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Thursday, May 22, 2008 — originally posted by Maryam:



“I dream of something vague, I dream of something irrelevant. I dream of people whom i know, and sometimes i see people i never met or saw. I see my familiar surroundings and sometimes i find myself in a strange place. I wake up crying and terrified sometimes, while the other times I seem happy and relaxed. A dream sometimes makes sense to me, and sometimes seems absurd. Some dreams just evaporate from my memory as soon as it can, and some stays with me for a longer time, forcing me to think about what i saw. Some make me strong and confident, while others break and wound me. Dreams … What are they? Do they hold any answers to my questions? Or are they a figment of my imaginations? Dreams …What are they? … !!! ” – Maryam:


They say, Dreams always mean something; Every Dream has its own meanings which can be understood to those only who can interpret it. How true is that?


It makes me wonder, Can a dream be considered as a form of communication and guidance from Allah?? Does a Dream bring us a message, waiting to be understood by us OR just is our mind the culprit, playing games with us? I have tried reading many Islamic books researching about this particular area, where I came across a book about Interpretations of Dreams, which says ‘That All you see in dreams is divided into two sorts :One vision is from Allah and another one suggested by Satan.’ Indeed it can be considered that some of the dreams holds a way of guidance and message from Allah and sometimes its a filthy trick by Satan.


I am actually glad that I have found a book, which has various interpratation of dreams seen by a Human being. I always wanted find answers, always wanted to know what my dreams hold. Specially the ones, which are still afresh in my memory, although they have been sitting in my mind for a long time. Maybe the book can help me, a bit …


What do you think friends? Isnt a ‘Dream’ a strange thing and a honourable way of getting a personal message from Allah; sometimes guiding us, sometimes giving us glad tidings and sometimes preventing us from committing a Sin/Mistake ?”





paarsurrey Says: Thursday, May 22, 2008 at '11:36 pm'


One of my friends in a discussion forum informed me of a link that explains a reasonably good working theory on why we dream, that may interest you.


I find following comment there:

“Discover the connection between emotions, dreams and nightmaresI

HAVE YOU ever wondered why we evolved to dream? Or why dreams can seem so real and meaningful when we are experiencing them but are mostly forgotten? Or why, when we do manage to remember a dream, it often seems so weird?

This site offers the answers to this age-old mystery - the function of dreaming - as well as explaining the connection between dreaming, depression, schizophrenia and hypnosis. It also explains the overwhelming importance to evolution of the REM state.


When something evolves it is usually for a good reason, and dreaming is no different.


Psychologist Joe Griffin explains why, far from being a mere by-product of ‘brain down-time’ as some people think, dreaming plays a central role in keeping us sane and in some circumstances, it can quite literally, drive us mad. ”


One may however question if the information has been drawn by application of the ScientificMethod in its stricts sense as in Physics?


Religious point of view might be different.


I am an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim


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