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Atheists! Do you have any evidences that the One-True-God does not exists?

January 12, 2014

Dan Wilkinson has written a post on the “Patheos” blog on January 9, 2014 titled “Creationist Ken Ham versus the Truth”; the post could be viewed by the viewers of Paarsurrey blog at the following link:

I have contributed many comments on the post; some of them have already been published in my blog “paarsurrey” together with the comments of those who have commented on my comments; yet more are given below for the benefit of the viewers of this blog and the public:

paarsurrey @ Mike De Fleuriot

I believe in the One-True-God very naturally; like I believe in me and my mother and father. I am an ordinary man in the street; with no claim to piety or scholarship. I do have a right to live my life as others have theirs. It is quite natural and reasonable for me to continue believing as such till somebody convinces me otherwise with observations and evidences.
If you have any evidences that the One-True-God does not exists; and that I and my mother and father never existed; you may like to present such evidences; yet under no compulsion from me.

Rick_K @ paarsurrey

You have evidence for a mother and father that cannot be justified through any other explanation. The same cannot be said of your evidence for God.
If you were born not in a western country in the 20th Century but instead you were born in the highlands of New Guinea in the 14th Century, you would feel just as confident of the pantheon of animal spirits and tribe-specific deities as you are currently confident of the One True God. And again, that belief of those deities would be based on evidence very different from the evidence of your parents.
I’m just sayin’….

paarsurrey @ Rick_K

Please give your evidence that the One-True-God (Allah Yahweh Ahura-Mazda Parmeshwara Ishawara) does not exist; I won’t leave my present default natural position; unless there are strong evidence/s against it and I get convinced to it.

I don’t need to convince one; my life is my life

January 5, 2014

I re-blogged a post titled “Meaning In Life, 3 Jan 2014”; the link of which is given below:

Then a discussion ensued; which I give below for the viewers of my Paarsurrey blog; the viewers are at liberty to join the discussion on the above link or here in this blog. Comments are welcome even if one differs with me.

January 3rd, 2014

Reblogged this on paarsurrey and commented:

Paarsurrey says:

One may like to read the following from Mirza Ghulam Ahmad 1835-1908- the Promised Messiah:

The Object of Man’s Life and the Means of its Attainment

Different people, being short-sighted and lacking high resolve, appoint different purposes for their lives and limit themselves to worldly goals and ambitions. But the purpose that God Almighty has appointed for man in His Holy Word is as follows:
And I have not created the Jinn and the men but that they may worship Me. (The Holy Quran, adh-Dhariyat 51:57)
That is, I have created men and jinn so that they may know Me and worship Me. Thus the true purpose of man’s life is the worship of God, His understanding and complete devotion to Him.
It is obvious that man is not in a position to appoint the purpose of his own life, for he does not come into the world of his own accord, nor will he depart there from of his own will. He is a creature and the One Who created him and invested him better and higher faculties than those of all other animals, has also appointed a purpose for his life.
Whether anyone penetrates to it or not, the purpose of man’s creation without a doubt is the worship and the understanding of God and complete devotion to Him.

“The Philosophy of the Teachings of Islam” Pages 164-165

Click to access Philosophy-of-Teachings-of-Islam.pdf

myatheistlife wrote:
January 4th, 2014

In the post I describe what I would find suitable as evidence for a god. Until you can prove that your god exists there is little to no reason to listen to what you or your holy book says outside of the fact that Muslims seem to have a strange habit of blowing themselves up in the company of innocents. I’m not sure how that is supposed to fit your meaning for life, but I won’t accept that your particular version of a god fairy story is true till you can meet the standard for evidence I’ve listed in my other post. Good luck with that.

January 4th, 2014

I don’t accept your standards. Why should one?

January 4th, 2014

Well, you don’t have to unless you want to convince myself and others that your stories about a god are actually truths and not just the lies they seem to be.

paarsurrey wrote:
January 5th, 2014

I don’t need to convince you.

I have no claim to any piety or scholarship; I am an ordinary man in the street in search of Truth wherever I can find it.

I would like rather you to convince me that there is no God; with your evidences and proofs, if any.

I very naturally believe in the One-True-God Allah Yahweh, like I very naturally believe in my father and mother.

I believe in one true God very naturally

July 15, 2013

There started a discussion between me and john zande; please click the following link to view it:


July 14, 2013 at 7:05 pm

I don’t think it is a temple.


I wouldn’t imagine for a second you would. After all, your Middle Eastern god is anti-knowledge:

For it is written: “I will destroy the wisdom of the wise; the intelligence of the intelligent I will frustrate.”
(1 Corinthians 1:19)


A temple is for worship. I think inwardly your conscience wants to worship some greater power; please correct me if I am wrong.

I like atheists for a merit; they point out mistakes of the people who have gone mythical in their creeds. And it is a good thing to do.

But it should be done nicely.

I think you will agree with me on this point.

Of course. Atheist is merely a person who doesn’t believe in the gods. A much better word to describe me is a humanist, a naturalist… and we should always strive to be nice.

It is just fine. It is your choice to not believe in the one true God. If you like I will call you a humanist; and I know that a humanist must be humanly arguing with reason.

I think you will agree with me. Of course one has a choice to disagree also.

What is in a name?

The names are good if they describe some qualities or attributes. Different language could have different names expressing the same personage with the same qualities or attributes.

It has been very naturally with me. Like I believe in my father and mother; I never doubted about them. I believe in myself very naturally; I never doubted myself; and I don’t need any evidence for that; one could doubt if there is useful reason to it.

I think you also don’t doubt about yourself; and I accept your existence without any evidence whatsoever.

Don’t you?

“without any evidence whatsoever…”

There is physical, genetically verifiable evidence for your mother and father. There is evidence i exists: these words should suffice for that. There is no evidence for your Middle Eastern god.

I never needed any evidence for my father or mother; and I think 99.9% normal persons won’t need to check or verify it. Their love and support is an unequivocal evidence of their being my parent; additionally I could check it genetically I know; but there is no reasonable ground for me to check it.

Do you doubt your parents? I don’t think that you have to verify them genetically.


Note: Let us see as to how our friend JOHN ZANDE replies to the above question.

Self-refuting Atheism; cannot provide “irrefutable evidence” they ask from others

July 14, 2013

The followers of Atheism ask others to provide irrefutable evidence but if the same question is asked from them; they don’t come up with any; that makes atheism having no ground to hold.

If one demolishes a building; that only produces rubble; it does not construct another building.

If Atheists sometimes point out a mistake in a creed of a religion, that is a positive point; but that does not mean that Atheism is right.

One can see from the following posts:

Arkenaten Says: 

July 13, 2013 at 3:22 pm | Log in to Reply

Provide evidence of your god.

One believes in so many things very naturally; for instance one believes one has a father and a mother very naturally; one does not need a proof unless there is a reasonable ground for that.
I believe in the one true God very naturally and don’t need to find any evidence for that.

I believe that I exist; I never needed any evidence for my existence.

Did you find any evidence that the one true God does not exist?


The same situation could be observed from the comments on the article< > between Arkenaten and Debilis:


Americans love the phrase “God of our fathers”

March 27, 2013

The Americans could come together on the concept of God. I could say they are in search of God. There is no need to deny God, Jesus did not believe in Trinity, and there is no need to become skeptical about God and to deny Him.

One should believe in God very naturally as one believes in one’s parents- fathers and mothers. One is never in doubt about one’s parents. So; why should one be in doubt about God? It is not rational to deny Him.

I pray the Americans come together on the one true Creator God; everyone with one’s independent search. Is there any doubt about the one true creator God who has created this life through evolution in millions of years?

Which God of Our Fathers?

March 26, 2013

Paarsurrey says:

I think your article shows that the Americans don’t come together on the concept of God. I could say they are in search of God. I pray they come together on the one true Creator God who has created this life through evolution in millions of years.

One should believe in God very naturally as one believes in one’s parents- fathers and mothers.


You Didn't Ask But.....

Americans seem to love the phrase “God of our fathers,” but how is that God defined?  If you listen to today’s religious conservatives you will most definitely get a version which they will swear by.  They will also quickly point out that the founders of our country were all God-fearing men.  That is an impossible position to defend because it mostly lacks for definition.

The founders of our country were, in the first place, English merchants who saw an opportunity in the New World at the Virginia plantation.  Their allegiance, such as it was, was to the Church of England.  But the colony the founded at Jamestown was far more interested in it commercial value than allying itself to any particular religion.  As was true in later settlements, these Englishmen did not first erect a church and then a community to surround it.

Next you have the “Pilgrims” who settled…

View original post 1,164 more words

Jesus’ death….

November 26, 2011

There took place an interesting discussion on the above topic, initiated by Captain Redbeard a nice poster on my favorite discussion forum, the hubpages.

The thread was already going on when I joined the discussion; I have given only those posts which related to the topic and which were addressed to me. The conversation is given for public good and for the viewers of this blog with courtesy of hubpages.

One must note that the purpose of a discussion is not necessarily to convince others or to convert others; that is done by one after lots of research. The discussion brings forth to light all angles on a topic; and helps one to form one’s own opinion independently.

I, however, respect and love all the posters on the hubpages.
One may access the following link to see the whole of it.

OP by Captain Redbeard

Ok so I have been studying the bible for close to ten years now and the more I study the more questions I have. I have been given the cold shoulder in churches and church groups for some of the questions I have but I feel they are valid. Maybe this wonderful group of people that hang out here can help me:

1. If sin is carried by the man through the seed of man and passed on to all his children Christ would have been born blameless. Which is why he was the perfect sacrifice. However, death was the punishment for sin before sin the bible tells us that Adam and Eve were eturnal with a body that wouldn’t die. So Christ being without sin means he was as Adam was before the fall. Man in his perfected state, eturnal. How then was he able to die on the cross or feel hunger or things like that?

2. The bible says that it is appointed for all men to die once and that is the bodies death, however the rapture experience says that the bride, Christ followers, will be caught up, raptured, into heaven and avoid the seven years of tribulation… there a sudden death then rapture as the dead in Christ go first then the living? How does this work it contradicts itself doesn’t it?

Those two are enough for now to probably get a big response so I’ll save the rest for another time.

1. Paarsurrey

Jesus did not die on the cross; he survived and migrated to India and lived a long life and died there naturally and peacefully.

2. Captain Redbeard

What evidence is there to this claim?

3. Captain Redbeard

What evidence is there to this claim?

4. Paarsurrey
Jesus did not die on the Cross; he survived a cursed death on the Cross as he had foretold; he died naturally and peacefully in Kashmir, India; one may read the following in this connection: a BBC documentary. … -india.htm

http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes … rine-jesus … view.shtml … shmir.html

5. Earnestshub

Well that makes at least as much sense as the Christian story.

6. Paarsurrey

It is in the history.

7. Paarsurrey

It is in the history that Jesus died in Kashmir, India.

8. Earnestshub

Yes I am aware of that.

9. Jomine

You were the one who wrote the history or was it Mirza Ghulam Ahmad?

10. Paarsurrey

History existed already; Mirza Ghulam Ahmad – the Promised Messiah 1835-1908, just highlighted it .

11. Jomine

Interesting. Now a days history too started existing? I thought only god does that!

Promised by himself?

Muhammed was supposed to be the last?

12. Paarsurrey

Muhammad himself told of coming of an end time reformer with symbolic name of Jesus or Issa or Ibne Maryam; Son of Mary.

He named this end time reformer as Imam Mahdi also.

13. Paarsurrey

Jesus felt thirsty on the Cross; he was a human being; he was neither a god nor a son of god.

14. Paarsurrey
None of the gospel writers was an eye-witness of the crucifixion of Jesus.

One can read an eye-witness of the event by reading the following:


Crucifixion By An



15. Paarsurrey

But Jesus did not die on the Cross; he later died in Kashmir, India.

Had the Gospel writers been believers of Jesus; they would have not denied the greatest miracle of Jesus that Jesus would be saved like Jonah was saved.

16. Kiss andTales

Jesus was saved remember after sacrifice was made in our behalf Jesus was not in his tomb! All things went as planned, so now Jesus returned to a spiritual body, that he had before he came to earth. Remember Jonah stayed in the belly of the fish, the same amount of days Jesus was in Tomb. A clue that Jesus would, be the messiah.

17. Kiss andTales
And true Jesus did not die on across, a cross was a pagan symbol of a god call Tamaz , people would carry his symbol of name in the streets when walking. Jesus died on a stake. Like the stake you would tie a tent down with.
One piece of wood; was what he died on. but many religions use this symbol for Christ, the cross has been used for years by religion yet the truth he did not die on this form known as a cross.1Peter2:24 Acts5:30 Deut 21:22 .

18. aka-dj

Christianity has its foundation in the death AND resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The shape of the “cross” is irrelevant to a great degree.

He WAS crucified in the Roman method. He DID in fact DIE. (The Roman Centurion made sure we didn’t miss that point.)
He ROSE again on the third day, (according to prophecy), and IS alive today.

That’s the cornerstone of (our) faith.

19. Arcjahad

Just look at an original copy of early English language bibles and the name Jesus isn’t in them that’s the easy part when the name Jesus started to be used from my research is around the mid 1700s so early Americans weren’t using that name but it’s a deep study but the answers can be found

20. Paarsurrey

What did they write instead of Jesus?

Jesus is definitley not a Hebrew or Aramaic name.

21. Disappearinghead

Jesus is an invented name. His name is Yahshua.

This is why there is no power in the name of Jesus and why adding ‘in Jesus’ name’ to the end of a prayer in an effort to get God to rubber stamp it is pointless. He knows His name.

22. Paarsurrey

Jesus is not the pronunciation of Hebrew or Aramaic which Mary or Maryam or Meryam spoke; though it depicts the same person.

In Kashmir, India, the same person is named Yuz Asaf:

“It may be speculated that one of those who accompanied Yuz Asaf alias Jesus on his travels was a disciple-writer who continued to document Jesus’ experiences and ministry until his own death, after which the writings ceased or were taken over by another until Jesus’ death.”

23. Earnestshub

It’s all myths paars, the whole thing is so obviously mythological to anyone who reads widely and makes an honest attempt to understand life.

It’s only indoctrination.
If it were otherwise, the place you were born and your parents beliefs would not be fixed as they are.

Born in America? What chance Christian?

Born in Afghanistan? What chance Muslim?

Guess which belief you are likely to have been taught from birth. Not gonna be the same “truth” for both places is it?

The explanation for this is that it is all simply psychotic nonsense.

24. Paarsurrey

Born nowhere; what chance Atheist?

25. Earnestshub

Not a very good answer to the question is it?

Atheists and non-believers are all over the planet in small pockets of every society I can think of.

Religionists on the other hand simply buy the bilge they get from parents and peers.

26. Paarsurrey

Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims are also found in every part of the world; right.

27. Earnestshub

Yes they are, but check the stats on where people come from and their beliefs.

It blows the whole religion idea away like sand in the desert and there would be very few people foolish enough to argue that America is predominantly Islamic and Iraq or Afghanistan predominantly Christian.

I like reality in my arguments, not bulldust.

28. Genaea

Hi Captain. My take on it is Jesus was born of God; yes, perfect man. As we know, man’s body was perfect before the fall. But obviously, they got hungry:) When he died, he took on the sin of man, for man. To save man from the sin that was killing him and separating him further from God. He came to die.

2. The bible states that two will be working and one will be caught up. No death, in my opinion. I honestly believe that the “appointment” is a spiritual or metaphoric term. Christians are to die or “kill” the flesh in order to be “born again”. (Maybe while the two are working, the graves are being emptied).

But don’t forget, the bible does tell us that some things will never be fully understood by us. It is so with scientific studies as well. Faith to believe what you don’t understand is what it takes.

Contradiction? When reading the bible, there must be an open heart. We should not read the bible with suspicion if it is our desire to know what we believe. It all comes from faith in God. Sometimes, one scripture that seems contradictory to another is actually speaking on different terms/ situations, usually talking about another topic altogther. (you are to stop, drop and roll when you are on fire/ not because you visit the fire station).
Questions are good Captain. It requires us to study more, then pray.

29. Kiss andTales

Yes I like that you said study very important to get true facts research is important .to get understanding.and there is no contradiction to the truth it all makes sense when you seek the truth and accept thats what it says.

30. lavender3957

Great question, I enjoyed reading all of the answers. The Bible is confusing to me. I usually look towards my pastor for answers. He always tells me if he does not have an answer, he will find it for me. With so many different religions, what is the truth is my question.

31. A Troubled Man

Certainly we can see that religions have not provided any truths. Your pastor will not tell you this truth.

32. Paarsurrey

All the messengers prophets of all the revealed religions of the world are Truthful in origin; all believing in ONE true Creator God; that is the Truth you are looking for.


Hubpages is a good discussion site; one could comment there or here in this blog; comments are most welcome.

Human brain is naturally more comfortable believing than doubting

March 13, 2010

Hi friends

I present here an article from National Post: Holy Post of Canada. Its title is “God’s Brain: The neuroscience of devotion”
Posted: March 13, 2010, 5:38 AM by Daniel Kaszor

It is interesting’

“Prof. Tiger said he and Dr. McGuire were also compelled to look more deeply at religion because of the spate of books by such high-profile atheists as Christopher Hitchens and Richard Dawkins, which were gaining huge readership for their anti-religious notions.

The main arguments of these writers is that no religion is backed up by scientific fact and therefore religious believers are deluded, if not outright morons.
“That was disrespectful and also not scientific,” Prof. Tiger said. “You can’t have a viable society in which 80% of adults are morons.” … otion.aspx
Food for thought and discussion


I am an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim

No “Good without God?”: Jesus neither god nor Son of god

October 29, 2009

Hi friends

It is no good without the Creator-God Allah YHWH. It is very unnatural not to believe in the Creator- God Allah YHWH. It is just like believing that one was born without one’s parents. One has not seen one’s father mating with one’s mother even then one believes that one has a father. One has not seen one’s mother giving one birth yet one is not in doubt of one’ mother; so one very naturally believes in one’s mother and father and is never in doubt.

One knows that one’s mother and father had taken pains in upbringing one; they did it with love in a very natural way. It is no good without the father and mother; and in the same way it is no good without the Creator-God Allah YHWH.

Through the parents the Creator-God Allah YHWH gives us a taste of His Grace, Mercy.

We got born of our parents; when we were nothing; if left unattended, unfed we would have not survived and died in our infancy, not even knowing that we were ever born. From infancy, we reached childhood, adulthood, old age; so it all evolved very naturally. It is against evolution and progression not believing in the Creator- God Allah YHWH.

All we see in the Universe is the Work of the Creator- God Allah YHWH. All our knowledge and sciences are based on knowing the laws of nature that the Creator has set in motion; without His Work, there would be no knowledge and no sciences.

It is his benevolence that He did not leave us alone and through the perfect men called Messengers Prophets he sent his Revelations so that we may know about his attributes and other things most essential for our ethical, moral and spiritual advancement; from the unseen realm. This is called the Word of the Creator- God Allah YHWH.

I think without the Work of God or without the Word of god; we will be worse off in our lives.

Is there a doubt in Allah the Creator of the heavens and earth? (Quran)
Jesus was however not a god or a Son of god.

I love Jesus and Mary as mentioned in Quran.


I am an Ahmadi peaceful Musli

Jesus died, at the ripe age of 120 after accomplishment of his mission; respectfully, naturally and peacefully and is said to be buried in a tomb at Mohallah Khanyar, Sirinagar, Kashmir India

May 15, 2009

Collin Messer says:


It seems to me that you are saying that because Paul and the other apostles/disciples were sinful that their words are meaningless?

First of all, all scripture is “God breathed”, meaning that it is inerrant and in line with God’s will.

If I am wrong in my assumption then I apologize and maybe you could clarify for me.


Paarsurrey says:

Hi friend Collin Messer

Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting here. You are always welcome to comment; even if your comments are differing with me; it adds to our knowledge and friendship anyway. Please feel free to express yourself fully.

I respect your faith.

I don’t mean that because Paul and the other apostles/disciples were sinful so their words always have to be meaningless; yet what you would do if their words are actually found to have no divine credulity. We cannot take everything they said to be divine or for granted.

I don’t see any merit in them to describe that whatever they wrote in their scriptures was “God breathed”. Jesus never said that whatever these disciples said is to be believed truthful. Even before Jesus himself, they said things which Jesus did not like. They were supposed to be faithful with Jesus that is why they are called disciples; but they deserted him when he needed them; they fled away from the scene of the Cross.

Later these deserters and unfaithful people came up with stories, eulogizing Jesus; why should we accept such stories and fables without scrutinizing them. Why should we become blind; when we can see through the things with the God gifted wisdom? We can apprehend the game they played with Jesus. Why should be we tight lipped about them; while they did things totally against Jesus’ wishes? We should expose trickery of Paul and the sinful scribes, if we are with Jesus. At least I would side with Jesus.

When God Allah YHWH heard the prayers of Jesus done at the garden called Gethsemane; and saved Jesus life, and Jesus did not die a cursed death on Cross. When Jesus got cured of his injuries in Joseph Arimathea’s tomb he was laid, he slipped away secretly towards India along with Mary. He was disgusted with these so called disciples; and did not take them along.

So they perhaps made up the stories disgusted, in shame and frustration.

I doubt God ever breathed anything in their ears. It was Paul who whispered, conspired and eavesdropped foul things into their ears. Moreover one could see many things in their writings where they erred undoubtedly and talked against the will of God and very much out of line; how and why should we declare them inerrant?

Paul and his associates took liberty as Jesus was not present there; he had gone to fulfill his mission assigned to him by God Allah YHWH; and he accomplished that mission successfully. Later Jesus died there respectfully, naturally and peacefully at the age of about 120 years as they say; and is buried in a tomb at Mohallah Khanyar, Sirinagar, Kashmir India.

I think this helps. This is what I believe sincerely.

I love Jesus and Mary as mentioned in Quran.


I am an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim

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