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Cindyinsd! There is no verse in Quran supported by the usual context to maintain your statement “The Quran claims that the Bible is the barometer of truth”

May 30, 2009

Cindyinsd says:
2.) The Quran claims that the Bible is the barometer of truth.

Paarsurrey says:

Hi friend cindyinsd

Please quote the text of the verse with the usual context in which Quran claims that the Bible is the barometer of truth.

As already explained to you the usual context of a verse consists of five preceding and five following verses.

I love Jesus and Mary as I do love Moses and his mother as described in Quran.


I am an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim

Friend jasgang says to paarsurrey “you are not willing to look any further than your nose”

May 17, 2009

Jasgang says:

God is not God by any name. The Quran is the only place that you will find your god, because you are not willing to look any further than your nose, or your god. There is a God so much greater than your god. Our God doesn’t hate anyone, even those who turn away from Him. The Bible says that nothing shall separate us from the love of God. You can choose your own god, but in choosing the wrong god, you will be damned, not rewarded with 72 virgins, but God will still love you. I don’t understand the spirituality of the 72 virgins thing, we have had our desires in this life, to multiply and replenish the earth, in heaven there will be no more sex or need for replenishing, the kingdom will be complete with those who were obedient to the end. Those who loved God with all their heart, mind, soul, and body. If your desire is to learn the truth I am willing to confer with you. However, I have no interest in the Quran or the Muslim faith.

Paarsurrey says:

Hi friend jasgang

May be you are right to say to me “you are not willing to look any further than your nose”. How correct you are?

It is only for this that we are discussing things in this blog; to benefit from one another’s experience. I will be thankful if you help me to see beyond my nose.

Perhaps, I use spectacles to see far away from my nose. It is a bifocal lenses and I can see things quite normally. Maybe you happen to be an eye specialist; but I think you told me that you are a priest. Didn’t you?

Please don’t mind if I help you to see beyond the myths; right into the reality. I think it would be OK for me if you believe in the real Jesus; not the unreal one Paul saw in a made up fairy tale.

What is this 72 virgins thing, you referred to?

If you think it is mentioned in Quran; please quote the verse from Quran; its text and the usual context which consist on five preceding and five following verses.

Quran is the spectacles with which you could see beyond the horizons of time and space; please don’t feel shy to look beyond your nose; I won’t mind, my friend.

I love Jesus and Mary as I love Buddha and Krishna.


I am an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim

The living Word of God, Quran, answers all the valid queries itself, as to the claims and also to the reasons

May 12, 2009

~The usual context of Quran consists of five preceding and five following verses

brooksrobinson says:

k…Why would Muhammad tell me to turn to the Gospels to learn about Jesus and verify the truthfulness of Muhammad?

paarsurrey says:

Hi friend brookrobisnon

I respect you and your faith also.

Thank you for putting an intelligent question. Would you please elaborate as to where Muhammad did tell you to do so? Would you please quote the reference, if you are referencing from Quran? Please note that the Quran answers the relevant questions in the usual context along with the text.

The usual context consists of five preceding and five following verses; that make total eleven verses to be referred to. Please therefore quote the eleven verses of the chapter of Quran from where your query originated.

I will be waiting anxiously for your response and then we would proceed further. Please do as expeditiously as possible. May be you yourself get your answer from the living Word of God, Quran, if you read the eleven verses intently, you are questioning.

I am not a scholar , just an ordinary man in the stree, but I would try to help you solve your query.

I love Jesus and Mary as mentioned in Quran; not the tainted Bible authored by the clever Paul and his associates, the sinful scribes who pretended to write the gospels.


I am an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim

Quran a Book of Systems, which is sufficient to testify that Quran is not authored by a man

May 5, 2009

Paul8bee says:

I have never read the Koran; therefore I can not have much of an opinion of what it says in that book. The fact is, that not one piece of literature is so perfect as to “not be misunderstood” .Human interpretation can twist the entire message. Having said all that, I’ll get to the point.

Paarsurrey says:

Hi friend paul8bee

You may start reading Quran. It is not a voluminous book. It might be a little larger than the four gospels combined.

It provides guidance on temporal, moral and spiritual matters. Quran does not want that it should be believed only as a book of authority from an authority. It provides the wisdom to a thing and reason and logical arguments, in a way, that it is not a tedious book like the books of philosophy which are full with difficult terminology not understood by the common man. It mentions wisdom for the Philosophers, experts and the common people all at one time; as it is guidance for everybody.

Even of I don’t quote from the Quran, I write taking wisdom from it which convinces others, as first I am myself convinced with it. If I sometimes mention that I have taken this reasoning from Quran; it is for the reason that it would morally be bad for me if I take something from a sources yet without acknowledging it. Can we ignore the rights of an author? No we cannot.

I think I should give here an example.
As I understand from your blog, you have made a lot of research on spirits, and I appreciate that.

Quran mentions following points in this connection:

1. Everything in the Universe has been created by the Creator God Allah YHWH; if that is correct then logically the spirits which are in this Universe, are created by Him. This is exactly mentioned in Quran, as I understand from it. If you differ with it, no compulsion; then give your reasoning on this point.

2. Creator God, by definition is the one who has created everything, yet He has been created by none; that make Him self-existing. I think you also agree with it; no compulsion.

3. God is only eternal; so logically the spirits are his creation, so the spirits could not be eternal. You may give reasoning if you differ with this; however no compulsion.

4. When partners meet, husband and wife, the creation of a child starts, till it reaches a form fit to receive life. God commands the spirit or soul into the fetus, so it is logical to believe that the spirit or soul grows and or evolves within the fetus. Yet, I acknowledge that I have taken all these points from the Quran. Quran mentions claims and reason.

5. I would like to submit here and one must note it that it is only Quran from amongst the Revealed Word, which provides us the text for a claim and also a pertinent reason thereof within the usual context which often consist on five preceding and five following verses, in my opinion.

6. This make Quran a Book of Systems or a book with wonders, which is sufficient in itself to testify that Quran is not authored by a man, impossible to do by a man, but by the Creator God Allah YHWH himself has authored it.

There is however no compulsion to believe in Quran, blindly. But it will also not be fair if we see a truthful system in it, yet we deny it. It would be just killing the truth, in my opinion.

This is what we experience in our everyday life also. There is no compulsion to believe that this world is physically working under a set of systems, which are only discovered by the scientists yet not created by them. If there would have been no physical systems, rather haphazardness; this Universe won’t work and the Scientists won’t be able to propound theories and discover Laws and making any inventions. They only would find a system or knowledge if it already exists but inherent in the things.

If the Scientists would deny such systems, within and without us, that would tantamount denying the Science and Knowledge and Truth altogether; yet there is no compulsion but only an acknowledgement of the Truth.

I love Jesus and Mary as mentioned in Quran.


I am an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim

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