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Buddha’s concept of sankharas or spiritual progress

April 17, 2012

Question: Is becoming explainable?

Paarsurrey answers:

I think Buddha here means the spiritual progress of a person and the status one achieves with continuous and steadfast efforts.

Gospel of Buddha: Chapter 53:Identity and Non-Identity

The Tathagata continued: “It is by a process of evolution
that sankharas come to be. There is no sankharas*
which has sprung into being without a gradual becoming.
Thy sankharas are the product of thy deeds in former
existences. The combination of thy sankharas is thy self.
Wheresoever they are impressed thicher thy self migrates.
In thy sankharas thou wilt continue to live and thou wilt
reap In future existences the harvest sown now and in the
past.” 59

Formation, compound, fashioning, fabrication — the forces and factors that fashion things (physical or mental), the process of fashioning, and the fashioned things that result. Sankhāra can refer to anything formed or fashioned by conditions, or, more specifically, (as one of the five khandhas) thought-formations within the mind.

Please correct me if I am wrong.