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Path of never ending scientific / religious truths/facts/knowledge

February 26, 2014

Paarsurrey’s comments:

paarsurrey says:
February 26, 2014 at 4:38 pm

@ unconfirmedabsolutes : Reference to your Comments of February 26, 2014 at 12:26 pm

“Your goal seems to be faithful to the “truth”, whereas mine is to search for the “truth”. Yours is a destination that’s already been found. Mine’s a process that could lead me anywhere.”

Now that is not the case; though we have opposite views; yet we might be on the same path that is “Truth” and that “leads to Truth” located on the same straight line; if we are sincere in our search and research.

One cannot say that one is on the false or untruth path as of today; can you?

If one is sincere one is never biased against the absolute Truth.

A sincere person is always on the Truth and yet craving for more Truth, where-from it comes to one and whenever it comes to one, one goes on accepting it of course after due diligence, inquiry and search; it is a never ending process/path/line.

Like, man started search in scientific fields; at a given point of time one could know for which one had the tools; in the subsequent time he was better equipped and more experienced based on his previous knowledge; then he moved ahead on the scientific truths/facts. We can never say that we have known all the scientific facts in the nature or universe/s. AS we go the goal posts widen.

This is the path of never ending scientific truths/facts/knowledge.

Quran Verse [29:70]: meaning Seekers after Truth surely would find Truth

January 15, 2014

Quran Verse [29:70]:

[29:70] And as for those who strive in Our path — We will surely guide them in Our ways. And verily Allah is with those who do good.

One of my Atheist friends on another blog has cast doubt on the collection, compiling and preservation of Quran.

I quoted the above verse for the meaning and the reason mentioned in it; and I always do that.

One can, if one likes to, doubt its words; but if there is a reason mentioned in it and one finds it to be truthful; the reason should not be rejected just for the doubt in the literal text.

I think it is a general observation that one who strives and works hard for a thing, and leaves no stone unturned gets successful in the end.

I find similar sentence/writings in other cultures and religious scriptures of the world. If one searches one would testify to its Truth. It is full of wisdom.

One gets fruit of one’s labor to be sure. If one is not sure of one’s search one could never get into any scientific search/research.

For search in the path to reaching One-True-God; He has added assurance to the seekers; they should not be in doubt that they will fail; the honest search will be fruitful.

It is not a bad work to search; it is a positive step and is good for the individual and for the society.

Quran mentions in the very beginning of it while describing the merit and excellences of the believers/seekers:

[2:1] In the name of Allah, the Gracious, the Merciful.
[2:2] Alif Lam Mim.
[2:3] This is a perfect Book; there is no doubt in it; it is a guidance for the righteous,
[2:4] Who believe in the unseen and observe Prayer, and spend out of what We have provided for them;
[2:5] And who believe in that which has been revealed to thee, and that which was revealed before thee, and they have firm faith in what is yet to come.
2:6] It is they who follow the guidance of their Lord and it is they who shall prosper.

The believers/seekers have to be open-minded; and they must confirm the Truth in other scripture as much as it is in them; and the corruption done by scribes has to be pointed out if there is found any. This is what I do; and this is what Quran teaches one to do.

With all the reasons mentioned above; if one still doubts the text of the verse [29:70]: then one should identify the person who wrote or added it to Quran; and give the reference of the Quran which did not contain this verse or with other text in the original Arabic.

The burden of proof is on such claimant/s; no compulsion however.

Quran is the living Word of one true God; NT Bible is a book of fiction

April 13, 2013

Jesus did receive word of Revelation from the one true God; but he neither wrote it down nor did he dictate it to anybody nor he authorized anybody to write it down on his behalf; the whole of NT is an unauthorized book in this respect. I don’t deny that all books of fiction do have some realities within their folds, literally or metaphorically; that is why people do attract to such fictional works, bible could not be an exception to these reasons, I think. I therefore respect it; but truth has to be spoken and unearthed.

Quran is Word of God revealed/descended on the heart of Muhammad under a ‎remarkable natural system, which no other “Book” in this world has ever had; and that ‎also proves that it is not authored by Muhammad; but it is from God Allah YHWH.

I would like to mention the way the ‎Quran was revealed and that would also dispel any doubts in the mind of viewers of this ‎discourse about Quran.The text of none of the sacred Scriptures, claimed to‎ have been revealed before the Quran, has been preserved intact. They all need to be respected though.

I want to quote here something about Quran:


“They have all have been interfered with to such an extent that an
earnest seeker after truth finds it impossible to adopt any of‎
them as a practical guide for right conduct.
In contrast with
this, the text of the Quran has been preserved intact and every
word of it has come down to us as free from interference and
interpolation as when it was revealed to the Holy Prophet
one thousand four hundred years ago.‎
The Quran began to be revealed at the outset of the Mission
of the Holy Prophet.

The first revelation, comprising only a
few verses, was received by him in the Hira Cave. Thereafter
the revelation continued till his death. Thus the total period
during which the entire Quran was revealed extended to
twenty-three years.

We know, on the basis of the testimony of
his contemporaries, that in the beginning revelation came to the
Prophet at intervals and in small bits, but as time passed it
grew both in volume and in frequency till in the last years
of his life it swelled into an almost continuous stream. ‎
One reason for this, among others, was that the teachings contained
in this revelation were altogether novel and it was not easy
for people to grasp their full significance. Therefore the Quran
was revealed in small portions in the beginning. But after
the basic principles of Islam had been fully grasped and it
became comparatively easy for people to understand the teachings
and the topics dealt with in the Quran, the revelation began‎
to arrive faster and in larger volume. ‎

The object was that all
Muslims should be enabled fully to grasp the teachings of the
Quran. Another reason was that the number of Muslims was
very small in the beginning and, as God intended that the text
of the Quran should be scrupulously preserved and that it
should not become the subject of any doubt, only small portions
were revealed at a time in the beginning and there was always
an interval, sometimes extending to several months, between
the revelation of one group of verses and the next.

In this manner the few Muslims were enabled to commit the whole
revelation to memory, so as to place the matter of the preservation‎
of the text beyond doubt. When the number of Muslims
began to increase and the safe-guarding and preservation of the
text of the Quran became easier, the revelation began to arrive

Towards the close of the Holy Prophet’s life the number
of Muslims exceeded a hundred thousand and the memorizing
of the Quran became very easy. At that time the revelation
came faster still. By this divine plan the purity of the text of
the Quran was placed beyond doubt.

During the Caliphate of ‘Uthman seven copies of the Quran‎
were despatched to different parts of the Muslim world and they
in turn became the standard texts from which other copies were
made and thereafter in each generation hundreds of thousands
of people have been in the habit of committing the entire text
of the Quran to memory.

Even the bitterest enemies of Islam
do not allege that any interference with the text of the Quran has
taken place since the time of ‘Uthman. Those who seek to
raise doubts regarding the purity of the text of the Quran direct
their criticism to the period between the death of the Holy
Prophet and the Caliphate of ‘Uthman.

Whenever any portion of the Quran was revealed to the Holy
Prophet, he used to commit it to memory and, as he continuously
recited the Quran from one end to the other, he always
carried the whole of the revealed Quran at all times in his


Click to access Introduction-Study-Holy-Quran.pdf

I think it reasonably explains that the text of the Quran as spoken by God Allah YHWH ‎to Muhammad is secure without any doubt.‎
Quran mentions the essential accounts of life of Jesus and Mary; so the accounts of the Bible could be checked and purified in its light. Love for all; hatred for none.

One should not accept the contents mentioned above in blind-faith; one should accept them after due search and research.

Why different translations of Quran?

May 4, 2012


That opens the field of query and research; and then one finds the truth.

It is just like one does in the physical word; there are different opinions of the people and then one finds which one is true with research.

Translations are always opinions of those who translate; not alternative of the original.

There are different theories on a subject and the one which is falsifiable and has no anomalies with nature is accepted as truthful.



Jesus; suffered on Cross for being on truth; yet in minority

May 17, 2009

Brooksrobinson says:

I’m sorry to say, but the majority of New Testament scholars no matter what their faith is, would disagree with Jesus going to India. In fact, all of them hold Jesus died on the cross as the Gospels state.

Islam seems to be on the opposite side of that fence, and on top of that, your on the opposite side on the Muslim fence. I’d like to see contemporary scholarship on the issue, preferably writings outside of your Muslim sect.


Paarsurrey says:

Hi friend brooksrobinson
I can only help you to research. In religion we don’t deal in minority or majority; we try to discern truth from the untruth, even if it is in minority, we have to side with truth and stand on truth.

We have to follow Jesus; from the time Jesus started his ministry in Judea to the time he left for India; Jesus was in minority in Judea, I think it is not difficult to understand by you and the viewers of this blog.

We have to act like Jesus, if he was a role model for us; he suffered on Cross for being on truth, but in minority; he was persecuted but he did not waver.

God Allah YHWH heard his humble supplications done at Gethsemane. God Allah YHWH helped him against all odds and saved his life. We should be thankful to God Allah YHWH that he cured his injuries inflicted on Cross, in the tomb of Joseph Arimathea.

We should also thank the intrepid physician Nicodemus, who brought an unusual quantity of myrrh and aloe, unusual for a Jewish funeral, to prepare the medicines immediately needed to treat his master, Jesus; it is mentioned in the Bible, you could see it in the Bible for yourself.

They, Nicodemus and other trusted friends of Jesus ,prepared ointments named in ancient medical history as Marhum Havariyyeen or Marhum-e-Issa; ointment of the disciples and/ or ointment of Issa/Jesus, for treatment of Jesus.

Jesus was definitely not in majority in Judea, I think you cannot deny it. Of course, when he resided in India peoples high and low, kings and common, accepted Jesus as a Divine Guide or Bagwa Metteyya or Messenger Prophet and he was honored and respected there, so it was in India that he was accepted in majority where he resided.

It is very unfortunate that Jesus’ absence in Judea prompted the cunning Paul and the sinful scribes to derail his teachings and his faith. Jesus never talked in terms of majority and minority; if now people resort to think in these terms; that mean they would have rejected Jesus if they would have been present at that time.

I don’t think any good Christian could afford this proposition.

Jesus supported only truth as mentioned in Quran. If Bible does not mention it; that makes Bible an incredible book written mythically and hence merits being denied/rejected; If not the whole of it, then at least the untrue one should be discarded, but only after proper investigation, which is always welcome in matters of faith /religion.

If you or any of the viewers here would like to research, he could access:

TheRandomGuy: Existance of Jesus PROPHESIED in HINDU SCRIPTURES 3000 years before his birth

In the Bhavisiya Purana which means “Future Happenings”, the existence of Jesus is prophesied 3000 years before his birth.

By the way, based on scriptures written, it is a proven fact that Jesus has traveled to the east, twice to INDIA (between the missing years not mentioned in the Gospels).

Also; you guys might want to check out the book “Jesus Lived in India” by German author Holger Kersten, a brilliant authoritative book giving evidence of Christ’s life in India.


I don’t want you to accept anything blindly; but if you have an open heart and sound mind open for truth, you may like to get convinced, if not, I don’t mind.

I respect your faith; you are at liberty if you insist to remain on the creeds of you fathers and grandfathers, if you prefer them on the truth.

I love Jesus and Mary as I love Buddha and Krishna.


I am an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim