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This is how the pendulum of time worked | Belief in one true God

May 8, 2013

I give here a post written by me for my favourite discussion forum on the thread:

71 The Buddha Was NOT Silent On God and Metaphysics

“We say that belief in one true God is the original belief; when people got excessively engaged in worldliness they forgot the message from the one true God; they started believing in many deities or they denied the one true God. This is how the pendulum of time worked.”


Another post in the same thread from me.


“Since Buddha did not write down anything for us or he did not dictate anything the correctness of which he could have checked and authenticated himself; so I should not be asked, justifiably, to quote anything from him as his words.

Everything which has reached us is only  a guesswork.

One should understand that Buddha was dejected as his followers in his own time got divided in two factions; and he had to leave their company till the matter was somewhat resolved under his direct supervision, as is stated. What could have happened when he died could be guessed from that incident?

My concern is Buddha; not the Buddhists or Buddhism, please.”

Paarsurrey says:

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Buddha says:”no distinction between the layman and the hermit”

March 21, 2013




From Gospel of Buddha, by Paul Carus

 “Instead of disgust with the world, Yasa felt the cooling stream of holy wisdom, and, having obtained the pure and spotless eye of truth, he looked at his person, richly adorned with pearls and precious stones, and his heart was filled with shame. 6

The Tathagata, knowing his inward thoughts, said: 7

“Though a person be ornamented with jewels, the heart may have conquered the senses. The outward form does not constitute religion or affect the mind. Thus the body of a samana may wear an ascetic’s garb while his mind is immersed in worldliness. 8

“A man that dwells in lonely woods and yet covets worldly vanities, is a worldling, while the man in worldly garments may let his heart soar high to heavenly thoughts. 9

“There is no distinction between the layman and the hermit, if but both have banished the thought of self.” 10”

 Page:74 Verses:6-10 Chapter: XVIII. “YASA, THE YOUTH OF BENARES.”

 Paarsurrey says:

As per Quran/Islam; we have to believe in all the messengers prophets of God Allah; not a single one is to be missed as they all are from one source of the one true creator God; denial of one of them may constitute denial of all of them.

 “In the list of prophets who are specifically mentioned, there are certain names which do not seem to belong to the prophets of Israel. Many commentators therefore are inclined to believe that they are non-Arab prophets who are included in the list just for the sake of representation of the outer world. For instance, Dhul-Kifl is one name in the list of prophets which is unheard of in the Arab or Semitic references.

Some scholars seem to have traced this name to Buddha, who was of Kapeel, which was the capital of a small state situated on the border of India and Nepal. Buddha not only belonged to Kapeel, but was many a time referred to as being ‘Of Kapeel’. This is exactly what is meant by the word ‘Dhul-Kifl’.

It should be remembered that the consonant ‘p’ is not present in Arabic, and the nearest one to it is ‘fa’. Hence, Kapeel transliterated into Arabic becomes Kifl.”