Is Islam the true religion of GOD?

Paarsurrey says:

Hi friend Ani

Yes, Islam is the true religion of God; but that does not ‎mean that other revealed religion were not truthful. God ‎Allah YHWH sent the warners or Messengers Prophets to all ‎nations of the world for guidance; this is very much ‎mentioned in Quran, in my opinion. Quran is not a book of ‎names, so Quran has not mentioned them by names; so we can ‎deduce from that that Krishna,Buddha,Zoroaster, Socrates, ‎Moses,Jesus etc were all perfect men sent by God Allah YHWH ‎for guidance of human beings. They were the truthful ‎persons; and so were their Revelations truthful in origin.‎

All human beings are just like a family; every one of them ‎is to be loved and noone to be hated.‎


I am an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim

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