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My Christian friends could ask here any questions about Ahmadiyya (also spelled Ahmadia or Ahmadiyyat) peaceful Islam. I am not a scholar but I will try to help answer the questions from the Ahmadiyya sources as far as possible.

I hope my friends would feel free for comments or questions.


I am an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim


While asking a question; for clarity’s sake, please don’t forget to mention the denomination you belong to ; i.e., Catholic, Protestant, JW, Mormon etc; whatever it is.

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  1. maaark Says:

    Please tell more about Ahmadi Muslim; why different from others?

    What do Muslims believe about the human condition? Does all mankind rebel against Allah? Are there some perfect humans?


    • paarsurrey Says:

      Hi friend maark

      Welcome to ask a question.

      With Mirza Ghulam Ahmad 1835-1908; all the Revealed Religions of the world stand revived. The Message of Krishna or Buddha in India; or Zoroaster in Persia; or Moses and Jesus in Judea or Socrates in Greece got diluted due to the passage of time.

      The Message of God Allah YHWH has been the same; belief in ONENESS of God and following the Messenger sent by Him.

      Almost all Revealed Religions of the world talk of the Second Coming of their religious hero or personage at the end of the days; that person is Mirza Ghulam Ahamd. He is Iman Mahdi, the Promised Messiah of the Muslims; Jesus’ Second Coming of the Christians; Krishna and Buddha’s Meitereyya etc.

      He is a successor of Muhammad and follows the Quran; the last Word of God; which is inclusive of all the true teachings and act of all the Messengers Prophets of God.

      This way all the revealed religions of the World unite under the banner of Muhammad, for temporal, moral and spiritual uplift of the human beings.

      All Messengers of God Allah YHWH in any part of the world were innocent and perfect human beings; they were selected as a role model for their people.

      I don’t think any one can really rebel against Allah; He rewards and punishes as per a set system of His attributes.

      I think this answers your question in brief.

      I love Jesus, Moses, Krishna, Buddha, Zoroaster and Socrates.


      I am an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim


  2. maaark Says:

    Thank you for the explanation of Ahmadi.

    About mankind’s condition; I believe the Bible addresses 3 fundamental questions for mankind; 1-What is the nature and character of our Creator? 2- What is the nature of mankind and what is our problem?
    3- Therefore what shall we do?

    #2 the nature of man; Do Muslims believe mankind (male and female) has a special relationship to God different from all other animals? Bible calls this made in the image of God. Evolutionists do not recognize this distinction. What is sin? are all mankind prone to sin? Does sin separate people from God? Is there a special word or concept of sin in the Koran that is different from the Bible? Does the Koran accept the Genesis account of Adam and Eve and their sin? (long question so sumerize)


    • paarsurrey Says:

      I will give you a reply in brief:

      1. Yes, Quran does specify a special relationship between God Allah YHWH and the human beings. The animals have been created for service and benefit of the human beings.

      2. Yes, Quran does mention that the human beings could acquire in their limited beings, the attributes of God Allah YHWH; this is the same thing as saying in the image of God but never a god.

      3. Quran mentions that human beings are apt to sin; to avoid from sins one needs constant help from God to uproot the sins before they grow up in our selves; and if we commit a sin then submissively ask forgiveness with a resolve not to commit the sin again. Adam did make a mistake but since he asked forgiveness, he was forgiven by God Allah YHWH. Sins are not transferable or are not herditary.

      4. Quran does not mention that Adam or Eve were the first human beings born; Adam was the first human being honoured to have Converse of God Allah YHWH. Man evolved physically in billions of years till man reached a stange responsible to receive Converse with God.

      The sins are actions done in rebellion of God Allah YHWH; when a human being does acts that are out of the image of God or the attributes of God; that could be described as a sin.

      When off the image; man is obviously distanced from God; while his goal is to attain nearness of God; not physically, but attributively, one has to attain nearness of Him.

      I think it will be appropriate here to quote from Mirza Ghulam Ahmad 1835-1908, the Promised Messiah, and the Second Coming, to illustrate it further:

      Apart from this, it was necessary that he should escape death on the cross, for it was stated in the Holy Book that whoever was hanged on the wood was accursed. It is a cruel and an unjust blasphemy to attribute a curse to an eminent person like Jesus, the Messiah, for, according to the agreed view of all who know the language, la’nat, or curse, has reference to the state of one’s heart.

      A man would be said to be accursed when his heart, having been estranged from God, becomes really dark; when, deprived of divine mercy and of divine love, devoid absolutely of His Knowledge, blinded like the devil, he becomes filled with the poison of unbelief; when there remains not a ray of divine love and knowledge in him; when the bond of loyalty is broken, and between him and God there arises hatred and contempt and spite and hostility, so much so that God and he become mutual enemies; and when God becomes weary of him and he becomes weary of God; in short, when he becomes an heir to all the attributes of the Devil — and that is why the Devil himself is called accursed.3

      It is clear that the significance of the word Mal’un, viz. accursed, is so foul that it can never apply to any righteous person who entertains love of God in his heart. Alas! Christians did not ponder over the significance of a curse when they invented this belief; else, it were impossible for them to have used such a bad word for a righteous man like Jesus. Can we say that Jesus’ heart was ever really estranged from God; that he had denied God, that he hated Him and had become His enemy?

      Can we ever think that Jesus had ever felt in his heart that he was estranged from God, that he was an enemy of God, and that he was immersed in the darkness of unbelief and denial? If, then, Jesus had never been in such a state of mind, that his heart was always full of love and the light of Divine Knowledge, is it for you, wise people, to ponder whether we can ever say that, not one, but thousands of curses from God had descended upon the heart of Jesus with all their evil significance? Never. Then, how can we say that he was, God forbid, accursed?

      It is a pity that once a man has given utterance to something, when he has taken his stand upon a particular belief, he is not inclined to give up that belief, however much the absurdity thereof be exposed. Desire to attain salvation, if grounded upon true foundations, is a praiseworthy thing, but where is the sense in having a desire for salvation which kills truth and which countenances, regarding a holy prophet arid a perfect man, the belief that he had as it were passed through a state in which he had been estranged from God, and in which, instead of unity of heart and unity of inclination, there had been produced a strangeness and aloofness, enmity and hatred; and, instead of light, darkness had surrounded his heart?

      Let it also be noticed that this not only detracts from the prophethood and apostleship of Jesus (on whom be the peace of God) but it is also derogatory to his claim to spiritual eminence, holiness, love, and knowledge of God, to which he has repeatedly given expression in the gospels. Just look through the Bible; therein Jesus clearly claims that he is the Light of the world, that he is the Guide, and that he stands in a relation of great love towards God; that he has been honoured by a clean birth, and that he is the loved Son of God.

      How then, in spite of these pure and holy relations, can a curse, with all its significance, be attributed to Jesus? No, never. Therefore, there is no doubt that Jesus was not crucified, i.e., he did not die on the Cross, for his personality did not deserve the underlying consequence of death on the Cross. Not having been crucified, he was spared the impure implications of a curse, and no doubt it also proves that he did not go to heaven, for going to heaven formed part of this whole scheme and was a consequence of the idea of his having been crucified. Therefore, when it is proved that he was neither accursed, nor did he go to hell for three days, nor did he suffer death the other part of the scheme, namely, that he went to heaven, is proved to be wrong.

      I am an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim


  3. maaark Says:

    Thank you again. It seems we do have some common understanding in your points 1-4. But after that you are talking another subject. Let me clearify something about Adam and Eve in #4. Paarsurrey said,
    “4. Quran does not mention that Adam or Eve were the first human beings born; Adam was the first human being honoured to have Converse of God Allah YHWH. Man evolved physically in billions of years till man reached a stange responsible to receive Converse with God.”
    There is division among Bible believers about the nature of the scriptures in Genesis. I take the view that it is not neccessary to be historical but tells important truth about what I listed above; the nature of God, the nature of mankind, and the solution to mankinds problem. So the Adam Eve story tells us about why the world is corrupt, why God’s perfect creation is messed up. It tells us about mankind making choices. It is a story inspired by God and tells us the most important things in life.

    After #4 you went on to talk about Jesus not being accursed. Do you want me to tell you the Christian view of this or do you already think you know? When I was young I read Christian books about Muslim faith and thought I knew everything. But those books never connected me to real Muslims. I never knew how a Muslim feels during prayer. It was just books from a biased position with 1/2 truths. Maybe you have read Muslim books about Christianity. You can have an opportunity now if you choose to understand the real Jesus. But I will not force the issue. It is your choice.


  4. agoerner Says:

    Can you provide historical evidence from the 1st century AD that says Jesus only swooned on the cross and did not die?


  5. maaark Says:

    Your understanding of Christianity seems very shallow like you have only read about it from hostile people. You say many things about Christianity but not much about your own faith. If you were to convince me that Christianity is wrong there is still no reason to become Islam. Can you tell me why I would or should follow the prophet Muhammad?


    • paarsurrey Says:

      Hi friend maaark

      I have read the Bible from cover to cover; and I think that should be sufficient for me. I ‎have never said that teachings of Jesus and acts of Jesus were wrong; I can never say that; ‎and that is what the Christianity should be. Christianity should consist of logically on ‎teachings of Jesus and what Jesus did. If the present Christianity with all its 32000+ ‎denominations is not what Jesus taught and did; sorry I would say then they are wrong. If ‎the Christians (belonging to all 32000+ denominations) opted instead to follow cunning ‎Paul, an enemy of Jesus, and the sinful scribes; you could very well understand that I ‎won’t believe them truthful.

      I have no claim to be a scholar or an expert. I have no blindfaith; if my knowledge is ‎shallow, I would welcome anybody who makes it deeper with rational and logical ‎arguments.

      I give reasons and arguments; if the same appeal you and convince you, there is nothing ‎wrong with it; if the same does not appeal you or convince you; you could give your own ‎arguments and reasons to convince me. I am an open mind; I won’t mind.

      You may ask any question about my faith and I would try to help you understand it.

      You should follow Muhammad as he was a truthful Messenger of God Allah YHWH.

      I love Jesus and Mary as I love Moses and his mother.


      I am an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim


  6. thegreenman555 Says:

    Paar, i was interested to read your article. O ihave long puzzled over the same thoughts Have you looked at the story of Jesus being ‘annointed’ with expensive Spikenard by Mary? Spikenard was known to protect the skin from the harmful effects of the sun. Ideal if you might be hanging around in the desert sun for a few hours


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