Trinity – imported from pagans at Rome


A CatholicProtestant concept:

Jesus IS God as part of the Trinity



I respect your faith.


I know that the CatholicsProtestants believe in Trinity; but that concept was imported from the pagans at Rome by Paul, and Jesus never mentioned it in so many words. Who could stop Jesus from mentioning it clearly? Nobody could stop him obviously. It is Paul who tried to put this too loose a hat on the head of Jesus, to obscure Jesus personality and his teachings in the absence of Jesus.


Perhaps Paul knew that Jesus was in exile towards India and due to poor communications Jesus won’t be able to refute Paul’s views with a tinge of hidden animosity towards Jesus.

Jesus had not died on the Cross, and hence all the philosophical theology of Paul based on Jesus’ cursed killing on Cross gets exposed and his continuous animosity towards Jesus becomes manifest.

I love Jesus and Mary.


Kindly think deeply dispense with Paul and to know the truthful teachings of Jesus. Jesus never proclaimed a god-head for himself. It just does not suit on him well.


This is not to confuse anybody; it is to make one’s faith stronger.




I am an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim

One Response to “Trinity – imported from pagans at Rome”

  1. markparker1 Says:

    I am interested in understanding the exact differences between Islam and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints, of which I am a member. I’d like to make a comparison and see just where the differences lye, and was hoping you might be interested to help.
    It seems to me there are a lot of things we have in common, many more than could be considered coincidental, but there must be a reason for the differences, and I’d like to know what that is. I’ve been posting comments and learning a bit about Islam on my friend Sufi786’s site and I’ll put a link to the latest discussion we were having there. It should open toward the end of that discussion, I’ve posted a link to an article in one of our Church magazines, if you read that article it will give an idea of how our Church regards Muhammad and Islam.
    Before I found that article, when I was posting replies over the last couple of months on Sufi’s site I was praying about these things and I wondered about Muhammad, and I had the thought ‘I’d like to meet Muhammad one day’ and the Holy Ghost came, and that really surprised me. I don’t know what Islam teaches about the Holy Ghost but I noticed in one of Sufi’s posts with a quote from the Quran about Jesus; ‘and a Spirit proceeding from Him’ so perhaps that is reference to the Holy Ghost, or spirit of truth talked about in the Bible and Book of Mormon.
    I think you would be interested to read the magazine article, and perhaps you to would be interested in comparing our faiths.
    This is the link to the discussion on Sufi’s site;


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