“Do you go to Church?”

“Do you go to Church?”

By sunshinecup

Myself, no. I stopped years ago after several attempts at various ones. I find a church adds politics to religion and further distracts from one’s own relationship with God. I have found my connection with God as strengthen since I stop attending and I am able to focus on improving myself rather than attempting to improve others more so. Do you attend a church, if so or not, why? !!!!BTW I read and rate each post but may not be able to respond to all. Also don’t leave a yes or no, I will give a “-“ and report you as I ask all to do so when seeing a post like that. Thanks in advance.!!!!



Hi well I am an Ahamdi, a faith in Islam, and you know Muslims do not go to Church, they go to Mosques.

Practicing Muslims have to pray five times a day wherever they are, if a Mosque belonging to our faith is near we go there, otherwise we could pray in our homes alone or with our family or in the office.

 We could pray on any clean place. It is always good to say prayers, as this way we seek allegiance to God. Thanks I am an Ahmadi – a peaceful faith in Islam, working for unity of all the religions with peaceful means.



For knowing more about the wisdom of the Islamic Teachings, one may benefit if one likes to by accessing the following link:

The Philosophy of the Teachings of Islam


It is treatise written by Second Coming 1835-1908 and was read in a conference of world religions. It will a time well spent, I understand. Right?

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