‎“united against Islamic supremacism”: “Islam’s Golden Rule”‎‎

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Author: perceptor1
Notwithstanding the sincerity of Mr. Paarsurrey’s Ahmadist beliefs, it is most likely that the Islamic religion came into existence at least 150 years following the alleged death of Mohammed.

The birth date of the Prophet displays a remarkable range of variance of eighty-five years! Little can be shown about Islamic origins…practically all is hearsay…hadiths…all written at least 150 years after the alleged facts…

Were most of the ‘facts’ simply manufactured by the caliphs as justification for their Holy Arab Empire and their dynasties? I personally believe this is the most likely explanation. First the empire, then the cover story was invented.

True Muslim texts only begin to appear at the beginning of the ninth century (around 822 A.D.), coinciding with the first written Korans, as well as the first written traditional Muslim accounts.

There are no credible source texts extant since the caliphs went around destroying all the evidence from their predecessors and burning it! The al-Maghazi and What we have to prove the origins of Islam is some buildings and coins.

Indeed, it appears that the only secure date anywhere in the whole saga of the origins of Islam is 622 C.E., which has been confirmed from dated coinage as marking the beginning of a new era.

There are many archaeological evidence proving the cover story of Islam was fabricated. As late as 705 A.D. the direction of prayer towards Mecca had not yet been canonized. The quibla (direction of prayer) was still far to the north (southern Palestine?) and not towards Mecca. Official Islam says the qibla was changed in 624, but this assuredly did not occur until after 705 A.D.

In the hundred years following this period, Islam as we know it was created by order of the caliphs. The undecipherable, baffling text of the Koran was hastily thrown together with little apparent editing from a plethora of source texts. Who knows who their authors were? Some of the Koran may have come from Mohammed, but that is a subject for future scholarship to determine.

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There is a new comment on the post “Islam’s Golden Rule”.

Author: perceptor1
Dear Mr. Huntingnasrallah,

The word ‘completion’ was no doubt chosen intentionally to say to Jews and Christian that their faith was ‘incomplete’. (Over 60% of the Koran is composed of attacks on the faith of Jews and Christians.)

The unity (better yet, the ‘Singleness’) of God was the buttress of the opposition to Christianity and to the polytheistic Arab pagans. The Jews already had this, though Mohammed invented the preposterous idea that they worshipped Ezra (Uzayr) as the son of God!

Ezra was one of the greatest opponents of idolatry!

I personally don’t see tawid as the key to understanding Islam…that is part of the package, obviously. The ‘Completion’ of religion (Yo! We have the ALL the truth…we have an order to put you out of business!)is the excuse the caliphs needed for invasion and conquest.

My conclusion is that Islam is an imperial political movement covered by the flimsy veil and justification of the fabricated cover story of religion.

Islam the caliphs’ dynasty at prayer.

Paarsurrey says:

Hi friend perceptor1‎

Sorry;I don’t agree with your viewpoint with reasons.‎

How did the Caliphs come into power? Caliph means ‎Successor; of whom they were the successors if not of ‎Muhammad:‎

Quran is called a book only because it was a Revelation ‎with systems; otherwise it was Revelation from the Creator ‎of the universe descended on the heart of Muhammad which ‎was committed to the memory by heart and need not be ‎written in paper. Even of all the Books of the world are ‎destroyed or burnt; the Quran would remain intact in the ‎memory of the believers, word for word and letter for ‎letter. This system from the time of Muhammad remains ‎intact. If one wants to verify; one could do it so easily. ‎God to any Mosque of the world; take a written copy of ‎Quran in Arabic; ask the Mosque people of a Qari/Hafiz or ‎reciter of Quran from the memory; he will recite it exactly ‎as the written one is with you. You may testify for ‎yourself; if you have any doubt.‎

I love Jesus and Mary as mentioned in Quran.‎


I am an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim

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