Belief in one God preceded belief in many gods

Man always started with belief in one God; in every region of the world. It is a wrong notion that in the beginning man believed in many gods and then he settled down to ONE. The opposite is truthful; when the religion of a people gets deteriorated or when they forget the original truthful Word of revelation, they start believing in two, three or many gods.

This question has been discussed very nicely in a study on the topic; I give here its first paragraph followed by the link; one may like to read the whole of it:

“The Concept of God among the Aborigines of Australia”

“So far we have attempted to disprove the currently popular theories of Western sociologists, who by a strange logic of their own, have tried to prove that the idea of God is a creation of man rather than man being His creation. Their so-called evidence in support of their theory is nothing but mere conjecture. How far the study of the evolution of mind over a billion years of biotic evolution would support this bizarre hypothesis is a subject of inquiry in itself and requires an in-depth study. On the other hand, an unbiased study of the history of religions reveals that belief in God is not a product of human superstition. Was it God Who created man, or was it man who created God, is the vital question we have already discussed with reference to the history of some major monotheistic religions.”

It is an interesting study and truthful it is.

Any questions, please

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