Trinity and divinity of Jesus ; I don’t believe



In my opinion, by believing in Trinity and divinity of Jesus one more follows the theology of Paul imported from pagans of Rome, rather than the pristine teachigs of Jesus, which are neither from the mouth of GodAllahYHWH nor from the mouth of JesusYeshuaIssa or from the mouth of Mary. This was done by Paul, in my opinion, when Jesus was on his journey to India after the incident of crucifixion in which he was saved a cursed death on Cross, nevertheless denied by Paul. In Jesus absence Paul felt free to use his name as a cover to promote his own theological philosophy based on death on Cross; using far fetched obscure sentences hinting towards trinity and divinity of Jesus. Maybe it is Paul’s differences and enmity with Jesus to start with; and the present Christians, a faithful sheep, are perhaps not to be balmed in this connection directly.


I love Jesus and Mary; and sorry not Paul.




I am an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim


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