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What evidences are there for the Quran?

May 17, 2011

Oneman89 wrote:

Sorry, my forum question was written late last night, and I was tired. But I guess my question is why do you follow the Quran? What evidences are there for its validity? I’m just curious. Please comment back soon. Thanks friend

Paarsurrey says:

Hi friend Oneman89

Sorry, I never observed that somebody has asked me a question; today I first time observed it and answered it forth with.

Unlike other Revealed books of other religions that have been changed over time; Quran is ever fresh, it has following feature not found in other Revealed books:

1. It is authored by the Creator-God.
2. It has claims with reasons. It provides the reason part for its commandments.
3. It is a book of systems; its verses are elaborated by the verses in the context; so it repudiates itself if wrong meanings are ascribed to it.
4. It is for everybody; literate or illiterate, ordinary or the genius or the People of the West as also for the people of the East.
5. It is not a theoreticians’ book, it is a practical guidance for the humans in ethical, moral and spiritual matters; there is not a single teaching in this book which has not been acted upon by its founder and the followers of his time.
6. Its meaning has also been secured by great people found in every century.
7. It is not a mythical book; while it does not claim to be a text book of science, it supports sciences if understood correctly.
8. It is peaceful and peace promoting.
9. It confirms truth in the revealed books of other religions as also their founders to be truthful persons in the origin.
10. It has no contradictions in it.

These are some of the features summarized here.

These features are the evidences of Quran being useful, truthful and also that it has been authored by the Creator-God.

This also explains as to why I follow Quran.

Thanks for asking the question.

I would like everybody who writes on to enlighten about his previous ‎and present faith/religion; it would help to understand in a number of ways their opinions, ‎perspectives and visions

July 10, 2009

‎• 4. paarsurrey Says:
July 5th, 2009 at 9:44 pm ‎

Hi friends

I understand that this forum is of the ex-Muslims. May I request the following friends ‎who ‎have posted into this thread as to what was their denomination when they choose to ‎leave ‎Islam? Please also mention as to what religion/denomination they joined when they ‎left ‎Islam.

‎1.‎ Shafee al-Zindig ‎
‎2.‎ proudkafir
‎3.‎ Raisin Head ‎

This is only an optional question out of curiousity; no compulsion to answer.‎

‎• 5. Raisin Head Says:
July 5th, 2009 at 11:11 pm ‎
To the Admadi Muslim

I was never a muslim, I read the crap and it said kill non-muslims and no way would I kill ‎anyone. Next, it called my people, blacks, ugly nappy headed pug nosed slaves or abeeds. ‎You must be kidding if you think I would read such evil and join it. Why did you. I love ‎all people aS GOD CREATED ALL OF US AND aRABS ARE NO BETTER THAN ‎anyone else. They stink like anyone else.‎

‎• 9. Shafee al-Zindig Says:
July 6th, 2009 at 9:42 am ‎

To satisfy your curiosity and to silence those who would falsely claim that we are all ‎Jews pretending to be ex-Muslims.‎

I was born to a Hanafi Sunni family going back many generations. As I grew older and ‎wiser after many years of study of all points of view, I realized that Islam was not for me.‎

I am content to remain a freethinker and see no need to exchange one mind-numbing ‎addictive drug such as Islam for any other. It is like giving up cocaine and taking up ‎heroin. Why would anybody be that foolish?‎

‎• 10. ibrahim Says:
July 6th, 2009 at 4:34 pm ‎

I was born in a Sunni Ahle Hadith family of Kashmir. I was a practicing Muslim till ‎about 3 years back. Being from an Ahle Hadith family, I was particularly unhappy with ‎blasphemers including Ahmedis, Agha Khanis, Dawoodi Bohras, and I considered all of ‎them fuel for hell fire.

Thanks to FFI and my own intelligence, I got out of this cult called Islam. It took me ‎almost 3 years to get over my fear of hell fire as this was the last connecting link between ‎Islam and me.

23. paarsurrey Says:
July 10th, 2009 at 10:57 pm

I thank brothers and friends in humanity here in these forums; who write here and who were Muslim ‎previously and changed their religion. Following have answered my query and I thank ‎them in this connection:‎
Raisin Head, Shafee al-Zindig ,Ibrahim, ‎

Our friend proudkafir has opted not to enlighten us about his previous faith or his present ‎religion. I thank him also.‎

I would like everybody who writes here to enlighten us about his previous and present ‎faith/religion; it helps to understand in a number of ways their opinions, perspectives and ‎visions, if they talk rationally and logically with good intellectual arguments.‎

All human beings are but a family; love for all, hatred for none.‎


I am an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim