And “Hinduism” is misnomer of a Religion/Dharma

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And “Hinduism”, I understand, is a misnomer:

Aryan Homeland, Airyana Vaeja, in the Avesta. Aryan lands and Zoroastrianism.
15. Hapta Hendu**
** The seven Indus Rivers, Hapta Hindu (nation #15 above), are: 1. the Indus (Veda-Sindhu), the 2. Kabul and 3. Kurram rivers joining on the west and north banks of the Indus, and the 4. Jhelum (Veda-Vitasta), 5. Chenab (Veda-Asikni), 6. Ravi (Veda-Airovati), and 7. Sutlej/Beas (Veda-Vipasa) rivers joining the Indus’ east and south banks. (There is some discussion that the Saraswati River mentioned in Hindu Vedic texts was also an Indus tributary – though this is not clear.) The Hindu texts are mainly concerned with the eastern & southern tributaries while the Zoroastrian texts are concerned with the upper reaches of the Indus and all its tributaries whose valleys would have provided access to the plains – areas north and west of the Punjab (Panj-ab meaning five waters in Persian) – i.e. present-day North-West Frontier Province in Northern Pakistan, Northern Punjab and Kashmir in India and Pakistan.
Aryan Homeland, Airyana Vaeja, in the Avesta. Aryan lands and Zoroastrianism.



Sixteen Nations of the Vendidad

The list of sixteen nations in the Vendidad is as follows:

Vendidad NameAlternative SpellingOld Persian/ PahlaviGreek / WesternPresent NameFeatures: – Good &
– Bad
1. Airyanem VaejoAiryana VaejaAiran Vej (Phl.) Iran– Good & lawful
– River snakes,
  climate change to severe winters.
2. Sukhdho
(also Tuirya)
Suguda (OP)SogdianaSugd, Northwest Tajikistan,
Samarkand (SE Uzbekistan)
– Good land
– fly Skaitya which kills cattle
3. MourumMouruMargu (OP)MargianaMarv / Merv,
South Turkmenistan
– Brave, holy
– Plunder, bloodshed
4. BakhdhimBakhdhiBakhtrish (OP)BactriaBalkh,
North Afghanistan
– Uplifted banner
– Stinging ants
5. NisaimNisayaParthava (OP)ParthiaN. Khorasan (NE Iran) & Nisa
South Turkmenistan.
Bordering Balkh and Marv
– Good land
– Disbelief (could have refused
  to accept Zoroastrianism)
6. HaroyumHaroyuHaraiva (OP)AriaHari Rud (Herat),
Northwest Afghanistan
– Plentiful water
– Grief, poverty
7. VaekeretemKhnenta Vaekerata
/ Vaekereta
Kalpul (Phl.)SattagydiaKabul,
Eastern Afghanistan
– Good land
– Followers of Keresaspa,
  fairies and witchcraft
8. UrvamUrvaUvarazmiya/UvarazmishKhvarizem/ChorasmiaKhorezm, Uzbekistan– Rich pastures
– Pride, tyranny
9. Khnentem VehrkanoVehrkanaVarkana (OP)HyrcaniaGorgan, Golestan,
North-northeast Iran
– Good land
– Sodomy with children
10. HarahvaitimHarahvaitiHarauvatish (OP)ArachosiaKandahar & Oruzan
South Central Afghanistan
– Beautiful
– Bury the dead
11. HaetumantemHaetumantZraka (OP)DrangianaHelmand – SE Afghanistan &
Sistan – E. Iran
– Brilliant, glorious
– Wizardry & Sorcery
12. RakhamRaghaRaga (OP)RagaiRai, Tehran & S. Alburz,
North Iran
– Three peoples
– Utter disbelief
13. Chakhrem*Kakhra  Uncertain: Either Ghazni, SE Afghanistan or just west of Rai, N. Iran– Brave, righteous
– Burn corpses
14. VarenemVarenaPatashkh-vargar or Dailam (Phl.)Western HyrcaniaW. Mazandaran, Gilan & Northern Alburz (land of Mt. Damavand) North Iran– Home of Thraetaona (Feridoon)
  who slew Azi Dahaka (Zahak)
– Barbarian (foreign) rule
15. Hapta Hendu**Hapta HinduHindava (OP)IndusNorthern valley of the seven Indus rivers** (Upper Indus Basin)
Gandhara (Waihind)***, Punjab and Kashmir in N. Pakistan & NW India
– Wide expanses
– Violence, rage and hot weather
16. RanghayaRanghalater part of Arvastani Rum (Phl.) i.e. Eastern Roman empire Lake Urmia, Upper Tigris, Kurdistan, Eastern & Central Turkey– Good land
– No chiefs i.e. no protector,
   open to raids, lawless,
   severe winters

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