkmenistan
– Brave, holy
– Plunder, bloodshed
4. BakhdhimBakhdhiBakhtrish (OP)BactriaBalkh,
North Afghanistan
– Uplifted banner
– Stinging ants
5. NisaimNisayaParthava (OP)ParthiaN. Khorasan (NE Iran) & Nisa
South Turkmenistan.
Bordering Balkh and Marv
– Good land
– Disbelief (could have refused
  to accept Zoroastrianism)
6. HaroyumHaroyuHaraiva (OP)AriaHari Rud (Herat),
Northwest Afghanistan
– Plentiful water
– Grief, poverty
7. VaekeretemKhnenta Vaekerata
/ Vaekereta
Kalpul (Phl.)SattagydiaKabul,
Eastern Afghanistan
– Good land
– Followers of Keresaspa,
  fairies and witchcraft
8. UrvamUrvaUvarazmiya/UvarazmishKhvarizem/ChorasmiaKhorezm, Uzbekistan– Rich pastures
– Pride, tyranny
9. Khnentem VehrkanoVehrkanaVarkana (OP)HyrcaniaGorgan, Golestan,
North-northeast Iran
– Good land
– Sodomy with children
10. HarahvaitimHarahvaitiHarauvatish (OP)ArachosiaKandahar & Oruzan
South Central Afghanistan
– Beautiful
– Bury the dead
11. HaetumantemHaetumantZraka (OP)DrangianaHelmand – SE Afghanistan &
Sistan – E. Iran
– Brilliant, glorious
– Wizardry & Sorcery
12. RakhamRaghaRaga (OP)RagaiRai, Tehran & S. Alburz,
North Iran
– Three peoples
– Utter disbelief
13. Chakhrem*Kakhra  Uncertain: Either Ghazni, SE Afghanistan or just west of Rai, N. Iran– Brave, righteous
– Burn corpses
14. VarenemVarenaPatashkh-vargar or Dailam (Phl.)Western HyrcaniaW. Mazandaran, Gilan & Northern Alburz (land of Mt. Damavand) North Iran– Home of Thraetaona (Feridoon)
  who slew Azi Dahaka (Zahak)
– Barbarian (foreign) rule
15. Hapta Hendu**Hapta HinduHindava (OP)IndusNorthern valley of the seven Indus rivers** (Upper Indus Basin)
Gandhara (Waihind)***, Punjab and Kashmir in N. Pakistan & NW India
– Wide expanses
– Violence, rage and hot weather
16. RanghayaRanghalater part of Arvastani Rum (Phl.) i.e. Eastern Roman empire Lake Urmia, Upper Tigris, Kurdistan, Eastern & Central Turkey– Good land
– No chiefs i.e. no protector,
   open to raids, lawless,
   severe winters

Equal access to students of Religion/No-Religion in Schools/Colleges

October 22, 2019

Please view paarsurrey’s post#139 on Religious Forum by clicking <<< the post number to get right in to the discussion going on the topic of the thread ” The concept of non practicing a religion “:

Religious Forums


atheism isn’t something that is “taught“”

#139<<<<< paaarsurrey Wrote:
If they don’t have something to teach, they just don’t do it, but they needn’t prohibit others as an excuse. Why should the students be deprived of introduction to religions? Keeping the students ignorant is not appropriate.
My emphasis was on the following points:

  • “As far as the Atheists, I am not against them in their persons and I am in favor of equitable treatment to them by every Religion.
  • The better idea as I visualize is that there should be periodically seminars in the schools/colleges in their halls on the subjects about religion/no-religions.
  • I don’t say that there should be teachers to teach every religion in the schools. I say that there should be seminars in the schools/colleges where representatives of religions/no-religions should give lectures on the selected topics and then there should be provision of a question answer session for the students. These seminars should be conducted by moderators of the City officials.
  • As somebody has to manage such events to provide equitable opportunity to every religion/no-religion that is interested in the event. The issue of moderators could be sorted between the school/colleges and the cities locally.
  • My point is that the students get equal access/information to the religions of believers as also to the non-believers be they Atheism/Agnosticism/Skepticism or any shades of them. Under the name of Secular-ism, which means equitable treatment to everybody they should not remain ignorant of Religions/No-Religions.”

Right, please?

Posts #2,,#17#42,#68,#82,#86 , #116,#117#118,#120

Religion is not the Cause of the World’s Problems but is the Solution

October 2, 2019

Religious Forums

Why fight over religion?


“What must be considered though, is those battles were started by the aggressors.”
Paarsurrey wrote:
Yes, it is true, they (the Meccans) denied co-existence to Muslims.

Religion is not the Cause of the World’s Problems but is the Solution


…people fight, even to death, over doctrine?

In our modern times, people still fight to the death over religion
Examples of which are:
Source: Religious war – Wikipedia

Click #9 

Click #14 

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Click #88 

Paarsurrey says:

Please open the thread and read my all posts in the thread.


When and where Baha’ullah took Bahaullah’s Covenant?

April 24, 2019

Blog post# 2225

Religious Forums

#1 paarsurrey

When (the date/month/year) and where Baha’ullah took Bahaullah’s Covenant?
Or Bahaullah never took any covenant, please?

Thread open to all religions and no-religions, please.
Absolutely no restrictions to anybody, please.


#4 paarsurrey

Please don’t be angry. It is a simple question. I checked it on the internet but couldn’t find it.
Please read post #3 from our friend Txxxxxxxxx he also could not find it and did not mention it.
Hello our friend Tony Bristow-Stagg!, is the information in post #2 above sufficient or you have to add something to it, please?
Sorry, why there are two different dates/months (April 21,May 2), please?
Was there a ceremony held to get accordance from the followers by Bahaullah.If, yes, please mention.
I get the location/place however now from the internet:
The Garden of Ridván (literally garden of paradise) or Najibiyyih Garden[1] was a wooded garden in what is now Baghdad‘s Rusafa District, on the banks of the Tigris river. It is notable as the location where Bahá’u’lláh, founder of the Bahá’í Faith, stayed for twelve days from April 21 to May 2, 1863.
Garden of Ridván, Baghdad – Wikipedia

We are in a friendly discussion for finding the truth in the matters, please?


#9 paarsurrey

I didn’t know of “Dawnbreakers” and checked on the internet for it as our friend @sxxxxxxxxxxxx wants me to do, and I find:

“Mullá Husayn, having acquitted himself of the obligation he felt to urge and awaken his fellow-disciples, set out from Karbilá for Najaf. With him were Muhammad-Hasan, his brother, and Muhammad-Báqir, his nephew, both of whom had accompanied him ever since his visit to his native town of Bushrúyih, in the province of Khurásán. Arriving at the Masjid-i-Kúfih, Mullá Husayn decided to spend forty days in that place, where he led a life of retirement and prayer. By his fasts and vigils he prepared himself for the holy adventure upon which he was soon to embark. In the exercise of these acts of worship, his brother alone was associated with him, while his nephew, who attended to their daily needs, observed the fasts, and in his hours of leisure joined them in their devotions.

This cloistered calm with which they were surrounded was, after a few days, unexpectedly interrupted by the arrival of Mullá ‘Alíy-i-Bastamí, one of the foremost disciples of Siyyid Kázim. He, together with twelve other companions, arrived at the Masjid-i-Kúfih, where he found his fellow-disciple Mullá Husayn immersed in contemplation and prayer. Mullá ‘Alí was endowed with such vast learning, and was so deeply conversant with the teachings of ShaykhAhmad, that many regarded him as even superior to Mullá Husayn. On several occasions he attempted to enquire from Mullá Husayn as to his destination after the termination of the period of his retirement. Every time he approached him, he found him so wrapt in his devotions that he felt it impossible to venture a question. He soon decided to retire, like him, for forty days from the society of men. All his companions followed his example with the exception of three who acted as their personal attendants.
Bahá’í Reference Library – The Dawn-Breakers: Nabíl’s Narrative of the Early Days of the Bahá’í Revelation, Pages 47-97

Quite interesting!
Who is this Mullá Husayn, please? Is he a Muslim divine/clergy/priest, please?


Rxxxxxxxxx said: 

#13 paarsurrey

Thanks for the kind words friend @Raaaaaaaaaa. I was reading Kitab-i-Iqan as advised to me by the Bahaullah’s followers here. It will be nice of one if one also reads Iqan, there are points in it about the God-Head of Bahaullah etc, which one may like to attend to. A joint study of it may “reveal” many good points and enrich one’s experience as a Rabbi. Done?,please.
I was actually thinking about you some days ago, and here one is.



Indiana School District Sticks to Its Guns

January 29, 2018

“Indiana School District Sticks to Its Guns After Atheist Group Demands Pastor-Led Program Be Banned”


Paarsurrey comments:

Instead of complaining against religious education the Atheism people should ask room for imparting their own no-creeds stance. They don’t have anything like that so they only insist on not giving any religious education. In a way it only acknowledges their failure of their viewpoint. Right, please?


Is”Scientific Method/s” invalid in Religion?

October 31, 2017

Thread: “Are there eulogizers of science out of blind-faith? ”
Forum:Debating Christianity and Religion Forum Index -> Science and Religion

Post 23: 

[Replying to post 16 by paarsurrey1]

This is the science and religion sub forum. In the sticky posting the rules for debate one is required to substantiate claims. Perhaps, random ramblings, apologetics , or faith,doctine & dogma would be a better fit for someone who does not wish to support said claims.

That being said I would be willing to consider why I should believe in your proposed creator given you could substantiate the idea.

Paarsurrey wrote:

OK with the rules, I like them. Science deals in the physical and material realms so “evidence” here means that could be “observed” physically and materially or by such instruments that help in this connection and that sets the limits of science:

The University of California, Berkeley

Moral judgments, aesthetic judgments, decisions about applications of science, and conclusions about the supernatural are outside the realm of science.

Misconception: Science contradicts the existence of God.

Correction: Science cannot support or contradict the existence of supernatural entities.
It deals only with natural phenomena and explanations.(Read more about it)*.

Science has limits: A few things that science does not do

Science doesn’t make moral judgments
Science doesn’t make aesthetic judgments
Science doesn’t tell you how to use scientific knowledge
Science doesn’t draw conclusions about supernatural explanations

So, it is meaningless to ask for “evidence”, “proof” based on “observation” in the same manner in the moral and the spiritual realms. Science* has borrowed these words from languages and given specific meaning to them only for use in the science, it is meaningless to insist to talk in the same sense from other realms. Right, please?
Sorry, in religion which is an equal part of the name of this forum, to substantiate the issues related to religion will be not in the same manner as done in science, due to the obvious difference of the nature of both the realms of science and religion. The science here gets incapacitated to start with. Right, please?


*science did not invent any languages that are spoken by the humans in large numbers.Sc

Post 25: 

Originally addressed to friend D———n- his Post 19

Sorry, in religion which is an equal part of the name of this forum, to substantiate the issues related to religion will be not in the same manner as done in science, due to the obvious difference of the nature of both the realms of science and religion.

Paarsurrey wrote:

To add further:

So we in religions don’t substantiate our claims from the so many scientific methods invented for the different disciplines of science differently, as these are all irrelevant in the truthful religion.
Scientific Method/s itself are borrowed by science from philosophy and mathematics while these don’t belong to science per se. Then all the results obtained from following scientific methods have to be verified for correctness with nature that itself is a creation of One-True-God and never created by science or the scientists. Right, please?


Mohammad as a corrective prophet of God

October 26, 2017

Thread: “Did Paul base creeds on “mystery” or blind-faith? “Forum:
Debating Christianity and Religion Forum Index -> Theology, Doctrine, and Dogma

 Post 59: 

[Replying to post 58 by Elijah John]

We really differ on this. Whereas Paul may have replicated Jesus teaching on love, he also taught things that Jesus himself never seems to have taught. Things like blood-atoning human sacrifice, and Jesus having a pre-exsiting “first born or all Creation” state of being.

I see Mohammad as a corrective prophet of God, ignoring the institution of blood sacrifice altogether, and explicitly stating that “God is not begotten, nor does He beget”. And He has no (literal) Son, but rather He is uniquely One.

Muslims honor Jesus as a prophet,

Paarsurrey wrote:

I agree with you on all these truths. Christians usually don’t believe in these.
Can you share as to how you happen to come to believe in these concepts? I really appreciate it.


Post 60: 

[Replying to post 58 by Elijah John]

but where I differ with Islam is their cultural insularity(1), (prayers only in Arabic only (2), the Lunar Calendar etc)(3) their theocratic inclinations (Sharia) (4), and the notion that Mohammad is the final prophet(5). Also, their refusal to acknowledge the name “YHVH” as the name of the God (6) of Abraham.

Also the whole idea of “Jinns”(7) seems strange to me, and a bit superstitious.

Paarsurrey wrote:
cultural insularity

Quran/Islam/Muhammad give no teachings to observe cultural insularity. The followers of Isam avoid “Shirk” making associates of Allah, yet adherents of other religions and even non-religions are to be respected. Islam introduces/advocates no specific culture.

prayers only in Arabic

I understand that in Turkey, some Muslims perform prayers in Turkish or other local languages. There is no restriction on it but we prefer to perform it in Arabic. It is not difficult to learn the translation as the set wording is not lengthy.

Lunar Calendar

The lunar calendar is for the religious events, otherwise, any calendar is OK. And there is a wisdom in it.

theocratic inclinations (Sharia)

Apart from the private affairs in all the secular matters, the law of the land is to be followed, there is a specific commandment in Quran for this.

Mohammad is the final prophet

Final in rank, otherwise in principle prophets could come, but such prophets follow Quran.

the name “YHVH” 

The attributes of God are important, otherwise, any good name of God is acknowledged, if His attributes are the same as of Allah mentioned in Quran.


No mythical/superstitious spirits/ghosts/apparitions are in fact in Islam.

This is in brief, more could be discussed, please.

Post 61: 

[Replying to post 58 by Elijah John]

Other than that, Islam seems a quite Deistic, Monotheistic religion. A frequent refrain in the Qur’an is “These are signs for thinking men”. An appeal to reason, based on the observation of nature.

Islam may not have progressed too far beyond authoritarian and sometimes extremist applications, (as can be seen in many headlines) but in it’s conception it seems quite benevolent and yes, even enlightening.

Paarsurrey wrote:

I appreciate your post.

Post 62: 

[Replying to post 58 by Elijah John]

My theological positions: 

-God created us in His image, not the other way around.
-The Bible is redeemed by it’s good parts.
-Pure monotheism, simple repentance.
-The real Jesus is not God, the real YHVH is not a monster.
-Eternal life is a gift from the Living God.
-Keep the Commandments, keep your salvation.
-I have accepted YHVH as my Heavenly Father, LORD and Savior.

I am inspired by Jesus to worship none but YHVH, and to serve only Him.

Paarsurrey wrote:

I appreciate and agree with all of your above concepts with minor adjustments, please.

Separation of church and State

October 24, 2017

Thread: “Scientific search for what is God.”
Forum: Debating Christianity and Religion Forum Index -> Science and Religion

Post 100: 

paarsurrey1 wrote:
One-True-God (He is not Jesus, certainly) cannot be found out by science, and science has never taken this matter for any probe or investigation, formally. The opinions of the scientists in this connection are ,therefore, their personal opinions, need not to be correct, and not of science per se. Science fails in Religion miserably due to its obvious inherent defects. Science is not a function of Atheism/Agnosticism/Skepticism, so they should not worry. It is a joint venture of believers in God and non-believers. Right, please?
Please correct me If I am wrong with reasonable arguments.

J——-k wrote:

The thing is that non religious secular science is pushed by government and thereby in the schools and in research, and so science has become the religion of government.

That government sponsorship makes the secular science into a powerful opposition to all forms of religion.

The so-called separation of church and State has been changed into being a weapon of anti Christ.

separation of church and State

paarsurrey1 wrote:

Separation of Church and State is a laudable thing, the Truthful-Religion supports it. The Promised Messiah and Imam Mahdi 1835-1908 has made it clear that Islamic Caliphate does not envisage that Caliph should necessarily be a ruler of the State:

[24:56] Allah has promised to those among you who believe and do good works that He will surely make them Successors in the earth, as He made Successors from among those who were before them; and that He will surely establish for them their religion which He has chosen for them; and that He will surely give them in exchange security and peace after their fear: They will worship Me, and they will not associate anything with Me. Then whoso is ungrateful after that, they will be the rebellious.
[24:57] And observe Prayer and give the Zakat and obey the Messenger, that you may be shown mercy.

The truthful religion is rich in reason and arguments, it wins hearts and souls with peaceful dialogue, whatever the form of government of a state, it flourishes.


Has a religion ever mentioned the existence of another religion?

July 26, 2017

Has a religion ever mentioned the existence of another religion within its source material? (self.DebateReligion)

submitted a by gothicrain

[–]paarsurrey responded:

Quran not only mentions other revealed religions but mentions that those religions were truthful in their origin, their founders got Word of Revelations from God and that they were truthful persons. It is incumbent on the followers of Quran/Islam/Muhammad to believe in such founders and respect their revelations in whatever positions these are now. One cannot be a Muslim if one does not believe in the truthfulness of such persons and the messages they brought from God. It is for this that the followers of Quran/Islam/Muhammad respect Buddha, Krishna, Moses, Zoroaster, Jesus, Socrates etc. Regards



One may like to join the discussion at or here in this blog please.


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