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“Humans could neither create an atom nor a word both are work of God , in real sense”

December 16, 2015
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Paarsurrey wrote:


It is a term not a word. It is for this that OP mentioned:

atom (n.)[​IMG]
late 15c., as a hypothetical indivisible body, the building block of the universe, from Latin atomus (especially in Lucretius) “indivisible particle,” from Greekatomos “uncut, unhewn; indivisible,” from a- “not” + tomos “a cutting,” from temnein “to cut” (see tome). An ancient term of philosophical speculation (in Leucippus, Democritus), revived 1805 by British chemist John Dalton. In late classical and medieval use also a unit of time, 22,560 to the hour. Atom bomb is from 1945 as both a noun and a verb; compareatomic.

Science has borrowed it lately from language as it has no language of its own.​

Try, try again, no harm in it and no compulsion whatsoever. Please

“Atheists: If there’s no God, then where did the word “God” come from?”

Atheists! common sense approach to understand Quran verse/s

February 20, 2014

I wrote following comments: blog name “Dwindling In Unbelief”: topic “”Which is more violent, the Bible or the Quran?”: link:

paarsurrey said
@Richard : Sun Feb 09, 04:19:00 PM 2014

“So I check parts of the Quran and sometimes consider comments by Imams in countries that are 90+ % Islam. Yes… I consider translations of imams speaking to Arabic Al Jazeera. Beat your wife soon, she might need it!” Unquote.

This shows that your approach is wrong. These sources which you quote have no status in Islam. Quran itself is self-explanatory. Quran does not delegate any authority to these people.

The correct approach for one, if one wanted to do some research and intended to read its chapter two; then to start with one should have studied the entire chapter two on one’s own. One should have prepared notes while reading, if a question would have naturally arisen from a verse and its context verses; one should have written that question in the note book. If the subsequent verses in the chapter would have cleared the question, one should have noted this also. After the end if there would have been a question which would have not resolved, then one should have again read the chapter and perused it intensively to form an opinion. Afterwards one could discuss such question for clarification. Else it just amounts to hearsay.

One of my atheist friends suggested me reading a book by Christopher Hitchens; I first read the book twice and then started discussing the issues.

If you did not adopt a right approach previously; you can try it now; no harm.

Please have confidence instead of relying on false opinions.

Tue Feb 11, 12:41:00 PM 2014

paarsurrey said…
@Richard : Tue Feb 11, 06:28:00 PM 2014

“There is no specific way of checking which is true”

Please don’t be angry and confused.

I think it is not difficult to understand the verses by using a common sense approach which is generally helpful for understanding any book in the world.

A single verse without the text and the context could be sometimes misleading.

One cannot correctly understand the meaning of a word unless one knows the whole sentence in which it has been used; the value of a sentence could be best understood in a passage, and of a passage is best understood in a chapter. The reference with the context is therefore most essential for a useful discussion.

This helps to understand the verses; hence Quran is self-explanatory.

Please try it for correct understanding; no harm.

Will you please?


Wed Feb 12, 01:58:00 PM 2014

paarsurrey said…
@Richard : Sun Feb 09, 04:19:00 PM 2014, Tue Feb 11, 06:28:00 PM 2014

The topic of the post is “Which is more violent, the Bible or the Quran?” so for all fairness we should confine to the discussion on Quran from the Quranic adjacent verses; or the immediate context.

If you don’t accept this then please change the topic of the post accordingly; it only mentions of Bible and Quran and nothing else, in my opinion.

Thu Feb 20, 12:38:00 PM 201

Large Hadron Collider (LHC)

May 26, 2012

 Large Hadron Collider (LHC)


The LHC: or how the world’s largest experiment can investigate matter’s smallest constituents

The Royal Society, London



I am much fascinated by the experiments being made by the scientists of the world to understand the Work of the one true God; as I am fascinated by the Word of Him revealed on the hearts of perfect human beings like Buddha, Krishna, Zoroaster, Moses, Jesus, Muhammad and Mirza Ghulam Ahmad.


I laud the efforts of the scientists be they atheists or theists.


Thanks scientists!

For comparative purposes; and in search of truth

November 20, 2011

There took place an interesting discussion on the above topic, initiated by me, on my favorite discussion forum, the hubpages:

OP from paarsurrey:

The theists who believe a Word revealed; should mention the claims of their religion from the Book they believe in and the reason from it.

The atheists who don’t believe in religion should present their claims from science, which they eulogize so much, and reason from science.

1. Uninvited Writer

Still attacking atheists?

2. Paarsurrey

Not attacking the atheists; they are good people and I don’t judge anybody. I just mention what I sincerely believe to be truthful with an open mind.

The atheists have an equal chance to prove that atheism are a truthful ideology, whatever, please read the OP.

Thanks for your input. I feel encouraged.

3. A Troubled Man

That is the tallest tale you’ve spun so far.

4. A Troubled Man

Honesty does not bestow you.

Do you actually believe we don’t know you’ll never compare anything to Islam? Wow, you must really believe the rest of us are so dim witted as to not see right through you.

5. Paarsurrey posted

Can a christian mention the claims of their religion pertaining to trinity from Gospels they believe in and the reason from the Gospels?

6. Paarsurrey posted

Quran asks atheists and others:

[2:112] And they say, ‘None shall ever enter Heaven unless he be a Jew or a Christian.’ These are their vain desires. Say, ‘Produce your proof, if you are truthful. …; verse=111

– to bring your proofs of the claims and the reasons both from the source you believe in.

7. Paarsurrey posted

Quran values brilliant arguments:

[12:109] Say, ‘This is my way: I call unto Allah on sure knowledge, I and those who follow me. And Holy is Allah; and I am not of those who associate gods with God.’
[12:110] And We sent not before thee as Messengers any but men, whom We inspired, from among the people of the towns. Have they not then travelled in the earth and seen what was the end of those before them? And surely, the abode of the Hereafter is better for those who fear God. Will you not then understand? … ;verse=108

8. Wilderness posted

While you are producing quotes from scriptures written thousands of years ago, you have to know that they prove only that the words were written. As proof that the words are actually true and from God they are worthless.

There is no reason for any atheist to even read these scriptures, let alone believe them to be true, and you are aware of that.

Why do you then continue to produce them?

9. Paarsurrey posted

How could you make comparison between religions, ideologies, philosophy in search of truth?

It is for those who are on truth and in search of truth.
10. Wilderness posted

I see. My misunderstanding of the thrust of your OP.

But, Paar, if you don’t like a quote or statement from any religion but your own, you just declare it not to be a truthful religion. There is no search for truth; you already know it all.

Why would you expect anyone else to do any different?

11. Paarsurrey posted

I appreciate your input, friend.

One should give claim and reason as I mentioned in the OP; truth will itself shine in the process; one could pick it up if one is an open mind.

Everybody is free to quote both claim and reason from the book one believes in; of course of his choice.

The atheist, as they don’t have a book, they could quote from science which they eulogize so often.

12. Psycheskinner posted

I don’t see an open mind, I see

13. Paarsurrey posted

Please elaborate.

14. MelissaBarrett posted

You are free to quote anything you like, however, you need to understand that people who don’t follow your religion are unlikely to be swayed by your religious texts.

On an aside, I get irritated by pages of quotes from any text. The texts are on the internet, if I wanted to read them I would go looking. A note on which parts of exactly which texts are being referenced is sufficient. I hate having to scroll for five minutes to find an original sentence.

In addition, I very rarely quote religious texts unless we are specifically discussing the meaning of a verse or it’s a “where does it say that” kinda thing. I figure if you have to copy and paste another source to tell what your opinion is, you might possibly be brainwashed. It is YOUR opinion after all, right? I mean you don’t let a book do all your thinking for you?

15. Paarsurrey posted

That might be you; there are others who think otherwise; they advise that I should quote from Quran instead of Bible.

When I quote from Quran; I mean the reason mentioned in it; which I only explain further; Quran is a Living Book; it provides reasons in the context and needs no, necessarily, advocates.

I enjoy your posts, friend.

16. Knolyourself posted

My book is reality as it happens.

17. Paarsurrey posted

You mean there was no reality in the past; and there will be no in the future?

Hubpages is a good discussion site; one could comment there or here in this blog; comments are most welcome.

One of the many “Words” is Jesus Christ- the Son of Man/Adam/Mary

April 10, 2010

I received following e-mail from Austin; the topic “The Truth Will Set You Free” could be read by accessing the ablove link. I responded with the following reply:

Hi friend Austin

I sent following post to you; but it did not get published on to your blog.
Please publish it and confirm to me.



Hi friend Austin

I would suggest you to rephrase the above sentence from your post; please
make it to read “One of the many Words is Jesus Christ- the Son of Man”
Would you please do it for me?


I love Jesus and Mary as mentioned in Quran

I am an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim

P.S. The e-mail also bounced backed to me


Quran mentions Jesus as Word of Allah (G-d):

Verse (3:45)

The analysis above refers to the 45th verse of chapter 3 (sūrat āl ʿim’rān):

Sahih International[And mention] when the angels said, “O Mary, indeed Allah gives you good tidings of a word from Him, whose name will be the Messiah, Jesus, the son of Mary – distinguished in this world and the Hereafter and among those brought near [to Allah].

Quran also mentions the following earlier in the same chapter:

Verse (3:39)

Sahih InternationalSo the angels called him while he was standing in prayer in the chamber, “Indeed, Allah gives you good tidings of John, confirming a word from Allah and [who will be] honorable, abstaining [from women], and a prophet from among the righteous.”

It is very clear from the above that:

  1. Both Jesus and John were kalamatu(A)llah or Word of G-d, meaning their good tiding was given before their birth to Mary and Zechariah, respectively. And it is not a small sign. Right?
  2. Jesus is mentioned as Son of Mary, not as “Son of G-d”, obviously as G-d never had a wife named Mary.

Our Christian friends, needs to rectify their wrong creeds they have been given by the Pauline-Christianity. And Jesus never supported Paul, his associates or the Church. Right?



Quran resolves all contradictions and ambiguities of Torah and Gospels

April 8, 2010

wudjab Says:
April 7, 2010 at 9:15 pm

Is this the same quran that real muslims (Shia, Sunni, etc) believe in or is this the magical Ahmediya version ?

Paarsurrey says:

April 8, 2010 at 11:08 am

Hi friend wudjab

Quran, the first and the foremost source of guidance of Islam is the same whatever the denomination; and it has not changed from the time it was revealed. It is the pristine Word of the Creator- God Allah YHWH. It has got all the lasting and truthful teachings of all the religions of the world; including OTBible or Torah and the NTBible.

There are many contradictions and ambiguities in the Bible and their followers are perplexed to note them, as you must have observed. If they have claims for the issues, they don’t have reasons for them in their books and if they have reason, which is very seldom; they don’t have the claims for that in their books.

To resolve such contradictions their followers have to add something from their own selves which mean they add wisdom to their Books which was not there to start with.

All such contradictions and ambiguities are resolved by Quran.

The text of the Quran is the same for Shias, Sunnis and Ahmadis. Ahmadis neither believe in any magic nor do we have any magical version of the Quran.

I love Jesus and Mary as mentioned in Quran


I am an Ahmadi peaceful Muslims

“The (religious) textbook wars”

February 27, 2010

Paarsurrey wrote:
February 26, 2010 7:27 AM

Hi friends

The Religion should be a part of the education of children in Schools; so that they have an idea of Ethics, Morals and the Spiritual progress. There is no harm if the point of view of the Seculars or Humanists or the Atheists is also accommodated in the text books.


I am an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim

YEAL9 wrote:
February 26, 2010 10:30 AM

More movements (and another Messiah) in a stream of Islamic sects;

“Ahmadiyya (äh mə dē’ yə), a contemporary messianic movement founded (1899) by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (1839-1908), b. Qadiyan, the Punjab. His Barahin-i Ahmadiyya, which he began to publish in 1880, was well received by his Islamic community. In 1889, he announced that he had received a divine revelation authorizing him to accept the baya, the allegiance of the faithful; he later also declared himself the Mahdi and the promised Messiah (masih) of Islam (1891).

His doctrine, incorporating Indian, Sufi, Islamic, and Western elements, attempted to revitalize Islam in the face of the British raj, Protestant Christianity, and resurgent Hinduism.

After his death, his followers elected Mawlana Nur ad-Din as his successor. Nur ad-Din died in 1914, and the community split into two branches. The majority remained in Qadiyan and recognized Ghulam Ahmad as prophet (nabi). The basic belief held by the Qadiyani community was and is that it is the sole embodiment of “True Islam.”

The founder’s son, Hadhrat Mirza Bashir ad-Din Mahmud Ahmad (1889-1965), was chosen as Khalifatul-Masih [caliph of the Messiah] by the Qadiyani branch, known today as the Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam (jamaat-i ahmadiyya). His half-century of leadership shaped the movement, operating after 1947 out of the city of Rabwah (which they founded and gave a Qur’anically inspired name) in Pakistan and administering a network of schools and hospitals.

His successors have been chosen from among Ghulam Ahmad’s descendants; the leader of the movement (since 2003) is Mirza Masroor Ahmad (b. 1950).

The other branch, less willing to distinguish itself from mainstream Islam, recognized Ghulam Ahmad as a reformer (mujaddid) and established what came to be known as the ahmadiyya anjuman ishaat-i Islam movement in Lahore, Pakistan, also known as the Lahore Ahmadiyya Movement. Both branches engage in energetic missionary activity in Nigeria, Kenya, Indonesia, and the Indian subcontinent.”


Paarsurrey wrote:
February 27, 2010 8:21 AM

Hi friends

Our friend YEAL9 has provided good information about Ahmadiyya. Ahmadiyya is an enlightened movement not only to revitalize Islam but all the Revealed Religions of the world. Since it accepts reason, rationality and revelation as consistent tools of man for life; hence it bridges the gaps between Atheists and Theists also and in this way works for bringing about understanding and peace in the world. Ahmadiyya don’t see any real wedge between Science and Religion; the former being the Work and the later being the Word of the same Creator- God Allah YHWH.

I love Jesus and Mary as mentioned in Quran


I am an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim

The world has become like a close-net village

November 28, 2009

The world has become like a close-net village

Hello Paar, I understand your love of Jesus, Mary and Moses. However, about Krishna, Buddha, Zoroaster and Cyrus, are you sure you are not violating the Quranic injunction?

Buddha particularly was an agnostic or a Deist who never really discussed about divinity and supernatural in his teaching. Maybe your answer will be that these people were originally prophets but their teachings interpolated over time period. Right?

How about Confucius? Do you love him too?

Humanity is but one family.

Paarsurrey wrote:

Hi friends.

Since Quran is a Word of Revelation from the All-Wise, the Creator- God Allah YHWH; He sent Messenger Prophets to all the lands of the world to guide the humanity to His path. Now that the world has become like a close-net village; all these Messengers Prophets have been honored by Muhammad. The truthful Revelations, deeds/acts of all these Messengers Prophets have been secured in Quran; and their role has been set by God to introduce their nations and lead them to Muhammad – the Seal of Messengers Prophets; Muhammad authenticates their truthfulness, under lasting principles mentioned in Quran.

I love Jesus, Mary, Moses, Moses’ mother, Krishna, Buddha, Lao Tse , Confucius, Socrates, Zoroaster, Cyrus etc great leaders of the world in Ethics, Morals and Spirituality; I love them all; this is the teaching of Quran/Islam/Muhammad as explained by the Promised Messiah 1835-1908. I think it has got a lot of common sense and wisdom; my Atheist and Agnostic friends would admit.


I am an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim

“The Bible cannot be taken literally”

October 29, 2009

Hi friends

“The Bible cannot be taken literally”

We know that the Messengers Prophets of the Creator – God Allah YHWH, like Moses, Noah, Abraham and Jesus did receive Word of Revelation from Him. But unfortunately the Original Revelation has not been preserved literally and has been lost in the debris of time. We only get the glimpses of the Creator- God Allah YHWH’s Word. So definitely one does not get the true meaning and hence the true sense of it. I therefore agree that the Bible cannot be taken literally sometimes.

But at least we can understand academically that the Revelation had been received from God Allah YHWH. The lost part of the Bible or its ethical, moral and spiritual teachings can however be recovered/ modified or understood.

I love Jesus and Mary as mentioned in Quran.


I am an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim

The word “Jesus” is a corruption handed down through the centuries

February 27, 2009

modelbill Says:
February 27, 2009

His name is יהושע … “Jesus” is a corruption handed down through the centuries from the Greek transliteration “Iesous”. יהושע is pronuounced differently by many different groups… Yahshua, Yahushua, Yahoshua, Yeshua, essentially meaning salvation of יהוה (Yahweh/Yahuweh). The fact that mainstream Christianity doesn’t have a good handle on even what his name is, is a pretty good indication that they don’t have a good handle on WHO he is. Those who have a love for the truth will diligently seek and knock. is a good place to start. But mainly learn to hear the voice of our Master Yahshua. His sheep hear his voice.

paarsurrey Says:


I agree with you that the mainstream Christians or CatholicsProtestants show only a glimpse of the Truth and what Jesus said and acted, in my opinion.

Knowingly or un-knowingly the mainstream Christians follow Trinity – the Golden Calf, perhaps revived by Paul in CatholicsProtestants in absence of Jesus when he had gone to India.

I love Jesus and Mary as mentioned in Quran.


I am an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim

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