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“Nation of Islam” | Fard Muhammad,Elijah Muhammad and or Farrakhan: None of them is Messiah or Imam Mahdi

May 11, 2013

My  post #51 on the topic “Another Man of Allah (God) *after* Muhammad (so says hadith)” started by Yahyaa Waahid refers:

I will some up the points of my some posts for friend Yahyaa Waahid here.

1. As per the principles of the interpretation of Hadith, Hadith should be interpreted within the ambit of Quran and not outside of it.

2. Nation of Islam people could not point out any verse of Quran under which their leaders claim to be a Messiah or Imam Mahdi. So their claim is just to be taken as a literary or a poetic-symbolic messiah, not strictly speaking of a religious Messiah, as sometimes a good doctor could be said to be a messiah by his patients.

They are social leaders of African people living in America; if they have uplifted their people from a low status to higher one and given them self-assurance, to that extent their services should be appreciated, and not out of that.

3. Even Sahih Hadith Muslim mentions that when the Messiah comes he would receive Wahee or Word of Revelation to guide him from the one true God.

4. The Messiah would be a successor of Muhammad and not a Christian; he will follow Quran and its commandments. He will bring no new teachings and will not cancel any teachings of Quran.

5. The Messiah will be a prophet messenger of God and an Ummati of Muhammad, a follower of him; he will be an Ummati Nabee, a follower prophet of Muhammad.

6. Since he will be guided by Wahee by God, hence, another title/name of him will be of Imam Mahdi.

I think the above do not fit on FARD MUHAMMAD,Elijah Muhammad and or Farrakhan, leaders of Nation of Islam.

There being no categorical and specific claim from them having been appointed Messiah or Imam Mahdi by express Wahee or Word of Revelation from the one true God and that is why you could not quote from him; it seem to be your general impression about them which has been found to be incorrect.

So Elijah Muhammad did not claim to be what you think he was. He never was.

I, however, respect the people of Nation of Islam as they say that they are Muslims and they believe in Quran.



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