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Jesus:Real or myth?

June 8, 2014

Topic of the Thread : Jesus:Real or myth?

Paarsurrey wrote:

The spine or core of the Pauline Christianity that presents the mythical Jesus is that Jesus died a cursed death on Cross.

I quote from Paul:

1 Corinthians 15:13-14

13 But if there is no resurrection of the dead, not even Christ has been raised;
14 and if Christ has not been raised, then our preaching is vain, your faith also is vain.

1 Corinthians 15:14 And if Christ has not been raised, our preaching is useless and so is your faith.

And Jesus did not die on the cross to start with; so there is no question of any resurrection from the dead.
This breaks the spine of the Pauline theology.
Pauline Theology has got nothing to do with Jesus and Mary and their good teachings.

For the evidence from history in this connection please view the following documentaries:


Quran gives accounts of life of real Jesus; Bible presents mythical Jesus

January 30, 2014

I have written comments on the topic “The case for Jesus H. Christ” at the following blog:

My comments can be accessed at the following link:

To understand fully the comments in the context should be read also.

paarsurrey says:
January 30, 2014 at 17:37
“I think the Jesus whose story is told in the bible didn’t exist.”
I think the Atheists don’t have a list all person who lived in this world to check and verify therefrom that Buddha, Krishna, Zoroaster, Moses, Socrates , Jesus existed or did not exist.
Do they have such a list? Please

paarsurrey says:
January 30, 2014 at 17:42
@ Makagutu
“I think the Jesus whose story is told in the bible didn’t exist.”
Paul carved out of thin air a fictional character and described that he died on the Cross; resurrected from the dead and ascended to the skies to sit on the right hand of God. Paul described such a man as god or son of god and named that character Jesus or Christ; surely such a person never existed; I agree with you.

paarsurrey says:
January 30, 2014 at 17:47
@ Makagutu
“I think the Jesus whose story is told in the bible didn’t exist.”
For the real life accounts of Jesus son of Mary; one may like to read Quran, one may start with Chapter named Maryam/Merium/Mary”:

Jesus’ true teachings are also incorporated in Quran.

paarsurrey says:
January 30, 2014 at 17:55
@ Makagutu
“On assertion number three, there is none, repeat none, skeptic who Jesus appeared to. Neither did this apparition appear to Pilate, to the Pharisees, to the gentiles.”
This is a cooked story made by Paul and the likes to support the fictional character he made.
All above are general statements; not a single one has been mentioned with name; the list of names who saw and their antecedents have not been given by Bible.
I agree with you here

makagutu says:
January 30, 2014 at 19:05
Paarsurrey, you seem to me, no pun intended, to have a serious comprehension problem. If the Jesus talked of in the bible is fictitious, the one in the Koran is more so!

paarsurrey says:
January 30, 2014 at 19:43
@ makagutu
“If the Jesus talked of in the bible is fictitious, the one in the Koran is more so!”
Please don’t mind; I don’t agree with you.

Quran does not copy anything from Bible; it is a misconception.
Muhammad got the accounts of Jesus’ life and teachings from the One-True-God directly by Word of Revelation; that is the reason as to why Quran gives accounts of life of real Jesus and does not present the mythical Jesus carved out of thin air by Paul.

I know it is difficult for you to understand it.

The Evangelists (Matthew, Mark, John and Luke) simply played with the teachings of Jesus and the Old Testament

May 10, 2009

Jesus of Bible is Jesus made from wax molded at whims of the Evangelists (Matthew, Mark, John and Luke)

Michelle says:

The statement of Scripture the average Jewish young man or woman was brought up on was Deut.6:4: “Hear O Israel! The LORD our God, the LORD is One”. It is in the light of this overwhelming assertion of Jewish monotheism that a claim to divinity by any Jew is to be viewed. What an astonishment it must have caused in the minds of His audience when this Jew Who came 1500 years after Moses claimed (even if indirectly) that He was of the same essence as Jehovah! Jesus, however, delighted more in calling Himself as ‘the Son of Man’ although it is John who, more than the other evangelists dared to call Him ‘the Son of God’. To be sure, the title ‘Son of Man’ carried with it the overtones of divinity although distinct from God as seen Dan. 7:13, 14. Jesus emphasized His humanity (by the use of this title) as that was more descriptive of the work He had come to complete. But we need to recognize that His work also necessitated His being God. If He had been only human, even
His human functions could not have had such eternal implications.

Paarsurrey says:

Hi friend michelle, miss of bombay

I think your writeup is long; please don’t mind, I would be replying it in portions.

I respect your faith.

I have to submit with all humility that to me, Jesus of Bible seems to be a helpless person in the hands of the confused and sinful evangelists. I think they carved their own Jesus from wax; they molded Jesus the way they liked and which served their own ends; having little care for Jesus or Jesus’ teachings or teachings of the Old Testament of which Jesus was a strict follower. Either they were men of poor understanding or they simply played with the teachings of Jesus and the Old Testament. Once they deserted Jesus physically as they fled away from the scene of Crucifixion; now they seem set to take revenge from Jesus’ teachings and his acts.

They were not decided about Jesus as to what he was; they were constantly in confusion, sometimes they described him Son of Man or Son of Adam, at other times they would describe him Son of God, yet another time they would say he was god. They would say he was born of Mary and hence Son of Mary; yet he was in the beginning and became flesh; and became his own father or husband of Mary. I don’t mind that; it is their insinuation or confusion; they had a right if they wanted to remain in a state of confusion.

One wonders, if they were real disciples of Jesus; as they want us to believe that Jesus was going to die only for three days and then he was going to become a living god. What need they had to run away. Were they hidden unbelievers? If they thought that Jesus was their god; what fear they should have had from the Jews or the Romans? What maximum would have happened to them in three days? At the most the Jews or the Romans would have killed them. Jesus becoming alive after three days; if he ever cared for the disciples of Bible, must have not only made them alive from the dead but must have rewarded them suitably also; like they had seen Jesus performing the miracle of making Lazarus alive from the dead, if it ever worked as per Bible.

I think they, the Evangelists doubted and never believed that Jesus had performed any such miracle or that he was going to perform now his biggest miracle of becoming himself alive from the dead.

I see the Evangelists (Matthew, Mark, John and Luke) standing in line with the Jews and not believing that Jesus showed any miracle.

Jesus of Bible admitted that the Jews won’t be shown any miracle except the sign of Jonah, if the Jews denied or Jesus did not show any miracle previously, the Evangelists deny his last Sign.

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad 1835-1908, the Promised Messiah, the Second Coming, rightly observes:

“I wonder what the Christians are so proud of! If they have a ‘God’, he is the one who died long ago and lies buried in Mohalla Khanyar, Sirinagar, Kashmir. And if he has any miracles to his name, they are no greater than those of other Prophets, indeed Prophet Elijah showed greater miracles than he ever did. In the eyes of the Jews, Jesus (as) showed no miracles at all, and it was all deception and trickery.

This statement of the Jews is corroborated by Jesus (as) himself, for he says in the Gospels, “An evil and adulterous generation seeketh after a sign, and there shall no sign be given unto it…” If Jesus (as) had shown miracles to the Jews, he would surely have referred to them on this occasion.”

The sinful writers of the Gospels were not trusted disciples of Jesus; that is why Jesus left them behind and did not take them along, when he went to India along with Mary, after being saved from a cursed death on Cross by the grace and mercy of Allah. Jesus died a respectful and natural death in India, at the age of about 120 years.

This is only what we see Evangelists doing, their tricky things, in the daylight of reason and rationality.

Jesus was a great man a Messenger Prophet of God Allah YHWH and so were his teachings; his mother Mary was a marvelous lady as per Quran.

I love Jesus and Mary as mentioned in Quran, not the mythical Jesus presented by the cunning and sinful Paul and the sinful scribes.

I respect your faith; you must be guided by your own conscience freely, this is what I believe sincerely without any intention of injuring anybody else’s feelings.


I am an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim

Let America know the real Jesus; in stead of the mythical Jesus carved by Paul

March 10, 2009


The real Jesus is one of the perfect persons called the Messengers. He is also one of the innocent persons. CatholicsProtestants have eulogized Jesus to an extent that the common man has now realized that such an irrational and illogical Jesus just cannot really exist, historically or otherwise.

Ironically, Jesus never needed such exaggeration or eulogy. Paul and after him his Church has added layer after layer of eulogy on Jesus. The real Jesus is this buried under this extra earth put on him, layer after layer; if Jesus had not died as they say on the Cross earlier, he has surely died now a natural death under this eulogy or exaggerated praise.
Jesus never needed any spoon feeding from Paul and the Church. Jesus had his own charisma in his moral and spiritual acts and teachings based on the Law of Moses. It is perhaps to show this that he got baptized at the hands of John the Baptist.

Paul started the myth of Jesus, in the absence of Jesus, when he had gone to India from Galilee along with Mary his mother after when he survived a miraculous cursed death on the Cross. It was then that Paul carved a Mythical Jesus and later the Trinity- a Golden Calf, like one Samiri had in the times of Moses when he had gone to the mountain.

It is for this that as the latest survey shows, numbers of Catholics and Protestants has been on the decrease in America and people now say they have no religion. A news item:

More Americans say they have no religion
International Herald Tribune: March 8, 2009

If Church wants to fulfill the moral and spiritual needs of the Americans; then they should revise such unreal tenets of Catholicism and Protestants to salvage the Americans. Let Jesus express himself freely and let the American know the Real Jesus.

I love Jesus and Mary as mentioned in Quran.


Paarsurrey – an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim

P.S. I have added a page titled “Ask Paarsurrey” on my blog for the questions. Please view it on the side bar of my blog for peaceful questions and discussions. Everybody is welcome; even those who differ with me.

mythical Jesus invented by Paul

February 13, 2009

wellwateredgarden Says:

I agree that Jesus must be given preference over the church. The only thing is, I think you are talking about a different Jesus than the One I know.

The Jesus I know and follow is the One of whom it was said that He would return in the same manner that He left, Acts of the Apostles chapter one.

The other way you and I differ is whom we call God.

I believe Yahweh is God, also known as the Father to believers, but Allah is just a name invented by militant Muslims ( I know you say you are peaceful and I appreciate that) who want nothing more than to overthrow all democratically elected governments (people actually) and rule the world and even die a martyr’s death in the process in order to gain greater ‘rewards.’

All that does not add up to peaceful to me. I wish you well and may God’s peace and love rest upon you and, as you study the history of religions, I hope you find salvation in the only One who can give it to you … Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

I will continue to check your messages from time to time to see if you are advancing to truth and justice and goodwill towards all men. Amen!

paarsurrey Says:


I think you are following the mythical Jesus invented by Paul for his own vested interest. He was never a friend of Jesus and his disciples. He never sat in the company of Jesus. Paul killed followers of Jesus. Paul was clever, when Jesus had gone to India from Judea, he mislead his followers. It is not the real Jesus that Paul presented, in my opinion.

I love Jesus and Mary


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