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Sam Harris interviews Ayaan Hirsi Ali

May 10, 2014

Sam Harris blog
“Lifting the Veil of ‘Islamophobia’:A Conversation with Ayaan Hirsi Ali”

I would have commented on Sam Harris’ blog but found no comments column on his blog, hence I am commenting here.

Paarsurrey says:

“She embraced Islam while she was growing up, but eventually began to question aspects of the faith”-

Anybody who is in a religion must be in for its core teachings; the other things are to be read and interpreted within the core teachings.

The interview fails to show as to why Ayaan Hirsi Ali embraced Islam in the first place. If she had embraced for the truth of Islam as described in its articles of faith or in the pillars of faith- the core teachings of Islam; then she would have remained in it whatever the suffering due to socio-cultural and political conditions prevailing part of the world she lived.

The socio cultural and political conditions could be reformed; and that is what she was supposed to be doing.

Instead, she opted to leap in the dark and went Atheist for no good reason.

What positive truth did she find in Atheism?

She fails to describe it in the interview.

She or any other Atheist could answer this question. Please