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Pew Research and Islam

May 31, 2019

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What will be the position/no-position of Atheism (and the like Agnosticism/Skepticism) religion/no-religion , please?


#68 Epixxxxxxxxxx said:

According to the graph from 2010-2050 Islam will grow exponentially therefore by 2050 it will become 29.7% of the worlds population while Christianity will be 31%. The religiously unaffiliated will decline approximately around plus minus 3% (from 16.4 to 13.2). Buddhist shares a similar drop off as well as folk religions. But beyond that it may be hard to say considering the technological changes soon to come because with advanced technology there is an eventual change in the social dynamics on how we see the world. Therefore I think when we colonize other planets I believe religion/spirituality will play a part it’ll just play a part differently than how we perceive today and that lack of religion or atheism will remain stagnant.