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Similarities in life accounts and teachings of Buddha and Jesus

April 22, 2014

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paarsurrey Wrote:

Originally Posted by Agnimitra
Well, the reason I baulk at letting this theory bite the dust , is because the similarities do not seem to stop at mere moral codes and ethical injunctions.

Not only does it not limit to morality, it is also pervasive through the biography of both the men.

To strictly follow chronology , I would request you to examine the birth of Jesus and Buddha first. I dont want to take too much at a time

Compare the names of the mothers– Queen Maya and Ma(r)ya.
Mâyâ was later regarded as a virgin and King Suddhodhana as a stepfather, just like Joseph.

Both of them are visited by celestial beings (an angel and a white elephant who foretells the birth of the savior )

Buddha is born while his mother is in a travel, under a tree. Jesus is also born while in travel.

Buddha emits a dazzling light and Jesus elicits a blue star.
Buddha receives homage from Gandharvas and Devas in the Sky. Jesus gets homage from angels in the sky.

Buddha is called son of God (devaputra), descended from Brahma. Jesus also claims lineage from “Abraham”.Compare the names “Abraham” and “Brahma”

Both are thus of royal descent. Jesus is called son of David and Buddha is of the great Ishkavu dynasty

Wise men gather in both cases.

In a text called Nidhanakatha, a noble woman says of the Budhda “Verily, that mother is blessed, who has given birth to a man like this one”.
Luke 11.27 talks of a woman who praises Mary –“Blessed is the womb, that bare thee and the paps which thou hast suckled.”

Of course, there are differences like Maya dying seven days later . But I do think all the above are too protruding from the coincidental.

For more similarities in life accounts and teachings of Buddha and Jesus one may like to read quite a few pages from the book “Jesus in India”:

Evidence from books on Buddhism”

Let it be clear that Buddhist scriptures have made available to us evidence of various kinds, which, on the whole, is enough to prove that Jesus (on whom be peace) must have come to the Punjab and Kashmir, etc. I set out this evidence herein, so that all impartial people may first study it, and then by arranging it as a connected account in their minds, may themselves come to the aforesaid conclusion. Here is the evidence. First: the titles given to the Buddha are similar to the titles given to Jesus. Likewise, the events of the life of Buddha resemble those of the life of Jesus. The reference here, however, is to the Buddhism of places within the boundaries of Tibet, like Leh, Lhasa, Gilgit and Hams, etc., which are the places about which it is proved that they were visited by Jesus.”

Pages 83-99
“Jesus in India” by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad

Click to access Jesus-in-India.pdf


Buddha and Jesus got knowledge and wisdom from the same one source; hence their similarities

April 22, 2014

One is implored to read/join discussion on the following religious education forum to see the context of this post and then after due deliberation form one’s own independent opinion:

Paarsurrey wrote:

Originally Posted by idav
I believe the gnostic chritian interpretation parralels the mahayanian buddhist school of thought.

I believe it is possible for anyone can tap into the source since god is within all and they parallel when it works. Whether people attach needless dogma to the concepts doesnt change what it is at its core.

I agree with your thought that since Buddha and Jesus got knowledge and wisdom from the same one source, which I believe to be the light/revelation from the One-True-God, hence similarities in their teachings and the world-view; though they were some five hundred years apart in time.


Heaven is eternal and everlasting; hell is not, relatively

March 18, 2013

GaryWhite Said:

Please see his comments on my post:

“Buddhist hell is really an interesting topic. Specifically the Japanese Buddhists believed that there were different layers of hell that you went to depending on how bad you were. There was one layer that you just sat in puss, another layer you would get chopped up and eaten by devils. In the case of the demon eaters (which is what they were called) the demons were also in hell. According to Buddhists in Japan hell was not eternal and it was possible to work of your evil deeds in hell and ascend to heaven.

paarsurrey Says:

The founders of a revealed religion who had a Converse with the one true creator God and received Word of Revelation from Him like Buddha, their follower, split in a score of denominations; the followers don’t necessarily believe what the founders believed in.

Buddha’s concept of hell as I quoted from him is very reasonable that is the reason of its being similar to as per Quran. The similarities of revealed religions, if seen closely, denote that they were from the same source i.e., from the one true creator God.

The differences of denominations indicate to us the history as to how their followers changed the teachings of the original founder. Buddha’s teachings either have been misunderstood by their followers or decayed due to the time factor.
It is also reasonable to believe that hell is not eternal in the same sense as heaven is eternal; hell is like a hospital where the wrong-doers will get opportunity to get cured from their sins or wrong thoughts; and ultimately its inmates will come out like a child comes out the womb of a mother when it is due to be delivered.

Quran also gives us a hint on it:

[101:7] Then, as for him whose scales are heavy,
[101:8] He will have a pleasant life.
[101:9] But as for him whose scales are light,
[101:10] Hell will be his nursing mother.

The spirit or soul by the command of God Allah YHWH naturally grows and evolves from within the fetus, it is not eternal

May 3, 2009

paul8bee says:

I further believe that the spirit that drove these two individuals existed long before either of them were born. The spirit is eternal, as I see it.

Paarsurrey says:

Hi friend paul8bee

May God Allah YHWH bless you!

Sorry, I don’t get your point. Please elaborate further.

God Allah YHWH is not a spirit or soul. God is only a being of attributes needing no body or soul. All physical and spiritual bodies have been created by Him; since God is the Creator, so by definition He is not a created spirit. Further, a spirit cannot exist without a body, so unless a body of future living thing reaches a stage fit to be living, the spirit or soul by the command of God Allah YHWH naturally grows and evolves from within the fetus, and lo a child starts breathing.

This is clearly mentioned in Quran-the Secure Word of God, not without reason but with clear arguments and it is understandable.

Buddha died 500 years before the birth of Jesus. Unless Jesus himself went to Tibet and India and followers of Buddha due to his prophecy about coming of Metteyya/Messiah/Christ accepted Jesus, there seems no possibility of the similarities between the teachings and deeds of Jesus and Buddha.

The spirits do not act this ways as the spirits are not eternal but a creation of God Allah YHWH.

Kindly therefore elaborate further your concept and its basis.

I love Jesus and Mary as mentioned in Quran and not as presented by Paul or the sinful scribes.


I am an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim

Catholics Protestants should logically believe Buddha as their god also if there are similarities between Jesus and Buddha

May 2, 2009

paul8bee says:

I too see a parallel to Jesus and Buddha.
The one influenced the other. Maybe both influence each other?
Buddha lived before Christ by some 500 years.

Paarsurrey says:

Hi friend paul8bee

We agree that Jesus and Buddha had similarities in teachings and some accounts of their life.

Would you kindly elaborate as to how this would have happened, unless they had an equal status? The Catholics Protestants, I don’t know which denomination you belong to, believe as per Bible that Jesus was god. If Buddha and Jesus had so many similarities that must entail that the Catholics Protestants should logically believe Buddha their god also or they should deny godhead to either of them justifiably; and simply believe both being Messengers Prophets of God Allah YHWH in different and distant lands.

How you would perceive this phenomenon, please.

I love Jesus and Buddha


I am an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim