Paarsurrey says:
Jesus did not resurrect from the dead as he did not die on the cross in the first place; he was delivered from the Cross in near-dead position; he was treated for the injuries inflicted on him on the cross secretly by his friends in the tomb of Arimathea; when he got recovered that he could travel he left Judea and traveled to India along with his mother Mary.

World's Pain

The four Gospels of the New Testament of the Bible tell us, that some 2000 + years ago a particular man who was actually the son of the creator of the universe was executed in a terrible fashion by the Roman empire. The story goes on to tell, that after three days he resurrected from the dead. There are millions of people in the world who think this story is true. That it is an historical description of actual events.

The story describes how after the execution the body of Jesus was taken to a tomb prepared for Joseph of Arimathea. There were some women who alledgedly saw this happen. Incidentally, Joseph and these women were the only people apart from the Roman soldiers present at the aborted execution. Were there no servants of Joseph to carry the body? Where there no political enemies of Jesus to see out, that…

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  1. More Against Jesus’ Resurrection | Allallt in discussion Says:

    […] As it happens, I can’t fathom all the possibilities to account for the (probably false) data that Jesus died and then his tomb was found empty. My imagination does not stretch as far as those who have religious reasons not to accept the claim the Christians keep making, which of course the Jews and Muslims do. Following is a passage from a Muslim blogger called Paarsurrey: […]


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