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Paul eulogized Jesus; only to deprive Jesus from his true personage

May 29, 2009

Mark Anderson says:

This attachment is a study of Paul I did myself about 10 years ago. I was asking if he was a true follower of Jesus. For someone to be an apostle, which means like an ambassador or representative, they must reflect the character of the one who sends. It is maybe too long for your interest. But you might look at the first 3 pages.

Paarsurrey says:

Hi friend Mark Anderson

Thanks for sending me your research article on Paul and suggesting to me to read it.

Jesus was a straightforward man like Moses or Jonah or Noah. They conveyed the Message they received from God Allah YHWH to the people they were sent to.

Jesus was one like them; though he might have used some parables to explain things; without any intention of complicating the things or putting people in confusion.

I just want that people should know the real Jesus. If I see that the basic character of Jesus as mentioned by me above and his psyche is being undermined; and he is being overshadowed by somebody cleverly, like Paul did; only to that extent I will expose such person.

I have no interest or intention to start Paul bashing or the scribes of the gospels; I only want that the real Jesus should shine out.

Paul eulogized Jesus; only to deprive Jesus from his true personage. Jesus is a real entity to me; Paul and scribes are no entity to me.

Sorry, I don’t agree that Paul was Jesus like or an attorney or a representative or an ambassador of Jesus.

That does not mean that you should unnecessarily believe what I believe; there is no compulsion in matters of faith or religion. Peace; I respect your faith. Please don’t mind.

I love Jesus as I do love Moses, Noah and Jonah.

Thanks and regards to you, your family and your friends. May God bless you all!

I am an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim

Jesus had said that a Prophet is only disrespected in his own land

May 29, 2009

Cindyinsd says:

Dear Paar,

I want you to know that I’m thinking of you and praying for you. In fact, I wrote quite a detailed reply to you this morning, but God prompted me not to send it just yet. I’m waiting to see what He wants me to say, and I believe He will allow me to respond to you by Monday.
Grace and peace, Cindy

Paarsurrey says:

Hi friend Cindy

OK, I will be waiting for your reply.

Meanwhile may I suggest you to read 19:1-16 from Quran? I think it will be an interesting reading. You told me you have a hard copy of the Quran with you.

How are your husband and your family? Please convey my regards to them also.

Yesterday I accessed your blog; it was interesting to note that your family is running a private church.
I thought you might have mentioned some of the discussion we have here; so that your friends could also join it for our benefit.

I love Jesus and Mary as described in Quran; not the mythical Jesus invented by cunning Paul and the sinful scribes, while Jesus had migrated to India to convey his message to the lost ten tribes of the House of Israel settled there.

Jesus mission was very successful there; there were prophecies in the books of the Hindus and the Buddhist of Jesus’ coming to their lands; they happily accepted him in large numbers. Jesus had said that a Prophet is only disrespected in his own land; and respected at other places; this prophecy of him got fulfilled there in Kashmir, India.


I am an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim

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