Invitation to Ahmadiyyat

He it is Who has sent His Messenger with guidance and the true faith that He may make it prevail over all other faiths (Al-Quran, 9:33; 48:29; 61:10)

Invitation to

Being a statement of beliefs, a rationale of claims and an invitation, on behalf of the Ahmadiyya Movement for the propagation and rejuvenation of Islam by Hazrat Mirza Bashir-ud-din Mahmud Ahmad,1980,THE LONDON MOSQUE.

If one clicks the above link one will get a list of topics, which is also given below; one could click the topic one would like to read about, and then one would get the details.

Part I Preliminaries

• Object of the Invitation
• The name Ahmadiyyat to distinguish Ahmadi Muslims from other Muslims
• The name Islam in the Quran and earlier holy Books (Isaiah, for instance)
• Beliefs held by Ahmadis
• Differences from other Muslims
• Jesus died a natural death
• Death of Jesus taught by the Holy Quran and Hadith
• Companions of the Holy Prophet agreed on the death of Jesus
• Family of the Holy Prophet agreed on the death of Jesus
• Second coming of the Messiah means coming of a follower of the Holy Prophet
• The Messiah and the Mahdi, one and the same person
• Meaning of nuzul
Why the Promised Messiah is called Isa Ibn Maryam (Jesus, son of Mary)
• Continuity of revelation and the coming of prophets
• Meaning of Khatam al-Nabiyyin
• The Traditions ‘I am the last of the prophets’, ‘There is no prophet after me’, and ‘My mosque is the last of the mosques’
• The Holy Quran and the institution of prophets
• Ahmadis believe in Jihad
• The claim of Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad

Part II Arguments

Argument I The Need of the Hour

• Guidance of man, the special concern of God
• Guidance for Muslims specially promised in the Holy Quran
• Protection of the Holy Quran means protection of Islam
• Present condition of Muslims
• A doubt resolved

Argument 2 Testimony of the Holy Prophet

• Second coming of the Messiah, important Islamic belief
• Signs of the Promised Messiah and Mahdi
• General state of religion
• General state of Muslims
• State of morals
• Religious knowledge and the Ulema
• Social conditions and the condition of women
• Pestilences
• Sex ratio in the general population
• Transport, communications, and international contact
• Economic conditions
• Political conditions
• On the surface of the earth
• Important heavenly events
• A variety of signs
• Appendix to Argument 2 A Note on the Dadjjal

Argument 3 Personal Purity

• Personal purity, proof of the authenticity of Divine Messengers
• Appeal for early believers
• Testimony of Maulvi Muhammad Husain of Batala
• Opposition and accusations after the announcement of the claim

Argument 4 Triumph of Islam over Other Religions

• Time of universal victory
• Victory over Christianity
• Jesus buried in Srinagar, Kashmir
• The Promised Messiah, the Promised One of all religions
• Guru Nanak, Founder of the Sikhs
• A grand conception
• A new outlook in religious debates
• Nearness to God, the measure of religious truth
• Living religion
• A Bishop challenged

Argument 5 Rejuvenation of Islam

• Un-Islamic conceptions current among Muslims
• Rejuvenation of Islam, a solemn divine promise
• Conceptions contrary to Tawhid
• Strange conceptions about angels
• Misconceptions about the Holy Quran
• Relative authority of the Holy Quran and the Hadith
• Israelite stories
• Misconceptions about prophets
• The Hereafter, Heaven and Hell
• Muslims victims of extremes
• Abudiyat or Shariat?
• Why wait for another?

Argument 6 Divine Help

• Help for true Messengers, punishment for pretenders
• Unfavourable circumstances and universal opposition
• Teaching contrary to current tendencies
• Success under divine help
• Points which distinguish Divine Messengers from others

Argument 7 Defeat of Enemies

• The Holy Quran and enemies of God’s Messengers
• Enemies of the Promised Messiah
• Enemies’ disgraceful end

Argument 8 Adored by Angels

• When angels prostrate themselves before man
• Help from angels
• Household protected from plague

Argument 9 Gift of Special Knowledge

• Prophets endowed with special knowledge
• The Holy Quran, an unchallenged literary miracle
• The Promised Messiah’s Arabic works
• A sermon revealed
• The Holy Quran proved more unique than ever
• Arabic, the mother of all languages
• Special knowledge of the Holy Book: Twelve discoveries
• Prophecies in the Holy Quran about our time
• Discoveries 2 to 10 about the Holy Quran
• Surah Fatiha, a synopsis of the Holy Quran

Argument 10 Prophecies

• (1) Afghan martyrs
• (2) Revolution in Iran
• (3) Abdullah Atham
• (4) An American impostor
• (5) Death of Lekh Ram, a sign for the people of India /A>
• (6) Prince Dalip Singh, a sign for Sikhs
• (7) The plague
• (8) A great earthquake
• (9) The Great War of 1914-18
• (10) Expansion of Qadian
• (11) Financial relief
• (12) Expansion of the Jama’at

Argument 11 Love of God and the Holy Prophet

• The Quran on love
• Distaste for worldly occupations
• Moved by the condition of Islam
• Ulema fiddling
• Poems of devotion to the Holy Prophet

Argument 12 Life-giving Powers

• A time of spiritual death
• The Promised Messiah’s life-giving powers, a reflection of the powers of the Holy Prophet
• Spiritual sight sharpened
• Signs of life
• Spiritual experiences continue

Part III Invitation

• The Messiah Has Come
• Testimony of God and His Prophet
• Great promises
• A great event
• Future of Ahmadiyyat
• Sacrifices not a burden
• In the Presence of God

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