“List of religious forums”

I provide here a list of religious forums for the benefit of the publics with great thanks to viocjit of the following forums:


18-09-2016, 08:15 PM

RE: List of religious forums
Hinduism :
1.Hindu Dharma (Hindu Forum) : http://www.hindudharmaforums.com/
2.India Divine (Hare Krishna) : http://www.indiadivine.org/content/

Paganism :
1.Asatrulore (Asatru) : http://www.asatrulore.org/index.php?page=Portal
2.Ecauldron (Asatru and SIG) : http://ecauldron.com/forum/forumdisplay….thenry-SIG
3.Pagan Forum (All denominations) : http://www.paganforum.com/forum.php

1.Chabad talk (Chabad sect) : http://www.chabadtalk.com/forum/index.ph…de0d01b3c5
2.Gereitzeidek (People converted to Judaism) : http://gereitzedek.proboards.com/
3.Hashkafah (General) : http://www.hashkafah.com/
4.Jewish by choice (People converted to Judaism) : http://www.jewishbychoice.org/
5.Jewish Forum (General) : http://community.compuserve.com/n/pfx/fo…redirCnt=1

Christianity :
1.Anglican Forums (Anglican) : http://forums.anglican.net/
2.Bible Discussion (To debate about the Bible) : http://bible-discussion.com/
3.CARM (Evangelical) : http://www.carm.org/forums
4.Catholic Answers Forums (Catholic) : http://forums.catholic.com/
5.Christian Forums (All denominations) : http://www.christianforums.com/f237/
6.Debating Christianity (To debate) : http://debatingchristianity.com/forum/index.php
7.God and Science (All denominations) : http://discussions.godandscience.org/
8.JWtalk forums (Jehovah’s Witnesses) : http://jwtalk.net/forums/
9.Orthodox Christianity (Orthodox) : http://www.orthodoxchristianity.net/forum/index.php
10.Phatmass (Catholic) : http://www.phatmass.com/phorum/forum/3-debate-table/
11.Rapture ready (Evangelical) : http://rr-bb.com
12.Suscipe Domine (Traditional Catholic) : http://www.suscipedomine.com/forum/index.php
13.The Christian Defense (Evangelical) : http://www.thechristiandefense.com
14.Theology Online (To discuss about theology) : http://www.theologyonline.com/
15.Worthy Christian Forums (I can’t define what is it) : http://www.worthychristianforums.com/

Islam :
1.Islamic Awakening (Sunni Muslim fundie) : http://forums.islamicawakening.com/forum.php
2.Muslim Village (Sunni) : http://muslimvillage.com/forums/
3.Shiachat.com (Shi’a) : http://www.shiachat.com/forum/
4.Sunni Forum (Sunni Hannafi) : http://www.sunniforum.com/forum/forum.ph…1e30867d88
5.Ummah.com (General) : http://www.ummah.com/forum/forum.php

Deism (This is not a religion. This is a spirituality) :
1.Positive Deism (Deism) : http://www.positivedeism.com/phpbb2/inde…df7e489cc1

Oecumenism :
1.Religious Forums : http://www.religiousforums.com/forum/
2.Religious Tolerance : http://www.religioustolerance.org/forum.htm

Others :
1.Early Writings (Criticsm of religious writing , mainly Christians texts) : http://earlywritings.com/forum/
2.Online Debate (To debate) : http://www.onlinedebate.net/forums/forum.php
First Update : Sept/17/2013
Second Update : June/07/2014
Third update (Version used) : Sept/19/2016


List of Atheism Forums:

  1. r/atheism, the web’s largest atheist forum. All topics related to atheism, agnosticism and secular living are welcome.


  1. http://www.atheistrepublic.com/


More Atheism Forums:

Discussion Forum


Discussion Forum

My Big Toe Forum

Discussion and Explanation of the Writings of Tom Campbell: The Paradigm Changes Here


Discussion Forum


Discussion Forum


Name: William Waterstone

Internet Forums:
“The Watcher”

The Astral Pulse
“Wi11iam “
My Big Toe Forum
Tom Campbell


International Skeptics Forum

Atheist Revolution


Thanks and regards from paarsurrey



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