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This was ordained from the beginning, and God’s word can never be false.

April 28, 2009

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad , the Promised Messiah says:

When we observe the well-armed legions of the earth
busy in their preparations, having already accomplished a
great deal, we are led to believe that the kingdom of
heaven is not unmindful of its preparations either.

The heavenly dominion is averse to show and ostentation and
it accomplishes a great deal without anyone knowing
about it. People finally become aware of it when there appears
a light in heaven and a white minaret on earth; the
heavenly light then falls upon the minaret and white minaret.

This last sentence requires some explanation. Although
God’s spiritual order is in complete harmony with the
physical one, it does, at times, display singular features that
are not easily discernable in the physical order. For example,
when an earthly attraction is formed, it results in the
formation of a heavenly attraction, even though the two are
opposed to one another.

And it stands to reason that when
these two attractions reach their pinnacle in the final days
of the world, they must confront one another, for neither
can gain supremacy without destroying the other. When
two sides are equal in power and glory, they inevitably

Not only has this been foretold in all the books of the
Prophets, but reason also demands that when two powerful
and opposing attractions come into collision, one of them
must vanquish the other or both must be annihilated.

In keeping with the description found in the books of the
Prophets, it so happened that when a thousand years had
passed after Jesus—the period in which, according to the
prophecies, Satan had remained in shackles—an evil force
began to assert itself upon the earth.

This was the time when Islam began to decline
in respect of its noble principles; its spiritual progress
came to a halt, and its worldly
conquests ceased. Islam was born in an age when Satan
lay bound in chains—and so it must have been, for this is
what all the Prophets, as far back as John the divine, had
foretold—and its downfall began when Satan was released
after 1000 A.D., and Islam ceased to progress any

Thereafter, all kinds of satanic activities took root
and the tree of evil began to grow upon the earth, until
some of its branches pervaded the East, some reached the
farthest settlements of the West, and some spread over the
North and South. Just as external evens have shown the
period of Satan’s imprisonment to be a thousand years,
the period of his freedom is also a thousand years, as foretold
by the Prophets, and it comes to an end at the turn of
the fourteenth century of the Hijra.

These thousand years
are to be reckoned according to the divine or lunar calendar,
for it is according to this system that the Jews and
Muslims have been taught to determine the time of [the
fulfilment of] prophecies. Calculations based on the solar
calendar are an innovation of man and go against the purport
of the sacred writings.

These, in short, are the final days of Satan’s respite, indeed
they have already passed, for nineteen years have already
elapsed since the turn of the Hijra century which marked
the end of Satan’s period of freedom. He, however, does
not wish to be stripped of his power, and a struggle between
the two forces is inevitable.

This was ordained from
the beginning, and God’s word can never be false.