Islam always spread by peace and with peace

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“Islam was started by the tip of the sword” Unquote

There is no teachings of violence in Quran/Islam/Muhammad; absolutely none; and Islam/Quran promote nothing but peace.

The Meccans persecuted Muslims at Mecca; imprisoned them, killed many among them. They did not allow Muslims any free will or any freedom of religion; to the point that the Muslims had to emigrate from Mecca to Medina to save their lives and enjoy religious freedom; some 100 kilometers afar; yet they did not allow Muslims to live in peace at Medina and aggressively attacked them to finish them off the surface of the planet earth well equipped and outnumbered.

They never listened to any reason; they entered into treaties yet always broke them. They openly held that sword will decide between us.

So sword was the choice of Meccans not of Muslims.

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