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Has a religion ever mentioned the existence of another religion?

July 26, 2017

Has a religion ever mentioned the existence of another religion within its source material? (self.DebateReligion)

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[–]paarsurrey responded:

Quran not only mentions other revealed religions but mentions that those religions were truthful in their origin, their founders got Word of Revelations from God and that they were truthful persons. It is incumbent on the followers of Quran/Islam/Muhammad to believe in such founders and respect their revelations in whatever positions these are now. One cannot be a Muslim if one does not believe in the truthfulness of such persons and the messages they brought from God. It is for this that the followers of Quran/Islam/Muhammad respect Buddha, Krishna, Moses, Zoroaster, Jesus, Socrates etc. Regards



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“List of religious forums”

March 10, 2017

I provide here a list of religious forums for the benefit of the publics with great thanks to viocjit of the following forums:

18-09-2016, 08:15 PM

RE: List of religious forums
Hinduism :
1.Hindu Dharma (Hindu Forum) :
2.India Divine (Hare Krishna) :

Paganism :
1.Asatrulore (Asatru) :
2.Ecauldron (Asatru and SIG) :….thenry-SIG
3.Pagan Forum (All denominations) :

1.Chabad talk (Chabad sect) :…de0d01b3c5
2.Gereitzeidek (People converted to Judaism) :
3.Hashkafah (General) :
4.Jewish by choice (People converted to Judaism) :
5.Jewish Forum (General) :…redirCnt=1

Christianity :
1.Anglican Forums (Anglican) :
2.Bible Discussion (To debate about the Bible) :
3.CARM (Evangelical) :
4.Catholic Answers Forums (Catholic) :
5.Christian Forums (All denominations) :
6.Debating Christianity (To debate) :
7.God and Science (All denominations) :
8.JWtalk forums (Jehovah’s Witnesses) :
9.Orthodox Christianity (Orthodox) :
10.Phatmass (Catholic) :
11.Rapture ready (Evangelical) :
12.Suscipe Domine (Traditional Catholic) :
13.The Christian Defense (Evangelical) :
14.Theology Online (To discuss about theology) :
15.Worthy Christian Forums (I can’t define what is it) :

Islam :
1.Islamic Awakening (Sunni Muslim fundie) :
2.Muslim Village (Sunni) : (Shi’a) :
4.Sunni Forum (Sunni Hannafi) :…1e30867d88 (General) :

Deism (This is not a religion. This is a spirituality) :
1.Positive Deism (Deism) :…df7e489cc1

Oecumenism :
1.Religious Forums :
2.Religious Tolerance :

Others :
1.Early Writings (Criticsm of religious writing , mainly Christians texts) :
2.Online Debate (To debate) :
First Update : Sept/17/2013
Second Update : June/07/2014
Third update (Version used) : Sept/19/2016


List of Atheism Forums:

  1. r/atheism, the web’s largest atheist forum. All topics related to atheism, agnosticism and secular living are welcome.




More Atheism Forums:

Discussion Forum

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My Big Toe Forum

Discussion and Explanation of the Writings of Tom Campbell: The Paradigm Changes Here

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Name: William Waterstone


Internet Forums:
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My Big Toe Forum
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International Skeptics Forum


Thanks and regards from paarsurrey

Why converse of G-d is needed by humans?

May 8, 2015
  1.  Post #3
    Nakosis said:

    Paarsurrey wrote:

    If converse between two human being could lead to cognition of one another; why converse between man and G-d cannot lead to perfect cognition of G-d by a human ?Please


    Post #6

    Paarsurrey wrote:

    We cannot generalize from some or many people having hallucinations to others who were not hallucinated.
    Very practical, normal and successful persons have had Converse with G-d.

    I don’t agree with you.


     Post #8

    rusra02 said:

    I don’t think we could ever know the true God, unless he is willing to reveal himself to us. Happily, God has done this for us, IMO, as any loving father would to his children.

    And that exactly He has done.


    Post #11
  2. Paarsurrey wrote :

    Like Muhammad a person of diverse pragmatic qualities who changed the wheel of history in the teeth of opposition by the powers that be in the world at that time.


“God Recreated the Earth 6,000 Years Ago!”

May 6, 2015

One is welcome to view my post <> and comment on it even if one differs with me.

Post #544

Paarsurrey wrote : Please quote from Quran where incest between Adam and Eve has been mentioned.

Paarsurrey wrote :The Original Word of Revelation on Moses did have qualities of ethical, moral and spiritual uplift later when the clergy or narrators changed it to suit their whims, Bible lost such qualities. It is better, therefore, to focus on the core teachings of Bible and leave peripherals added later by the erring clergy.

Paarsurrey wrote :I agree with you that the inference from Bible “that everybody is descendant from a man and woman who lived together” in the past.

Paarsurrey wrote :_____and the period of “6000 years” is a wrong inference from Bible, unless one quotes literally from Bible to have mentioned it.


“Who caused Satan or the devil rebel”?

May 6, 2015

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Post #520

Paarsurrey wrote:Angels have been created for promoting good thoughts in humans.
Satan has been created for promoting evil thoughts in humans.
Humans decide as to what they have to do good or evil.
Satan was never an angel.
It is in nature of Satan to rebel.


People born of virgin mothers

May 5, 2015

Please view my post on < > in the topic <If hypothetically a man actually did what Jesus did in the 1st century would it occur like the story> and comment on it if you may like to.

Post #74

Paarsurrey wrote:Here are just 10 people born of a virgin in the ancient world:

  • Buddha
  • Krishna – born without a sexual union, by “mental transmission” from the mind of Vasudeva into the womb of Devaki, his mother.
  • Odysseus
  • Romulus
  • Dionysus*
  • Heracles – Son of a god (Zeus)
  • Glycon – son of the God Apollo
  • Zoroaster/Zarathustra
  • Attis of Phrygia
  • Horus…born-of-a-virgin-it-happened-a-lot-back-then/


Afoot on the path of religion

March 6, 2014

Please view Paarsurrey’s comments on the following blog for your valuable opinion:

“Doug’s Dribblings”
“Ideas, Not Dogmata”

Paarsurrey : March 6, 2014 at 7:31 AM

“First, I’m not big on proofs of God’s existence. For me it is more of an instinctive matter, suggested to my mind by the orderliness of the Cosmos. Second, I believe the human religious impulse is universal and that from the beginning of recorded time has been well documented. Third, I believe that there does exist something like an inner moral law that all healthy minds recognize. In other words, I might suggest that the so-called Golden Rule wasn’t created so much as discovered inside the conscience of every normal human psyche.”

The above are all good, reasonable and rational points.
Wish you good luck!

In response to Challenge of Sam Harris : Reason, passions and Morality

February 8, 2014

In response to Challenge of Sam Harris, I have sent the following essay:

Reason, passions and Morality

The topic of morality has little relevance with science; hence this topic has never been discussed in any text book of science as to its claim or the reasons in this regards. The question relates to religion as its nature suggests.

The true relationship between the human morals viz-a-viz natural human instincts has been discussed and explained in the book “Philosophy of Teachings of Islam” by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (1835-1908) – the Promised Messiah. I will provide a summary of it below mostly in his words.

Natural conditions are not something distinct from moral conditions. When they are regulated and are used on their proper occasions, under the direction of reason, they acquire a moral character. Before they are controlled by reason and understanding they have not the character of moral qualities, but are natural impulses, however much they might resemble moral qualities.

For instance, if a dog or lamb displays affection or docility towards its master it would not be described as moral or good-mannered. In the same way a wolf or a tiger would not be described as ill-mannered on account of its wildness.

A moral state emerges after reflection and regard for time and occasion come into play. A person who does not exercise reason and deliberation is like a child whose mind and intellect are not yet governed by reason, or is like a madman who has lost his reason and good sense. A child or a mad man sometimes behaves in a manner that has the appearance of moral action, but no sensible person calls such conduct moral, as such conduct does not proceed from good sense and appropriateness, but is a natural reaction to the circumstances.

A human infant, as soon as it is born, seeks its mother’s breasts, and a chicken, as soon as it is hatched begins to pick up corn. In the same way the spawn of a leech behave like a leech, a baby serpent behaves like a serpent and a tiger cub behaves like a tiger. A human infant begins to exhibit human reactions as soon as it is born and those reactions become more and more remarkable as it begins to grow up. For instance, its weeping becomes louder, and its smiles become laughter, and its gaze becomes more concentrated.

At the age of a year or eighteen months it develops another natural trait: it begins to display its pleasure and displeasure through its movements and tries to strike someone or to give something to someone. All these motions are natural impulses. Similarly a barbarian who possesses little human sense is like such an infant and displays natural impulses in his words, actions and movements and is governed by his natural emotions.

Nothing proceeds from him in consequence of the exercise of his inner faculties. Whatever surges up from his inside under the operation of a natural impulse and as a reaction to external stimuli, becomes manifest. It is possible that his natural impulses that are exhibited as a reaction to an external stimulus may not all be vicious, and some might resemble good morals, but they are normally not the consequences of reasonable reflection and consideration, and even if they are to some degree so motivated they cannot be relied upon on account of the domination of natural impulses.
In short we cannot attribute true morals to a person who is subject to natural impulses like animals or infants or the insane, and who lives more or less like animals. The time of true morals, whether good or bad, begins when a person’s reason becomes mature and he is able to distinguish between good and bad and the degree of evil and goodness, and begins to feel sorry when he misses an opportunity of doing good and is remorseful when he has done some wrong. This is the second stage of his life which is designated by the Holy Quran the self that reproves.

True Courage: Of the natural conditions of man is that which resembles courage, as an infant sometimes seeks to thrust his hand into the fire on account of its natural condition of fearlessness. In that condition a person fearlessly confronts tigers and other wild beasts and issues forth alone to fight a large number of people. Such a one is considered very brave. But this is only a natural condition that is found even in savage animals and in dogs.

To be steadfast against every personal passion or against any calamity that attacks like an enemy and not to run away out of cowardice is true courage. Thus, there is a great difference between human courage and the courage of a wild beast. A wild animal is moved only in one direction when it is roused, but a man who possesses true courage chooses confrontation or non-resistance whichever might be appropriate to the occasion.
I give below a passage from the book:

“It is characteristic of the human self that it incites man to evil and is opposed to his attainment of perfection and to his moral state, and urges him towards undesirable and evil ways. Thus the propensity towards evil and intemperance is a human state which predominates over the mind of a person before he enters upon the moral state. This is man’s natural state, so long as he is not guided by reason and understanding but follows his natural bent in eating, drinking, sleeping, waking, anger and provocation, like the animals. When a person is guided by reason and understanding and brings his natural state under control and regulates it in a proper manner, then these three states, as described, cease to remain the categories as natural states, but are called moral states.” Unquote

One may like to read answer to the “FIRST QUESTION- The Physical, Moral and Spiritual States of Man” from the above book to understand the topic of morality fully.

Language and Religion

February 4, 2014

I have written a comment on the “Triangulations” blog at the topic
“Language & Religion as Decorations”:

My comments are given below;

02/04/2014 at 10:46 am

@ Sabio Lantz

I don’t get you exactly. Please elaborate.

Arabic is not my mother tongue; yet when Quran is recited in Arabic by a good Qari (a correct reciter); it spell bounds one.

Yet this is one quality of Quran; its real miracle is in its meanings, its message and its appeal to reason where reason could lead one to, reasonably.

Quran: verses in the context must be referred for clear understanding

February 1, 2014

I have written comment on the “Random thoughts” blog at the topic “Knowing the mind of god”

paarsurrey says:
February 2, 2014 at 02:41

Ron: Jan 30, 7:38 am
Quote,“In another part of the Qur’an, we read:
*{Certainly, Allah has cursed the unbelievers and prepared for them a blazing fire to dwell therein forever, they shall find neither protector nor helper. On the day when their faces are turned about in the fire, they shall say, “Would that we had obeyed Allah and obeyed the Messenger!”}* (Al-Ahzab 33: 64-66)” Unquote

Paarsurrey wrote:

Here again you have understood the verse incorrectly; the non-believers in general have not been addressed. The Jews and other non-Muslims in Medina who were under a treaty with the Muslims not to have any links with the Meccans as they were under war with the Muslims; they were addressed in these verses specifically.

[33:61] If the hypocrites, and those in whose heart is a disease, and those who cause agitation in the city, desist not, We shall surely give thee authority over them; then they will not dwell therein as thy neighbours, save for a little while.
[33:62] Then they will be accursed. Wherever they are found, they will be seized, and cut into pieces.
[33:63] Such has been the way of Allah in the case of those who passed away before, and thou wilt never find a change in the way of Allah.
[33:64] Men ask thee concerning the Hour. Say, ‘The knowledge of it is with Allah alone.’ And what will make thee know that the Hour may be nigh?
[33:65] Allah has surely cursed the disbelievers, and has prepared for them a burning fire,

Those who did not accept Islam/Quran/Muhammad with logical reasons; they are not addressed in these verses.

Hope the verses are now clear to you