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Second Coming 1835-1908 has brought good news for the Christians, please

March 5, 2021

Please view paarsurrey’s post #119 on RF.

Uxxxxxx said: God can Not die being from everlasting – Psalms 90:2
So, yes you are right that Jesus did Not have the power to raise himself….
This is why Scripture teaches that God resurrected dead Jesus:
– Acts of the apostles 2:24Acts of the Apostles 2:32Acts of the Apostles 3:15Acts of the Apostles 5:30Romans 10:9Colossians 2:12

paarsurrey wrote :vide Post #119 : < (Please click on the post # to get right into the discussion to join in , please)

Innocent Jesus s/o Mary was neither “son of god” nor G-d, so Jesus had to take precautions and he had to hide from the public, after when he got delivered from the Cross in near-dead position, lest Jesus is not caught again and killed, I figure. Right?
Jesus moved secretly to Galilee, that is a sure proof and it is very much in the 4-Gospels itself, I understand, that Jesus did not die a cursed death on the Cross. Right?
It is a happy news for the Christians, which Second Coming 1835-1908 has brought from G-d, please. Right?


“Was Muhammad the Promised Final Prophet of the Torah and ‎Gospels? “

July 29, 2009‎the-torah-and-gospels/‎

Hi friend M.A.Khan

Please inform us; are you a Jew or a Christian or a Hindu so that we know your stake in ‎the matter? If you are an Agnostic or an Atheist; why it bothers you whether Muhammad ‎was mentioned in the Torah or not? Was Jesus mentioned by name in the Torah? Please ‎quote such a verse.‎

All human beings are just like a family; all of them must be loved and none to be hated, ‎with the advent of the Second Coming 1835-1908.‎


I am an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim

What does the minaret of Second Coming symbolize?

April 30, 2009

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, the Promised Messiah says:

What does the minaret symbolize?

It represents the holy, pure and resolute soul, which is given to
that perfect man
who is worthy of heavenly light, and this meaning is inherent
in the word ‘minaret’ itself.

The loftiness of the
minaret signifies the high resolve of such a man, its
strength signifies the fortitude which he shows at times of
trial, and its pristine whiteness represents his innocence,
which must ultimately be established.

And when all this
has taken place i.e., when his truthfulness has been established
with arguments, and his fortitude, steadfastness,
patience and perseverance has become apparent like a
shining minaret, the period of his first advent—which was
marked by trials and tribulations—comes to an end, and
the time is now ripe for him to appear in glory.

Spirituality, which is imbued with Divine glory, descends upon
him who is like a minaret, and invests him with Divine
powers by God’s permission. All this happens in his second
advent, and this is exactly the manner in which the
Promised Messiah was supposed to appear.

The Traditions
prevalent among the Muslims which speak, for
instance, of his descent near a minaret, are only meant to
signify that his advent will be a glorious one and that he
will be accompanied by Divine power. Heaven holds him
back until the time God has appointed for his advent, but
this does not mean that he was not [physically] present on
the earth before that.

It is also a Divine practice that He uses physical illustrations
to explain some spiritual matters. The Temple in
Baitul Muqaddas [Jerusalem], and the Ka‘bah in Mecca,
for example, serve as symbols of Divine manifestation. It
is in this context that the Islamic Shariah speaks of the
Promised Messiah’s descent on, or near a minaret, in a
country which lies to the East of Damascus—just as Adam
was given a dwelling in the East.

There is no harm if a
physical minaret is also built before his glorious advent; it
is, in fact, mentioned in the Hadith literature that a minaret
shall be built before the advent of the Promised Messiah,
and it will serve as a sign of his glorious appearance.


of 32,000+ denominations of the Christians

December 1, 2008

Adding sense to Christianity

Originally Posted by mark a
The 32,000+ bothers Catholics too, since we are not a denomination. You’ve been on these forums long enough to know that.

What’s the count on Muslim denominations?


Paarsurrey says:


Thanks for your input in the thread. My emphasis was not on the denominations; though I came to know of the denominations of the Christians in this forum for the first time. In fact every single denomination from the Christian denominations; considers themselves as the truthful Christianity, exclude themselves as a denomination.

If anyone has a doubt on this; then one could ask from the JWs- the only true Christians, as they say or one can ask from the Protestants. I may relax it for the Catholics; as my intention is to unite them in One Christendom; my intention is not to divide them, in the least.

My emphasis, excuse me to rephrase it, was on all such religions that base their faith on the tenet “Jesus died a cursed death on Cross” invented by Paul at Rome when Jesus was traveling to India with Mary his mother.

We Muslims don’t take pride in having largest number of denominations; that pride may rest with the Christians only, if they like.

We stop at the number of 72 to which the Traditional Islam was to divide as prophesized by Muhammad until the advent of Second Coming 1835-1908.

If one as a Catholic believes that “Jesus died a cursed death on Cross”; Second Coming 1835-1908 addressed him to review his opinion. One can refute him with reasonable, rational and logical arguments.

No compulsion, whatsoever.

I love Jesus and Mary as I do love Buddha and Krishna.


I am an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim:

Jesus tempted by Satan – SecondComing 1835-1908 explains the phenomenon

October 30, 2008

Paarsurrey says: has informed me that someone referred my blog via Search Engine Terms and desired of me to “explain matthew 4:1?” Personally I don’t know anything about it. I have however found that The Promised Messiah 1835-1908 or Christ Second Coming has explained it in very detail:

Thus says Second Coming 1835-1908:

God Almighty says that
as long as man’s self is not fully cleansed and purified,
it is possible for him to experience satanic inspirations,
and he is described as:
21 [They descend] on every great liar and sinner.
—Al-Shu‘ara’, 26: 223 [Publishers]

The Need for the Imam

But the righteous are immediately informed about any
satanic suggestion. Unfortunately, Christian clerics,
while commenting on the incident whereby Jesus was
tempted by the devil,22 have dared to suggest that it
was not something which actually happened, and
which the world could see and the Jews could witness,
but was rather a satanic inspiration which he received
and rejected three times.

One shivers to hear such an
interpretation of the New Testament. Messiahas and
satanic inspiration, indeed! Even if we don’t believe
this conversation to be a satanic inspiration, and
imagine that Satan did really assume bodily form and
met Jesusas, the following objection would arise: If it
were indeed true that Satan—the old serpent—really
revealed himself in a corporeal form and took his
stand near the sacred synagogue of the Jews, around
which hundreds of people lived, then thousands of
people must have gathered to see him.

In fact Jesus(as)
himself ought to have summoned the Jews and shown
them the Satan whose very existence was denied by a
number of their sects. And this in itself would be considered
a sign for the Messiahas, and many a people
would have been rightly guided. Even the highranking
officials of the Roman Empire would have
22 Matthew, 4:8-9 [Publishers]


believed in Jesus when they beheld Satan and saw
him flying. But nothing of the kind happened. This
lends credence to the belief that this was a kind of
spiritual conversation, which, in other words, can be
called satanic inspiration. However, it reminds me
that in Jewish literature many mischievous persons
have been named Satan.

In keeping with this usage,
the Messiahas also gave the name of ‘Satan’23 to an
honourable disciple of his, who was given the keys of
heaven only a few verses before. So, it is also possible
that some Jewish ‘Satan’ might have come to
Jesusas to mock and ridicule him.
And Jesus (as) might
have called him ‘Satan’, just as he had called Peter,
‘Satan’. The Jews were given to such mischief, and it
is a peculiar characteristic of the Jews to pose such
questions. Furthermore, it is also possible that this
story is only a myth, recorded deliberately or mistakenly,
for these gospels are not the gospels of the
Messiahas, nor have they ever been sanctified by him
as such.

On the contrary, they have been written by
disciples or other people, according to their own perception
and understanding. And this is why they
differ from one another. We can, therefore, say that
some of the writers could have been mistaken with
23 Mathew, 16:23 [Publishers]

The Need for the Imam

regard to this incident; just as some of the evangelists
were mistaken in thinking that the Messiahas had died
on the cross.24 Such errors were ingrained in the very
nature of the disciples, for the Gospels inform us that
mentally they were not so perceptive.

The Messiah (as)
himself testifies that they were weak in intelligence,
insight and ability. In any case, the fact is that no satanic
thought can come to stay in the hearts of the pure.
If any fleeting thought does ever come close to their
hearts, it is immediately dispelled and put away and
their clean slate remains spotless and clean.

In the
Holy Quran, such a doubt, which resembles a drab and
half-baked thought, is called Ta’if . In Arabic
lexicon it is also known as Ta’if , Tauf , Tayyif
and Taif . A fleeting doubt of this kind has
very little relationship with heart, in fact it has nothing
at all to do with it.

In fact such a doubt is like the faint
shadow of a distant tree. And it is possible that the accursed
Satan might have wanted to instil such a doubt
in Jesus’sas heart, and that Jesusas, by his prophetic
power, managed to dispel it.

The reason why I have
24 From among many Christian Gospels, one Gospel is still in
their possession in which it is written that Jesusas did not die on
the cross. This statement is correct, for Marhami ‘Isa [Jesus’
Ointment], which has been mentioned by hundreds of physicians,
bears it out. [Author]


had to mention all this is because this story does not
only figure in the Gospels, but is also to be found in
authentic Hadith. For instance, it is written:
That is ‘Muhammad bin Imran Sairfi reports
from Hasan bin Aleel Anzi, and he from Abbas
bin Abdul Wahid, and he from Muhammad bin
Amr, and he from Muhammad bin Manadhir,
and he from Sufyan bin Aynah, and he from
Amr bin Dinar, and he from Taus, and he from
Abu Huraira that Satan came to Jesusas and
said: ‘Dost thou not think that thou art truthful?’
He said: ‘Why not?’ Satan said: ‘If this is true,
climb up this mountain, and throw yourself
down.’ Jesus (as) said: ‘Woe to thee, dost thou not
know that God has said: Do not try Me by thy
own death, for I do what I will.’

It is obvious that Satan must have come to him, just
as Gabriel comes to the Messengers. Gabriel does not
come as people do, on a train or on a hired horse,
wearing a turban and wrapped in a chador. Rather he

The Need for the Imam

comes as if from the other world. Moreover, how can
Satan, who is so wretched, dare to come openly like a
man? In view of this discussion one can’t help accepting
the stand taken by Draper. But this much can be
said that Jesusas with his prophetic power and light of
truth never allowed any satanic inspiration to come
anywhere near him. Instead, he immediately set about
rejecting and repudiating it.

And just as darkness cannot
stand up against light, in the same way Satan could
not stand up against Jesusas and fled. This indeed is the
correct meaning of the verse:
Satan can only become dominant over those who succumb
to his temptations and inspirations. But those
who strike Satan from a distance with the arrow of
light, and smite him in the face with the lash of rebuke,
and refuse to submit to any of his nonsense, are exempt
from his sway.

But since God Almighty wants
these people to see the kingdom of heaven and earth,
and Satan belongs to the kingdom of the earth, therefore,
in order to attain full knowledge of the creation,
they must have a glimpse of the face of this bizarre
creature known as Satan and hear his speech. But this
25 Surely, thou shalt have no power over My servants.—Al-
Hijr, 15:43 [Publishers]


does not in any way tarnish their purity and chastity.
The Satan, in keeping with his age-old method of planting
doubts, mischievously made a request to Jesusas,
which his pious nature spontaneously rejected and refused
to accept. This did not in any way detract him
from his lofty station. Do not villains sometimes speak
in the presence of kings? It was thus, in spiritual terms,
that Satan put his word into his heart.
Jesus (as )did not
accept this satanic inspiration and simply rejected it.
This was indeed something praiseworthy. To criticise
it is a folly and amounts to ignorance of spiritual philosophy.
Not every saint or sufi can repel and expose
the filth of satanic suggestion as Jesusas did with the
whip of his light.

Sayyid Abdul Qadir Jilanira26 says, ”I
too received a satanic inspiration once. Satan said: ‘O
Abdul Qadir! all your prayers are accepted. From now
on whatsoever is forbidden to others is lawful to you.
You are even exempt from obligatory prayers. Do
whatever you please.’ At this, I said, ‘Be off O Satan!
how can something that was not permissible for the
Holy Prophet (sa) be permissible for me!’ After this, Satan
disappeared from my sight along with his golden

Now, when even a man of God and a unique
human like Abdul Qadirra received a satanic inspira-
26 Abdul Qadir Jilani: (d.1166) Sufi, saint and jurist.

The Need for the Imam
tion, how can ordinary humans, who have not yet fully
accomplished their spiritual journey, be secure against
it, for—unlike Sayyid Abdul Qadirra and Jesusas—they
lack the spiritual eyes with which to recognize satanic

Truth knows no barriers of time and space, race or color

October 26, 2008

Man is born in this world with the will and mercy of the Creator of Heavens and Earth. It is not an individual’s discretion where to be born and when to be born. One is born anywhere on the time axis or the space axis; and is responsible for search for Truth.

It is better for him to place himself at different points on both the axis and observe his status in relation to Truth; this might help one remove one’s illusions and thus mend his ways, then one can steer his ways on to the true path again and set himself on a new point of understanding, maybe elevated than before.

The Second Coming 1835-1908 (of Krishna/Christ) makes such an understanding very easy wherever we are on the globe. He is blessed with calling himself a Muslim- a submitter to truth in peace; and this is what one should be in real terms. A Christian or a Jew or a Hindu or a Muslim, etc, should be a submitter to truth in peace.

I am a very ordinary follower of him. The Question is why?

Because he has been guided by GodAllahYHWH and my following him does not hinder my path of following Krishna, Moses, Zorotushtara, Abrahm, Jesus, Socrates,Cyrus, Muhammad and other truthful persons born anywheres and anytimes in the globe; with whom God spoke one to one or face to face. This natural wisdom, or Revelation or Word of God from God’s mouth; endowed on him from One on High open new vistas of understanding.

I have no problem in accepting Krishan/Krishna a DivineGuide.

My question to my Hindu friends/brothers in humanity is: if you were in Krishna’s time; would you have accepted him or rejected him? If you would have accepted him (I pray you would have); under what criteria/principles? If you would have not accepted him; under what criteria/principles?

I must say you must find the truthful criteria; as that would prove, in my opinion, that you don’t have a blind faith or an illusion; but a research based faith or a faith with eyes.

If Jesus falls within your criteria; would you accept him a DivineGuide?


I am an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim

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