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The Evangelists (Matthew, Mark, John and Luke) simply played with the teachings of Jesus and the Old Testament

May 10, 2009

Jesus of Bible is Jesus made from wax molded at whims of the Evangelists (Matthew, Mark, John and Luke)

Michelle says:

The statement of Scripture the average Jewish young man or woman was brought up on was Deut.6:4: “Hear O Israel! The LORD our God, the LORD is One”. It is in the light of this overwhelming assertion of Jewish monotheism that a claim to divinity by any Jew is to be viewed. What an astonishment it must have caused in the minds of His audience when this Jew Who came 1500 years after Moses claimed (even if indirectly) that He was of the same essence as Jehovah! Jesus, however, delighted more in calling Himself as ‘the Son of Man’ although it is John who, more than the other evangelists dared to call Him ‘the Son of God’. To be sure, the title ‘Son of Man’ carried with it the overtones of divinity although distinct from God as seen Dan. 7:13, 14. Jesus emphasized His humanity (by the use of this title) as that was more descriptive of the work He had come to complete. But we need to recognize that His work also necessitated His being God. If He had been only human, even
His human functions could not have had such eternal implications.

Paarsurrey says:

Hi friend michelle, miss of bombay

I think your writeup is long; please don’t mind, I would be replying it in portions.

I respect your faith.

I have to submit with all humility that to me, Jesus of Bible seems to be a helpless person in the hands of the confused and sinful evangelists. I think they carved their own Jesus from wax; they molded Jesus the way they liked and which served their own ends; having little care for Jesus or Jesus’ teachings or teachings of the Old Testament of which Jesus was a strict follower. Either they were men of poor understanding or they simply played with the teachings of Jesus and the Old Testament. Once they deserted Jesus physically as they fled away from the scene of Crucifixion; now they seem set to take revenge from Jesus’ teachings and his acts.

They were not decided about Jesus as to what he was; they were constantly in confusion, sometimes they described him Son of Man or Son of Adam, at other times they would describe him Son of God, yet another time they would say he was god. They would say he was born of Mary and hence Son of Mary; yet he was in the beginning and became flesh; and became his own father or husband of Mary. I don’t mind that; it is their insinuation or confusion; they had a right if they wanted to remain in a state of confusion.

One wonders, if they were real disciples of Jesus; as they want us to believe that Jesus was going to die only for three days and then he was going to become a living god. What need they had to run away. Were they hidden unbelievers? If they thought that Jesus was their god; what fear they should have had from the Jews or the Romans? What maximum would have happened to them in three days? At the most the Jews or the Romans would have killed them. Jesus becoming alive after three days; if he ever cared for the disciples of Bible, must have not only made them alive from the dead but must have rewarded them suitably also; like they had seen Jesus performing the miracle of making Lazarus alive from the dead, if it ever worked as per Bible.

I think they, the Evangelists doubted and never believed that Jesus had performed any such miracle or that he was going to perform now his biggest miracle of becoming himself alive from the dead.

I see the Evangelists (Matthew, Mark, John and Luke) standing in line with the Jews and not believing that Jesus showed any miracle.

Jesus of Bible admitted that the Jews won’t be shown any miracle except the sign of Jonah, if the Jews denied or Jesus did not show any miracle previously, the Evangelists deny his last Sign.

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad 1835-1908, the Promised Messiah, the Second Coming, rightly observes:

“I wonder what the Christians are so proud of! If they have a ‘God’, he is the one who died long ago and lies buried in Mohalla Khanyar, Sirinagar, Kashmir. And if he has any miracles to his name, they are no greater than those of other Prophets, indeed Prophet Elijah showed greater miracles than he ever did. In the eyes of the Jews, Jesus (as) showed no miracles at all, and it was all deception and trickery.

This statement of the Jews is corroborated by Jesus (as) himself, for he says in the Gospels, “An evil and adulterous generation seeketh after a sign, and there shall no sign be given unto it…” If Jesus (as) had shown miracles to the Jews, he would surely have referred to them on this occasion.”

The sinful writers of the Gospels were not trusted disciples of Jesus; that is why Jesus left them behind and did not take them along, when he went to India along with Mary, after being saved from a cursed death on Cross by the grace and mercy of Allah. Jesus died a respectful and natural death in India, at the age of about 120 years.

This is only what we see Evangelists doing, their tricky things, in the daylight of reason and rationality.

Jesus was a great man a Messenger Prophet of God Allah YHWH and so were his teachings; his mother Mary was a marvelous lady as per Quran.

I love Jesus and Mary as mentioned in Quran, not the mythical Jesus presented by the cunning and sinful Paul and the sinful scribes.

I respect your faith; you must be guided by your own conscience freely, this is what I believe sincerely without any intention of injuring anybody else’s feelings.


I am an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim

The Promised Messiah, the Promised One of all religions

March 15, 2009

Originally Posted by George a Protestant:
Bashir-ud-din, Invitation to Ahmadiyyat, p. 15.

Paarsurrey says:


The online version of the above book referenced by you does not have page numbers; so with my guess, I mention here some of the contents for benefit of the members here.

I contemplate that George would have not read this book also.

The Promised Messiah, the Promised One of all religions


Christianity in our time occupies a distinct position because of its political power, its territorial expansion, its missionary activities, and the scientific and intellectual progress made by its followers. Therefore to prove the superiority of Islam over this leading world religion God provided Hazrat Mirza Sahib With special weapons. To deal With other religions he was provided with another master weapon, This one weapon was enough to defeat all of them.

The weapon relates to the prophecies contained in the books of all religions which foretell the coming of a great reformer ill the latter days. In expectation of these prophecies being fulfilled, followers of all religions waited or wait for the coming of a prophet, an Avatar, or whatever. With the coming of such a reformer is linked the hope of revival fostered by followers of different religions. Such prophecies exist ill the books of Hindus and Zoroastrians. Other religious groups, large and small, also have such prophecies recorded ill their holy books. In all of them there is a description of the Promised One and his time.

The signs of the appointed time enumerated by different sources are very similar. If in some sources more signs are related than in others, the additional signs also point to the same time. Hazrat Mirza Sahib concluded that the prophecies of all religions which foretell the coming of a reformer in the latter days relate to the same time.

Prophecies which foretell events many thousands of years before they occur must have a divine origin. They cannot have been the concoction of either man or Satan. We have the clear teaching of the Holy Quran on the subject:

‘. . . and He reveals not His secrets to anyone except him whom He chooses, namely a Messenger of His.’-6

Knowledge of the unseen or knowledge of the future is revealed only to true Messengers of God. At the same time it seemed contrary to reason that at one and the same time every religious community, every group, should have a Rasul, .Nabi or Avatar sent to it to effect its domination over all the others. This would mean Messengers of God in conflict and competition with one another.

It also seemed absurd that at some time every religious community or group should triumph over every other. In short, while these prophecies are true and divine, they cannot apply to different persons for if they did, it would mean conflict and confusion. It would be against any rational arrangement. The only conclusion we can draw, therefore, is that these prophecies, recorded in religious books and handed down to our time by different religious communities, really relate to one and the same person.

The purpose of God in transmitting these prophecies was that the different religious communities of the world should each look forward to the coming of a teacher. The Promised One would then come ill the fullness of time, proclaim the truth of Islam, and invite the followers of all religions to the fold of the one true religion. Thus I would he effect the triumph of Islam over all religions.

We can say therefore, that the Mahdi was none other than the Messiah; Krishna none other than the Messiah; the Promised One of the Zoroastrians, Maisodarbahmi none other than the Krishna, the Mahdi, or the Messiah of early prophecies. So the different religious communities should look forward to one and the same teacher.

The coming of this one was prophesied under different names, each familiar to one or other community, and each community looked eagerly for his appearance. Thus the different groups ill the world would think of the Promised One as the Promised One of prophecies described in their own books, and in their own language. He would seem to them one of their kin, not a stranger. When, at last, he did appear and the signs of his time and the truth of his claim became evident, they would on his testimony and invitation accept Islam and become Muslims.

The divine plan seems analogous to a dispute between many groups, to effect a settlement among whom someone proposes that each appoint an arbiter. After each group has named its arbiter, it is found that they have each named the same person, only giving him each their own favoured name. Peace, under these circumstances, is irresistible.

Hazrat Mirza Sahib, therefore, said that the prophecies contained in different religions about the coming of a reformer related to the resent time, and it was futile to expect more than one Messenger of God at a time, each trying to spread his version of truth and to push the interests of his own group in the world. It was evident that the different religions, under different names, were looking for- ward to one and the same person. The Promised One was none other than the Promised Messiah of Islam.

A prophet or messenger does not belong to any one community. He is of God. Whoever is willing to join him for the sake of God, can claim him as his prophet or messenger. The Promised Messiah, therefore, belongs to all. The followers of all religions can claim him as their own. heir spiritual advancement is linked With him. They have to ccept him as their leader and preceptor. They can do so only by accepting Islam and becoming Muslims. They will thus fulfil the grand prophecy which promises the triumph of Islam over other religions .

This approach to other religions was so vital and so effective that the other religions were unable to resist it. Every religion contains a prophecy about a reformer in the latter days. The signs relating to the reformer relate to the present time. All those signs have been fulfilled. There is only one claimant to spiritual office and this one is the Promised Messiah, the Founder of the Ahmadiyya Movement. Followers of religions which teach these prophecies can choose one of two courses: they can deny the prophecies handed down to them; or they must admit that the Promised One of Islam is also the Promised One of their own prophecies, and they must then accept him and accept Islam. A third course does not exist. Either of the two courses which are open would lead to the triumph of Islam.

If the followers of other religions deny the prophecies contained in their respective religions, they deny the truth of those religions. This would be a clear triumph for Islam. If they do accept these prophecies and accept the only claimant to spiritual office who answers to their descriptions, they enter the fold of Islam. Again, it would be a triumph for Islam.

This powerful approach by Hazrat Mirza Sahib must produce great results. As time goes on, followers of other religions must turn more and more to Islam, so that the time must come when the only dominant religion in the world will be Islam. The Promised Messiah has sown the seed. This is what messengers and prophets do. The tree grows out of the seed and yields its fruit, but in God’s own time. The people of the world taste the fruit and enjoy its sweetness and its flavour and rest under its shade, but only when the time comes.

So, the Second Coming 1835-1908 is for all the religions and regions of the world; if only Goerge could read the book.

I love Jesus who was as an innocent man as was Adam and was not a sinful person as was not Adam a sinful person, in my opinion.

paarsurrey – an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim

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What the Revealed Religions mean by :Ascension, Decension, The Second Coming and the Time of Redemption?

November 6, 2008

Paarsurrey says:

With the permission recieved from “Gandharva d.d. (Gay Avice du Buisson)” on Wednesday, November 5, 2008 6:33 PM by e-mail we publish here the article “3.4 – Ascension, Decension, The Second Coming and the Time of Redemption” displayed at the link>
This is only done for the public good and understanding.

Courtesy zephyr and the websites mentioned by them:


From a glossary – taken from


Process whereby individual integrates physical body with spiritual (soul) and astral bodies, and which permits him to become fully conscious.

Light Worker: Enlightened Earth dweller who works with Ascended Masters and Angelic Realms to bring message of Ascension and new Age of Light to general public. Can be either an enlightened Earth soul (one who has been caught in karma cycle of many Earth lifetimes) or a star seed.

End Times:

Prophesied time when present planetary civilization will end and new “golden age” will become reality. Many now believe that end of present millennium is so-called “end times”

Concept of the Bodhisatttva Vow (Buddhism)

Pranidhana (Sanskrit) the bodhisattva vow which is the first step on the way of a bodhisattva. It includes the firm resolution to attain enlightenment oneself and to liberate all beings by leading them to nirvana. The vow is an expression of the “mind directed towards enlightenment”.

The last of the Bodhisattvas is Maitreya who will descend on earth when the end of times is approaching, to lead all people to salvation.

A short prayer of the 14th Dalai Lama

For as long as space endures

And for as long as living beings remain

Until then may I too abide

To dispel the misery of the world


Many religions believe in the return of the Messiah but it is quite surprising how many are expecting Him to come and will he appear as they would wish Him to appear?

KRISHNA The Hindu messiah MAITREYA Buddhist mainstream messiah

KALKI The last Avatar of Hinduism

THE WHITE BURKHAM The Messiah of Central Asian nomads

SAOSHYANT The second coming of Zoroaster (Zarathustra)

THE KING OF SHAMBHALA The Himalayan Avatar
BALDER The Viking Redeemer THE MESSIAH The Maori Messiah

PAHAMA The Hopi Messiah QUETZALCOATL The Mesoamerican Saviour

THE MESSIAH The Eskimo Messiah MESSIAH The Iroquois Messiah

THE MESSIAH The Great Plains Messiah THE MESSIAH The Ghost Dancer’s Messiah

NYNTAZAR The final prophet of Sunni Islam THE 12TH IMAM The last prophet of Shi’ite Islam

KHIDR The Sufi final lawgiver OSIRIS The Egyptian Saviour

THE AEON The Occult Messiah

THE MESSIAH The Japanese Messiah

THE SPIRITUAL KING The Indonesian Messiah

NEW AGE MESSIAH via Ruth Montgomery

IMMANUEL The old Testament Messiah

AMIDA The Mahayana Buddist Messiah

JESUS The Christian Messiah JESUS CHRIST The Mormon Messiah

MESSIAH South American Q’ero Incan

Information taken from the book ‘MESSIAHS” by John Hogue


Nine Questions About ‘Moshiach’

by Rabbi I. Rubin, Director of Chabad in Albany NY

1. Isn’t the “Messiah” a Christian idea?

Moshiach originates in the Jewish Torah and Prophets. The concept was later borrowed and changed by others.

5. Who will be the Moshiach?

A human descendant of King David, committed to all the Torah, will gather all Jews to Israel, rebuild the Temple and bring universal peace.

8. Is now the time?

We certainly hope so. It can happen anytime, but the earlier the better. Events indicate that the time is ripe, and we should try to realize the potential.

Extracted from the Chabad Lubavitch in Cyberspace


A Brief History of Maitreya

by Venerable Lama Thubten Yeshe

From teachings given at Maitreya Institut, Holland

in September, 1981

Countless aeons ago, Maitreya, while making many offerings, took the bodhisattva vows from the Tathagata Great Power (Tub chen) in the presence of many other Buddhas. From that moment on, he has guided countless sentient beings along the path of the three higher trainings (discipline, concentration and wisdom) thereby leading them through the three vehicles (shravaka, pratyekabuddha and bodhisattva) to enlightenment.

Eventually the time will come for Maitreya to appear as the fifth universal Buddha of this world age and turn the wheel of dharma for the benefit of all.



by Brad Berg

According to ancient prophecy, this is the time of the great gathering called the “mastay”, and reintegration of the peoples of the four directions. The Q’ero are releasing their teachings to the West, in preparation for the day the Eagle of the North and the Condor of the South (the Americas) fly together again. They believe that “munay”, love and compassion, will be the guiding force of this great gathering of the peoples.

“The Q’ero believe that the doorways between the worlds are opening again — holes in time that we can step through and beyond, where we can explore our human capabilities. Regaining our luminous nature is a possibility today for all who dare to take the leap.”

Extracted from: Share International magazine January/February 1997 on the Internet at:


Ascended Master: Being of Light that has had past life or lives on Earth During Earth time, achieved full consciousness of highest level, merging spirit and body into Oneness that transcended all elements of Physical Creation. This Oneness created Angel-like Being that broke the strictures of karma and was able to serve as holy example for all humanity. Ascended Masters now serve on Holy Councils that assist humanity with its present Ascension process.


Maitreya (pronounced my-TRAY-uh) is the personal name of the Head of the Spiritual Hierarchy, Who is known to esotericists as the World Teacher. Esotericists believe that He is the One expected by the world’s major religions as the Christ, the Messiah, Krishna, the Imam Mahdi, and Maitreya Buddha. Principal spokesman Benjamin Creme and affiliated groups believe that the World Teacher returned to the everyday world in July 1977 and lives as an apparently ordinary man in the Asian community of London. From there He emerges, directing His transforming energies to every corner of the earth, and awaits, as the benevolent changes He inspires become realities, an invitation from humanity to enter into full public life

Extracted from: Share International magazine on the Internet at:

Comments on the MAITREYA

Extracted from Copyright 1996 The New York Times Company

As he tells it, the planet will soon hear from a figure called the World Teacher, whose personal name is Maitreya, chief among the Masters of Wisdom, themselves a handful of “perfected men” who serve as guardians of a divine plan for Earth.

Maitreya, Creme says, left his abode in the Himalaya Mountains in a “self-created” human body to travel to London on July 19,1977, where he has since lived in the South Asian immigrant community, preparing for a “Day of Declaration,” in which he will reveal himself via global television and teach the building of a new civilization for the benefit of all.

There is the concept then which is the opposite of “up and leaving” the planet as in Ascension, but rather remaining behind on the planet, bringing spirituality into the material wherever possible. It also implies that instead of separating the mundane from the esoteric, they should be brought together as one unifying whole. The concept obviously is for those who have done their Ascension training and then continually return to be of service. The return of the Masters, the return of the Maitreya, and the return of the Messiah, in which ever format, will then be welcomed by the Light workers who have been preparing the planet for the process.

Collins Pocket Dictionary – redeem

1. buy back

2. pay off (a loan or debt)

3 free from sin

4. reinstate (oneself) in someone’s good opinion

5. make up for

Actually the action of Redemption would seem to have greater significance should those wanting to be redeemed, actually do something towards “buying back, paying off, freeing from sin, reinstating themselves in someone’s good opinion and make up for” all the ill advised actions they have made. This would give the Redeemer a good idea that there was some repentance, or desire to change or a greater awakening of consciousness. Surely a much better way to greet a returning Messiah.

Paarsurrey says:

May be it is one personage whom different religions are giving different names- their own translation/nomenclature of the person coming.


I am an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim

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