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Buddhists don’t believe in G-d: why should they have a scripture then?

May 29, 2015

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Paarsurrey wrote:

Like one could be a Jew and Atheist.

Yet one cannot be a Muslim and an Atheist.

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Thanks to God, the Bestower of life

March 14, 2014

I wrote a post on the following blog; the viewers could add their valuable comments to it.

“Insh’allah: My Muslim Lesson”

03/14/2014 at 4:53 pm

@ Sabio Lantz

“My home-stay Pakistani family consisted of a Muslim couple with two teenage boys living in a poor Shiite village outside of Lahore. When I arrived, my Urdu was very bad but my ‘father’ spoke some English to help me get started. My ‘mom’, however, was uneducated, spoke no English and made little eye-contact at first.”

I am happy to learn that you stayed in a village near Lahore. I have lived quite sometimes in a village where still the barter system was on vogue. Hardly any money was needed to sell or purchase a thing. One could give a bowlful of wheat to purchase a thing.

Natural living; knowing everybody very closely

But now everything has changed.

Both ways it is good.

Thanks to God, the Bestower of life.

“The Atheist Blogroll”

February 5, 2014

“The Atheist Blogroll”

I wrote following post on the above “The Atheist Blogroll”:

paarsurrey said

I am an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim. I am not an Atheist or Agnostic or Skeptic; though I respect them and would like to discuss with them; if they stick to reason as far as reason could go.

February 5, 2014 at 10:29 AM

Do Hindus & Muslims Talk to Demons?

January 7, 2014

paarsurrey says:
01/06/2014 at 7:32 pm

Quoting your words:
“If they constant worship someone other than Jesus, that presence can’t be the real God.”

I don’t quite understand your above sentence (or a part of it); Jesus did not claim to be a god or son of god in its literal sense. So even the Christians don’t converse with the One-True-God (Allah Yahweh Ahura-Mazda Parmeshawara); yet they don’t think that they talk to devil or demons.
Please elaborate.



Of course they don’t!  But sadly enough, in my Christian days, that took me a while to understand.


As I traveled across Asia and met devote, kind, thoughtful, loving people who believed things very different from my Christian view, I began to doubt my version of Christianity. Many Hindus & Muslims claim to feel the presence of the Divine, or the presence of God but my Evangelical Christianity would not let me believe that. Sure, they may feel it for a moment, but if they constant worship someone other than Jesus, that presence can’t be the real God.

Simply put, here are the beliefs I was told and which I came to partially believed that led to that conclusion:

  • there is only one god, his name is Yahweh/Jesus/Holy Spirit.
  • there is only one way to heaven, that is by right belief in Jesus
  • religions are all-or-nothing: right or wrong
  • Christianity…

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“Shari’a law”; made by the deviant clergy or the Mullahs

July 26, 2013

It has nothing to do with Islam/Quran/Muhammad.

Please view the comments by clicking on the dates below:

APRIL 13, 2013

An introduction.

paarsurrey says:
July 24, 2013 at 20:02

Quran is not a big volume book; it consists of less than total 80000 Arabic words; if we don’t count the repetitive words used then the total vocabulary used is only 2000 words. One may start learning Quran by knowing these words and with this one can learn Arabic language also.
If one does not have time ; the translations in English are also available that provide the original text in Arabic, side by side the English translation.
One may start it from the following link:

No compulsion; information provided for those who have interest in reading and understanding Quran.

  • Mike says:

    paarsurrey I really like and appreciate the way you engage discussing. I must admit, I haven’t seen a “moderate” Muslim so far engaging like the way you do.

    Unfortunately Islam is not the religion you are trying to advocate, not because I don’t like it, or because I have been indoctrinated to hate it, but it is because Muslims themselves have shown it to be anything but a peaceful religion.

    I hate to do a self propaganda here, but if you visit my site here on WordPress, namely and dig down you will see many posts, mostly video posts, that Muslims themselves (thus not me) show the whole world how intolerant and violent, and sometimes childish, Islam is.

    I am willing to debate with you, I do read Arabic, and I tried reading the Quran but it didn’t make sense to me.

    Please, see my blog and see the blog posts I have published the last 2 months.

    • makagutu says:

      Mike you need not apologize for advertising your blog here.

      As long as it helps to the education of paarsurrey, it’s a good thing :-P

    • paarsurrey says:

      Thank you for the appreciation
      I will visit your blog and we will discuss the things; sorry I don’t debate ; I only discuss.
      Politics is different than the true religion; the Muslim have been intolerant not because there is any such teaching in Quran/Islam/Muhammad but because they follow political leaders/mullahs who have deviated from the true and peace loving path of Quran/Islam/Muhammad.

      • makagutu says:

        Paarsurrey, I don’t think it is possible to lead you back to the path of reason. You are way off, you have bought so much into superstition and the teachings of your imam to the extent you think it is true. Tell me, if you may, if there is a separation between politics and religion in the life of a muslim.

      • Mike says:

        Well mate, of course I could be wrong, but from what I see and have personally verified, Islam is a way of life, and an Islamic country that wants to live by the Islamic doctrine has to apply the Shari’a law. Now here comes the conflict! Someone who governs, call him a politician or a Khalifa, there is no difference, it is a man who enforces religious laws on citizens, so I can’t find a way how to interpret your claim about Mullahs and politicians who deviated from the true Islam, but incorrect sentence.

        • paarsurrey says:

          The teachings of Islam are incorporated in Quran- the Word revealed on Muhammad, not authored by him but by the one true God.

          Quran does not mention of any “Shari’a law”; it is made by the deviant clergy or the Mullah’s and is not same as Quran- the first and the foremost source of Islam/Muhammad.

Why are Muslim ladies (Ahmadis) not allowed to say their prayers in the same room and the Sunni Muslims get together and pray in the same rooms?

July 22, 2013

Why are Muslim ladies (Ahmadis) not allowed to say their prayers in the same room and the Sunni Muslims get together and pray in the same rooms?

Question and Answer with Hadhrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad, 12 January 1996

Please start viewing the video, setting play-head position, for the relevant Q7 @ 00:37:08 Why are Muslim ladies (Ahmadis) not allowed to say their prayers in the same room and the Sunni Muslims get together and pray in the same rooms? Its answer ends @ 00:40:10; the answer is only: 02.92 in duration.

A Humanist/Atheist cannot reject Mirza Ghulam Ahmad without a valid reason

July 19, 2013

There has been an interesting discussion with Arkenaten who is a Humanist/Atheist on one of my post <“

“The universe constantly proclaims; there is one One who laid its foundation”

The discussion is given here-under.

.     Arkenaten Says: 

July 18, 2013 at 5:38 pm | 

Smile…this bloke was considered a fraud by many of your Muslim brothers, Yes?

As a humanist one has to see the reasoning and respect others. You agree with the reasons given?

.     Arkenaten Says: July 19, 2013 at 6:40 pm | 

I dont ‘follow what you are asking. Can you rephrase the question please

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad gave valid reasons; they should either accept him or give reasons as to why they don’t accept him. Everybody should do that.

Well, I am not Muslim, and It doesn’t really bother me at all,but most Muslims said he was a fraud so I am assuming they believed they gave valid reasons.

You obviously disagree. Tough being a member of a persecuted sect isn’t it?

However, It’s nice to read that Islam has just as many dissenters within its ranks as all the other religions.

I think you should give your own reasons.
Mirza Ghulam Ahmad did not address Muslims only; he addressed everybody of all religions/faiths and those who have no faith- the Atheists.
He was a messenger prophet of the one true God even for me and you.


Smile..if you say so. I never heard of him til I met you and then researched him.
Seems like .. prophet if his message from the one true god never reached my neck of the woods, or many other places, for that matter.
The responsibility of a prophet it to make sure the message gets out, surely?
I think your reasoning is very poor, my friend.

The responsibility of a messenger prophet is fixed by one who has sent him; it should not be your worry.

Am I right?

Now the message has reached you. Being a Humanist you cannot reject him without a valid reason.

Do you have a valid reason? I think you don’t have.

Was Buddha a Muslim ? If yes; in what sense?

June 22, 2013

I wrote following posts on <> under the topic <Buddha believed in the Creator God>.

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Paarsurrey wrote:



Originally Posted by Sunstone

So, Buddha was a Muslim. Sweet.

How do you say that?

10     My point is that founders of all revealed religions were truthful in origin; they played a great part in development of humanity ; human society evolved to greater heights of morality and spirituality under their guidance; they always supported peace and co-existence among human beings; they never opposed reason, rationality, seeking of knowledge and sciences. All of them are icons of religion and should be respected and honored without exception.

We should be thankful to them; and for the message the Creator sent through them. Thanks to the Creator God.

Buddha was one such great human.

#12   I think the author means that the above sentence is partially correct about Buddhism which has many denominations; some of them may deny it expressly while others may be at different levels of believing in a deity.

That is about Buddhism not about Buddha; he believed in God and that is what the essence of that article is. Please read it in entirety and then comment on its contents with your arguments; even if you differ with it.

I shall be waiting for your reasonable arguments/comments.


#14     I think I never said that I represent Buddhism.
Did I?
In fact there are many denominations of the Buddhists and none of them represents Buddha.

Jesus in India

June 9, 2013
Jesus in India Jesus in India

Being an account of Jesus’ escape from death on the cross and of his journey to India

by Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, The Promised Messiah and Mahdi
Founder of the Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam

Read the book online in HTML format or PDF format . Read it in Urdu (Ruhani Khazain Volume 15) |Arabic
Table of Contents
Preface | Introduction
Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four

This is an English version of an Urdu treatise written by the Holy Founder of the Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam, Hadrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (1835-1908). The theme is the escape of Jesus from death on the cross, and his journey to India in search of the lost tribes of Israel. Christian as well as Muslim scriptures, and old medical and historical books including ancient Buddhist records, provide evidence about this journey. Jesus is shown to have reached Afghanistan, and to have met the Jews who had settled there after deliverance from the bondage of Nebuchadnezzar. From Afghanistan Jesus went on to Kashmir, where other Israelite tribes had settled. There he made his home, and there in time he died; his tomb has been found in Srinagar.

Electronic version by

Peacefulness – the moral conduct of a Muslim as per Quran/Islam/Muhammad

May 26, 2013

I would like to quote here from a passage from the book “Philosophy of Teachings of Islam” by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad; the passage includes six verses of Quran for a peaceful behaviour of a Muslim:

“The third moral quality in the context of discarding evil is designated in Arabic as hudnah or haun, which means refraining from inflicting physical pain on anyone and behaving peacefully. Without a doubt, peacefulness is a high moral quality and is essential for humanity.

The natural impulse corresponding to this moral quality, the regulation of which converts it into a moral quality, which is possessed by an infant, is attachment. It is obvious that in his natural condition man is unable to conceive of peacefulness or combativeness. In that condition the impulse of attachment that he exhibits is the root of peacefulness, but as it is not exercised under the control of reason or reflection and with deliberation, it is not accounted a moral quality.

It becomes a moral quality when a person deliberately makes himself harmless and exercises the quality of peacefulness on its proper occasion, and refrains from using it out of place. In this context the Divine teaching is:

• And set things right among yourselves, (The Holy Quran, al-Anfal 8:2)
• And reconciliation is best. (The Holy Quran, an-Nisa’ 4:129)
• And if they incline towards peace, incline you also towards it, (The Holy Quran, al-Anfal 8:62)
• And the servants of the Gracious God are those who walk on the earth in a dignified manner, (The Holy Quran, al-Furqan 25:64)
• And when they pass by anything vain, they pass on with dignity; (The Holy Quran, al-Furqan 25:73)
• Repel evil with that which is best. And lo, he between whom and yourself was enmity will become as though he were a warm friend. (The Holy Quran, Ha Mim as-Sajdah 41:35)

That is, try to promote accord between yourselves; Peace is best; when they incline towards peace, do you incline towards it also. The true servants of the Gracious One walk upon the earth in humility; and when they come upon something vain, which might develop into strife, they pass on with dignity, that is to say, they do not start quarrelling over trifles and do not make small matters which do not cause much harm an occasion for discord.

The expression, “vain”, that is employed in this verse means mischievous utterance of words or doing something which causes little damage and does little harm. Peacefulness means that one should overlook conduct of that type and should act with dignity; but if a person’s conduct does real harm to life or property or honour, the moral quality that should come into play in apposition to it is not peacefulness but forbearance, to which we shall revert later.

Should anyone behave mischievously towards you, you should try to repel it with peacefulness, whereby he who is your enemy will become your warm friend. In short, peacefulness means overlooking trivial matters of annoyance which occasion no great harm, and are more or less confined to uttering nonsense”…s-of-Islam.pdf

I think it may help in the matter.

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