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I don’t think Science is a function of Atheism or that the Atheists have a sole legitimate claim on Science

May 15, 2009

~Science is a natural faculty for the inquisitive minds, whether religious or irreligious, which evolved with man in centuries.

Godless American says:

What’s really funny is how the Theologist is the one that resorts to science and the atheist only uses his personal sense of reality. Totally switched around, hilarious!

paarsurrey says:

Hi friend Godless American

Thank you for visiting my blog and making some comments. I also just visited your blog, and gone through the contents. Yours is a busy blog. You are welcome here; though your views would be differing views sometimes, but I don’t mind.

I don’t think that the Atheists have any sole rights on science. Science is a natural faculty for the inquisitive minds, whether religious or irreligious, which evolved with man in centuries. I don’t think Science is a function of Atheism or Religiosity.

It is free for any human without discrimination of being Theist or Non-Theist. There had been very great scientists who were amongst the Catholics Theists; and I admire them. There might be many, though not as great as Newton or Lois Pasture, nevertheless, there had been some scientists who are said to be Atheists; I admire them also. Any human being who has served God Allah YHWH well or who has served the Humanity, I admire them all.

Sorry, I don’t admire and don’t agree that a humanist should have the as I find it on your blog:

The Left Agenda

“We are a liberal, left-wing, progressive, and atheist blog. Little respect is given to right-wing ideology or Republican talking points. We enjoy laughing at right-wingers, and have no qualms lambasting them either. We hope you enjoy the Left Agenda. Please comment, debate, argue, insult, and laugh as much as you like. We will.”

Is it serving humanity or science? If you don’t mind; please feel free to tell us.

I love the Atheists/Agnostics as human beings as I love the Catholics, Protestants and JWs or Mormons


I am an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim


The fable is authored by our friend paul8bee and is exhibited on his blog:

Please feel free to add your comments on his blog also for the diversity; he is a non-denominational Theist, from Vancouver, Canada.


Would Noah or Moses or Jonah doubt God with whom they were in conversation with and it required no witnesses? Jesus was no different.

May 3, 2009

paul8bee says:

How are you?

I try not to get too caught up in religious theory. There is just too so much theory around that it tends to confuse people more than it enlightens them. I consider myself to be a Theologist; this means that I would be a fool to join in any organized religion. I study Truth, not Dogma.
The truth should be plain and simple to understand.

Paarsurrey says:

Hi friend paul8bee

May God Allah YHWH bless you!

I am fine with the grace of Allah.

I am OK, with if you are a Theologist; I am just an ordinary man in the street. I love a person and his company who follows the truth and not the Dogma. I agree that the truth should be plain and simple to understand as it is for the benefit of the masses; Jesus was such a truthful person until Paul hijacked his teachings and acts and complicated everything with his own Theological Philosophy to his own benefit, it is another thing that God punished Paul for his wrongs in terms of Deuteronomy.

The Message of God Allah YHWH received through truthful Messengers Prophets has always been very simple; one could see this message in the life accounts of Noah or Moses or Jonah. One could observe it oneself. They received Word from God in a simple one to one basis, needing no witnesses, as that tantamount to doubts. Would Noah or Moses or Jonah doubt with who they were in conversation? Jesus was also one like that.

It is the Church who created false Witnesses. One could ask the scribes what and why they were witnessing. If they had not born; would that had effected the truthfulness of Jesus? Jesus never needed cunning Paul or the sinful scribes as witnesses. God Allah YHWH had selected Jesus and he was sufficient for the witnessing and support. This is very simple to understand.

I love Jesus and Mary as mentioned in Quran and not as presented by Paul or the sinful scribes.


I am an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim

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