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Any religion based on Word of revelation from the Creator God is truthful

May 17, 2012


The religion that Moses brought was truthful in its origin. But now we don’t have anything written by Moses; or the plates that Moses had with teaching from YHWH written down on them; so the message is almost lost unless it is renewed; and there is no need now to change it.


Jews were chosen people in the sense that Moses got revelation from YHWH; it was an honor in the same sense as Hindus were chosen people as the Creator God had conversed with Krishna.


The leader is chosen and with that the whole of his people are thought to be chosen; nothing more than that; they have got no license to sin freely; if they do they would suffer as others would suffer, no discrimination.


Any religion, whatever its name if it is based on the Word of revelation from the Creator God is truthful in its origin as they all come from the same source- the Creator God.