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To ridicule and or to deride is inhuman in a discussion

February 15, 2014

Of “The Burden of Proof”

paarsurrey Says:
February 15, 2014 at 3:04 pm |
@ trueandreasonable

I really appreciate it.

In a debate where both sides are pitched against one another to win from the other if one or both sides sometimes resort to little name calling, it is understandable but in a discussion to ridicule or deride, I think it is most inhumane to do it.

If one side does it; that indicates, in my opinion, that it is short of reasons and good arguments; and virtually it has lost its case.

The other side is morally fine if it wants to continue with its reasoning but deletes the foul words yet keeps the reason content intact.

If the first party still persists with the same attitude; then the second party should withdraw from the discussion for sometime or some days; till the sentiments are cooled down and return to normal.
Then the discussion could be resumed.

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