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Human nature is a strong proof of the existence of God

May 22, 2013

Mirza Bashir Ahmad


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Mirza Bashir Ahmad, an able son of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad- the Promised Messiah and Imam Mahdi has written a good note on the above topic, I want that the viewers enjoy it reading:

 Mirza Bashir Ahmad said:

“Similarly we find that as one gets older, the voice of human nature becomes clearer. This also happens because thousands of veils of darkness beset a man in his youth. There is an abundance of worldly occupations and the intensity of youthful emotions often exceeds the limits of modesty. But as one gets older, consuming passions cool down and one experiences relief from worldly affairs.

Under these conditions, human nature once again finds an opportunity to bring its voice to our ears. Remember! Most atheists are young, and their views are transformed as they grow older. There are many atheists who become convinced of the existence of God in old age. The voice of nature reaches them and forces them to stop denying His existence. Although there may be exceptions, this is the general pattern that comes before us.

If someone is still confronted in his old age with circumstances that keep his human nature subdued, then he is likely to remain an atheist even in that age. But as the tendency to stray is often found only among the youth, it is they who mostly fall prey to atheism.

Someone could argue that this change in belief in old age has nothing to do with human nature, it is rather the fear of death that inclines one to God.

But this argument too goes in our favour and not against us. The fact is that the fear of death is also a voice of human nature. Otherwise, why should an atheist be afraid of death? To one who believes that life started by accident, death should not mean anything.

What started by accident would end by accident and there should be nothing of which one should be afraid! Actually the fear of death is a result of an internal change in man and this is what we call the voice of nature. When, due to old age or some other extraordinary circumstance, the veils of ignorance and darkness are removed from one’s mind and human nature again takes hold of our heart, we are irresistibly drawn towards God.

The Promised Messiah (as) says:

‘But for the countless veils covering people’s eyes; Your Countenance should indeed be the goal of every believer and nonbeliever.’

Human nature is, therefore, a strong proof of the existence of God, and it is a great favour of the Almighty that, for our guidance, He has sown the seed of faith in our nature.”


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