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Religious minorities within Islamic societies

May 6, 2013

Question and Answer with Hadhrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad, 12 January 1996

Please start viewing the video, setting play-head position, for the relevant Q1 @ 00:00:49 I have been interested in your reflections this evening with place and treatment of religious minorities within Islamic societies perhaps with special reference to Saudi Arabia. Its answer ends @ 00:03:58; the answer is only: 3.09 in duration.

Paarsurrey noted following hint words and syllables in the contents of the reply to the questions asked, in case of doubt, please hear the video and correct accordingly:

Minorities,  Christian denomination, no religious form of government mentioned in Quran except with justice,  perfect equality and with justice, even if the non-Muslims have in the past transgressed against Muslims Quran does not allow to treat them except on equality and justice,  Quran is absolutely clear on it,  never a Mullah has been able to speak against it,