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Jesus was a perfect man only if he got married and had children

February 8, 2009
If Jesus did not marry; then he is father of none

Originally Posted by dolphinlove:
now i dont know how many times we have told you the purpose of Jesus coming to earth. We have told you numerous times the reason he did not marry, his purpose what not to marry, his purpose was to come here and teach, amongst other things!

Paarsurrey, you obviously cant by the idea of a man is not a man unless he gets married, has sex and has a child.
That is not the only thing that makes up a man, many other things make up a man as well you know.

Paarsurrey says:


Well your claim for Jesus is not of a man; your claim is for a perfect man, and a perfect man must marry and have children, only then we could know what his behavior was with his wife/wives, his sons and daughters.

One cannot look on Jesus as an exemplary Model of a husband or as a father to his sons, so essential for a family. Why should one deny Jesus of these natural instincts gifted to him by God Allah YHWH? Just for some imaginary sins of the Catholics and their atonement! Can’t one stop sinning so that there is no need for this imaginary sacrifice, which never happened, for Jesus’ sake?

Let Jesus enjoy his life; like you all yourself enjoy so much. Why to make Jesus a scapegoat, for nothing?
One could however differ with me with solid reasons; that is one’s birth right.

I love Jesus and Mary


I am an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim