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Why Ahmadi peaceful Muslim?

May 21, 2014

paarsurrey on May 21, 2014 at 4:03 pm said:
I am an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim.

AtheistEnglishmanon May 21, 2014 at 4:32 pm said:
Why do you feel the need to insert ‘peaceful’ in the description?

paarsurrey on May 21, 2014 at 7:49 pm said:

We Ahmadiyya peaceful Muslims have the diversity the world needs.

We do not eliminate or exterminate or abhor any human beings. We do not say that Jesus’ or Krishna’s or Buddha’s or Zoroaster’s or Moses’ ways were wrong. We respect them all and say that the above persons were truthful persons and they must have received messages from Allah. But their people did not and could not secure the Message which was the same for every race and region.

The obscure Word with them could be rejuvenated and reconstructed to the original Message but with a lot of effort, as the Renovators would do to an ancient building or monument.

While the same Creator rules the Universe now that ruled in the ancient times; He has mercifully re-sent the Message through Muhammad, respecting the ancient scriptures but encompassing the same in Quran in a compact manner. So the reality and diversity are not compromised but maintained in a graceful way- which is the need of the hour.

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad 1835-1908 as a truthful Successor of Muhammad is doing this work with peaceful discussion and dialogue.


Attending worship places of different religions to enrich one’s experience

March 6, 2014

Paarsurrey at blog: “Confessions Of A YEC”

“First Time Back at Church for a Year”

paarsurrey | March 6, 2014 at 16:44

I am an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim. I have occasionally attended Christians Churches on invitation from my friends of different Christian denominations and later on my own. I would just sit and listen their activities very attentively but I kept sitting when they stood up (JWs) as a gesture for worshiping.

There is no harm in attending worship places of different religions (and non-religions) and their denominations; one could just attend and tell them beforehand that one won’t join the worship; this enriches one’s experience.

“The Atheist Blogroll”

February 5, 2014

“The Atheist Blogroll”

I wrote following post on the above “The Atheist Blogroll”:

paarsurrey said

I am an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim. I am not an Atheist or Agnostic or Skeptic; though I respect them and would like to discuss with them; if they stick to reason as far as reason could go.

February 5, 2014 at 10:29 AM

One of the many “Words” is Jesus Christ- the Son of Man/Adam/Mary

April 10, 2010

I received following e-mail from Austin; the topic “The Truth Will Set You Free” could be read by accessing the ablove link. I responded with the following reply:

Hi friend Austin

I sent following post to you; but it did not get published on to your blog.
Please publish it and confirm to me.



Hi friend Austin

I would suggest you to rephrase the above sentence from your post; please
make it to read “One of the many Words is Jesus Christ- the Son of Man”
Would you please do it for me?


I love Jesus and Mary as mentioned in Quran

I am an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim

P.S. The e-mail also bounced backed to me


Quran mentions Jesus as Word of Allah (G-d):

Verse (3:45)

The analysis above refers to the 45th verse of chapter 3 (sūrat āl ʿim’rān):

Sahih International[And mention] when the angels said, “O Mary, indeed Allah gives you good tidings of a word from Him, whose name will be the Messiah, Jesus, the son of Mary – distinguished in this world and the Hereafter and among those brought near [to Allah].

Quran also mentions the following earlier in the same chapter:

Verse (3:39)

Sahih InternationalSo the angels called him while he was standing in prayer in the chamber, “Indeed, Allah gives you good tidings of John, confirming a word from Allah and [who will be] honorable, abstaining [from women], and a prophet from among the righteous.”

It is very clear from the above that:

  1. Both Jesus and John were kalamatu(A)llah or Word of G-d, meaning their good tiding was given before their birth to Mary and Zechariah, respectively. And it is not a small sign. Right?
  2. Jesus is mentioned as Son of Mary, not as “Son of G-d”, obviously as G-d never had a wife named Mary.

Our Christian friends, needs to rectify their wrong creeds they have been given by the Pauline-Christianity. And Jesus never supported Paul, his associates or the Church. Right?



Mormons and JWs consider “Catholics and Protestant” as heretics. Are they?

April 8, 2010

wudjab Says:

April 7, 2010 at 9:07 pm

You need to try harder Paar,

According to your own Quran :

[4:157] And for claiming that they killed the Messiah, Jesus, son of Mary, the messenger of GOD. In fact, they never killed him, they never crucified him – they were made to think that they did. All factions who are disputing in this matter are full of doubt concerning this issue. They possess no knowledge; they only conjecture. For certain, they never killed him.*
and the reason they did not break his legs ?

John 19:36

These things happened so that the scripture would be fulfilled: “Not one of his bones will be broken,”
Now if you spent as much time learning about the real Islam (ahmediya’s are not considered Muslims after all) as you do trying to discredit Christianity, you might be better served.

paarsurrey Says:

April 8, 2010 at 10:29 am

Hi friend wudjab

Well my friend; “Mormons” and “JWs”- the only true Christians, do consider the Catholics and Protestants as heretics. Are you a Mormon or a JW? Please mention so that we may proceed further in the discussion.

I love Jesus and Mary as mentioned in Quran


I am an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim

One expresses and declares one’s religion oneself; not others for one

April 8, 2010

wudjab Says:

April 7, 2010 at 8:34 pm

Sorry to break it to you bud, but.

First of all as an Ahmediya, you are not even considered a muslim. So saying you are a “Ahmadi peaceful Muslim” is a bit of an oxymoron. I guess you missed the part about big Mo being the last prophet.

Also since you are weak on Islamic theology, I’d suggest you quit trying to pass judgement on Christianity. It just makes you look stupider than you are.. or maybe you really are that stupid.

Finally there is no such thing as a ‘peaceful muslim’. Muslims are peaceful only until they are forced to be.

paarsurrey Says:

April 7, 2010 at 11:37 pm

Hi friend wudjab

Thanks for your “kind” words.

Was Jesus a “Christian”; I think he was a Jew. “Christianity” started with clever Paul, when he (Paul) saw no vision and made up the story that he had seen. Paul founded the Religion “Christianity” and named it cleverly after Jesus.

It is better for you to name yourself a “Paulist” rather than to say that you are Christian; though I don’t mind if you still say that you are a Christian. One expresses and declares one’s religion oneself; not others.

I love Jesus and Mary as mentioned in Quran.

Thanks again

I am an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim

Without providence from the Creator; humans would have long been extinct

February 11, 2010

paarsurrey’s argument in which he claims that we cannot create gods and that gods are required for humans to exist.[/quote]

Hi friend Dionysus

Please let me revise your sentence.

My argument is that it is the Creator- God Allah YHWH, who has created the human beings and the rest of life; so it is wrong assertion that humans or other creatures could create the Creator-God Allah YHWH. The Creator is only ONE; and due to the different languages, the names are different. It is the Sustainer or Creator who sustains the human beings and they exist. If the Creator had not provided everything the humans need; the humans would have long become extinct; they would have not survived.


I am an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim

Quran- the Revelation of systems like unto the Universe

February 10, 2010

Paarsurrey wrote:

Hi friend Astreja
So you only attempted to make one and could not accomplish it; just made a sentence or two.

Astreja wrote:

The part that I paraphrased here in the forum is a very abbreviated version. The original is probably about 500 words long, and a bit more poetic.
I simply didn’t see the need for a longer book. As ADParker pointed out above, I said everything that I thought needed to be said.
I am, however, a professional transcriptionist and copy editor and a writer of both fiction and non-fiction. If I wanted to write something the length of the Qur’an, Book of Mormon, or New Testament, I estimate it would take me no more than a month and a half.

Paarsurrey wrote:

Hi friend Astreja

For the time being; you have only written about 500 words; not long as you have stated but short, in my opinion. It could be at the most be considered as a passage; not a book. You might be a fiction or a non-fiction writer; I am not jealous of that, but I think no publisher worth the name would take it as a book or agree to publish it. I think you yourself would be open to agree to it.

I will speak here only for Quran; it is a systematic Verbal Revelation; learnt by heart, as a sentence or more were revealed on Muhammad by the Creator- God Allah YHWH. Muhammad himself committed this Revelation to his memory and from him his companions did. And this system continues forth unimpaired till our times and in future also. Quran was never a written book sent down literally by God Allah YHWH from the skies. So primarily Quran is a Verbal Revelation as the word “Quran” suggests means and conveys.

It is however the genius of Muhammad (peace be upon him); that though he was himself not well-versed in reading and/or writing, that he felt the importance of writing in the times to come in the world; so side by side as an auxiliary or secondary measure, never as the original in the first place; he also did whatever was possible to record this revelation in writing, so that the both always exist supporting one another. This is another meaning; that this Verbal Revelation, having a system in it, in a would-be sense committed to writing was also called a book.

I think this much is sufficient for the time being lest ……

Peace to Atheists, Agnostics, and the Anti-Theists and others.

I am an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim

“The Story of Solomon in Islam”

February 7, 2010
Some words in Chapter Jinn of Quran discussed

Paarsurrey wrote:

Hi friends

First we will start with our research with words in the Quranic Text, certain names, proper names and general names; and my tools would be wikipedia, wiktionary and Arabic-English Dictionary.

In people:
• Ant, aka Anthony Phillips (b. 1951), British guitarist with the band Genesis
• Ant (comedian), aka Anthony Kalloniatis (b. 1967), American actor and comedian
• ANT, aka Antony Harding, British musician, and solo project of Hefner drummer
• Ant (producer), aka Anthony Davis, American record producer and member of the Rhymesayers hip-hop collective
• Anthony McPartlin, one of the British television presenter duo Ant & Dec with Declan Donnelly.
• Adam Ant (b. 1954), British musician, and lead singer of Adam and the Ants.
• Ant, aka Anthony Davidson, an English racing driver
Adam Ant (born Stuart Leslie Goddard on 3 November 1954) is an English musician who gained popularity as the lead singer of 1980s New Wave/post-punk group Adam & the Ants and later as a solo artist. He is also an actor, having appeared in two dozen films or television episodes between 1985 and 1999.[1]
In geography:
• River Ant, in Norfolk, England
• Ant (Island), in Micronesia
• Antigua and Barbuda, IOC Country code

So, if one says I talked to Ant meaning thereby the person Anthony Davidson, others should not be surprised.

If one says I visited Ant meaning thereby a place “Ant (Island), in Micronesia ” it should not be looked as strange.

The Arabic word used in Quran is namal translated as Ant, root n-m-l, I have opened Arabic to English Dictionary; it states: Swarming with ants (place): Fiery (horse).

It must be understood that in English we add with a proper name Mr., Miss, or Mrs., to distinguish that it is a proper name, but not in Arabic and many languages of the East.

In ancient times different tribes had been moving from one region to another regions for many reasons and hence taking along with them names of places and persons. One of my friends from Pakistan visited me incidentally and he told me that there is a village near Chakwal with the name Namal and he had visited the village and lived there for a day or two.

We may continue with research of the word namal translated as ant.

Thanks for the time being.

I am an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim

“The Story of Solomon in Islam”

February 7, 2010

cosmicdancer wrote:

A new video by me, taking a critical look at the Story of Solomon in Islam (In Arabic with English subtitles.)

Paarsurrey wrote:

Hi friend cosmicdancer

I think you refer to the following verses of Quran:

The Holy Quran : Chapter 27: Al-Naml

[27:16] And We gave knowledge to David and Solomon and they said, ‘All praise belongs to Allah, Who has exalted us above many of His believing servants.’
[27:17] And Solomon was heir to David. And he said, ‘O ye people, we have been taught the language of birds, and we have had all necessary things bestowed upon us. This indeed is God’s manifest Grace.’
[27:18] And there were gathered together unto Solomon his hosts of jinn and men and birds, and they were formed into separate divisions,
[27:19] Until when they came to the valley of Al-Naml, a Namlite said, ‘O ye Naml, enter your habitations, lest Solomon and his hosts crush you, while they know not.’
[27:20] Thereupon he smiled wondering at her words and said, ‘My Lord, grant me that I may be grateful to Thee, for Thy favour which Thou hast bestowed upon me and upon my parents, and that I may do such good works as would please Thee, and admit me, by Thy mercy, among Thy righteous servants.’
[27:21] And he reviewed the birds and said, ‘How is it that I do not see Hudhud? Is he deliberately absent?
[27:22] ‘I will surely punish him with a severe punishment or I will slay him, unless he brings me a clear reason for his absence.
[27:23] And he did not tarry long before Hudhud came and said, ‘I have acquired knowledge of that of which thou hast no knowledge; and I have come to thee from Saba’ with sure tidings;
[27:24] ‘I found a woman ruling over them, and she has been given every necessary thing and she has a mighty throne;
[27:25] ‘I found her and her people worshipping the sun instead of Allah, and Satan has made their works look beautiful to them, and has thus hindered them from the right way, so they are not rightly guided –
[27:26] ‘And they insist that they will not worship Allah, while Allah is He who brings to light that which is hidden in the heavens and the earth, And Who knows what you conceal and what you disclose of your design;
[27:27] ‘Allah! there is no god but He, the Lord of the Mighty Throne.’
[27:28] Thereupon Solomon said, ‘We shall see whether thou hast spoken the truth or whether thou art a liar….ch=27&verse=14

I have quoted the verses of Quran so that when we discuss we have the context of Quran in our minds.

I am an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim


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