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Atheism is the position of ignorance.Is it?

October 10, 2017

Post 17:  “Science does not support Atheism, does it?”

[Replying to post 16 by W—m]


Paarsurrey wrote:
Is the position/no-position of Atheism people claiming it to be “default position”?:

W—m wrote:
Atheism is a position, not a ‘no position’.
As a position, it is one of ignorance in that ‘the default position of a new born is ignorance’. Not as in ‘atheism is ignorance.’The reasoning is that we are not born knowing that GOD does or doesn’t exist. We are born ignorant of such things. Such things are not contemplated, and in that, it is a neutral position.

Thus atheism is a neutral position and the default position of every new born

Quote from W—m:
Atheism is a position
As a position, it is one of ignorance

Paarsurrey wrote:
Thanks for agreeing, if I understood one correctly, that Atheism is the position of ignorance.

Though I don’t agree that a child is ignorant. A child is endowed with the seed of knowledge and learning that flowers forth as the child grows year after year to adulthood and beyond.
So, why ascribe a child with “ignorance”, please?
With due respect, I will like to state that it is perhaps the Atheism people who stick to ignorance all their lives?!
Please correct me if I am wrong. Right, please?




Secret #3 The Absorbent Mind

It begins with a knowledge of his surroundings. How does the child assimilate his environment? He does it solely in virtue of one of those characteristics that we now know him to have. This is an intense and specialized sensitiveness in consequence of which the things about him awaken so much interest and so much enthusiasm that they become incorporated in his very existence . The child absorbs these impressions not with his mind but with his life itself.

~Maria Montessori, The Absorbent Mind

The child has a different relation to his environment from ours… the child absorbs it.  The things he sees are not just remembered; they form part of his soul.  He incarnates in himself all in the world about him that his eyes see and his ears hear. ~Maria Montessori, The Absorbent Mind.

“…if we compare our ability as adults to that of the child, it would require us sixty years of hard work to achieve what a child has achieved in these first three years.” ~Maria Montessori, The Absorbent Mind

“Impressions do not merely enter a child’s mind; they form it.” ~ Maria Montessori

  • Montessori, Maria (1948). The Discovery of the Child. Madras: Kalkshetra Publications Press.
  • Montessori, Maria (1949). The Absorbent Mind. Madras: Theosophical Publishing House.
  • Montessori, Maria (1914). Dr. Montessori’s Own Handbook. New York: Frederick A. Stokes Company.
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When Do Babies Start Learning?

Ever wondered when babies start learning? Get the lowdown on when the learning process starts and how you can help enhance it.

It would seem logical to think that babies first start learning when they’re born, but in fact the learning process actually starts much earlier than this. Believe it or not, but babies begin to learn when they’re still a small foetus in their mothers womb. Various studies have shown that this is the case. For example, in one study by doctors in the Netherlands, they were able to tell that unborn babies were learning how to remember and react to certain sounds, when they were aged between 37 and 40 weeks.


“Is it a sin to seek knowledge?”

June 23, 2015

<> Thread:”Is it a sin to seek knowledge?”

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Post #112

Paarsurrey wrote”

Topic : Is it a sin to seek knowledge?

For the material,physical and secular matters knowledge of sciences and arts is the source, while for ethical, moral and spiritual matters Word of Revelation is the source.
There is no sin to seek knowledge from both the sources to understand life in its complete picture and perspective.
Truthful Religion encourages one to get benefit from both.


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Atheists/Agnostics/Skeptics! What are your sources of knowledge?

November 8, 2014

I started thread titled above on one of my favorite discussion forums

One could join the discussion on the forum or here on this blog.

Paarsurrey wrote:

Post #1
Everybody could respond. Theists or Non-theists.


Paarsurrey wrote:

Post #41

Those who have joined the discussion (as per OP) and have mentioned their sources of knowledge, in the second stage I would like them:
To mention against every source the accuracy of every source in %.
Do their sources, all combined give 100 % accuracy?
If not, how do they cover the grey area not covered by their sources?
Do they cover all aspect of our lives?
This is just to self-assess our sources and to improve upon them, if possible.


It ensued an interesting discussion.

Buddha and Jesus got knowledge and wisdom from the same one source; hence their similarities

April 22, 2014

One is implored to read/join discussion on the following religious education forum to see the context of this post and then after due deliberation form one’s own independent opinion:

Paarsurrey wrote:

Originally Posted by idav
I believe the gnostic chritian interpretation parralels the mahayanian buddhist school of thought.

I believe it is possible for anyone can tap into the source since god is within all and they parallel when it works. Whether people attach needless dogma to the concepts doesnt change what it is at its core.

I agree with your thought that since Buddha and Jesus got knowledge and wisdom from the same one source, which I believe to be the light/revelation from the One-True-God, hence similarities in their teachings and the world-view; though they were some five hundred years apart in time.


Essence of True Love for God

April 10, 2014

Friday Sermon: Essence of True Love for God
Sermon Delivered by Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad (at)Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.

Urdu English Albanian Arabic Bengali Bosnian French German Malayalam Pushto Russian Sindhi Swahili Tamil Turkish

The original sermon was delivered in Urdu; translation available in above languages. For listening in language of your choice please access the following link and click language of your choice.



Huzoor explained that adopting Divine attributes is an expression of love of God and as Huzoor had explained in his Friday sermons based on knowledge and understanding of God a few weeks ago, unless one is aware of all attributes of God one cannot have His knowledge and understanding. Love of God is the next step up and when Divine attributes are adopted one receives Divine light.

Phrases like, ‘my crop flourished only because I irrigated it’ or ‘I was successful because of my own endeavour’, or ‘my such and such purpose was fulfilled because of Zaid’s kindness’ or ‘I was saved from ruin because of Bakr’s vigilance’ appear trivial and false. One sees only One Being, One Power, One Benefactor and One Hand. It is then that man sees favours of God Almighty with clarity and with no hint of the murkiness of relying on ways and means.

God Almighty has named this religion Islam with the objective of man worshipping God Almighty owing to his inherent passion and not selfish motives because Islam is the name of abandoning all motives and willingly submitting to the will of God. There is no other religion in the world save Islam which has these objectives. No doubt, as a sign of His grace God Almighty has promised the believers all kinds of blessings. However, the believers who aspire to higher station have been taught to worship God out of personal love for Him.

It is for this reason that those who enjoy a holy and perfect relationship with God always occupy themselves with Istighfar. A true lover is always apprehensive lest his beloved should become annoyed with him, and his heart is filled with the thirst to please Him perfectly, and he is not content even when God Himself informs him that He is pleased with him.

The Promised Messiah(as) said: ‘If you find out that you have the capacity to love like a true and ardent devotee, who endures hunger and thirst when separated from the Beloved and has no care for food or drink or his body, you should become absorbed in love of God in such a way that your own being is lost somewhere along the way. Man is very fortunate if he dies in such a state. We are interested in personal love and not revelations and visions.

If you become God’s, be assured that God is yours. He will wake for you when you are asleep, you will be unaware of the enemy and He will watch over him, and will destroy his ploys. You do not know yet of the powers of your God. Had you known you would have been extremely saddened every day for this world! A person who has a treasure-trove with him does not scream and cry over losing a penny.

‘Why is there suffering?’

March 19, 2014

March 19, 2014 at 11:35 am
@BOBBIERILEYJR :March 19, 2014 at 2:26 am
“What verse, or Chapter, in you Qur’an do you get this knowledge?”Unquote

“This phenomenon is mentioned in the Holy Quran in the following verse:

Blessed is He in whose hand is the kingdom, and He has power over all things;
It is He Who has created death and life that He might try you—which of you is best in deeds; and He is the Mighty, the Most Forgiving. *67:2-3

The answer to the question ‘Why is there suffering?’ is clearly implied in this verse in its widest application.”

Mirza Tahir Ahmad


تَبَارَكَ الَّذِي بِيَدِهِ الْمُلْكُ وَهُوَ عَلَىٰ كُلِّ شَيْءٍ قَدِيرٌ
tabāraka lladhī bi-yadihi l-mulku wa-huwa ʿalā kulli shayʾin qadīrun-i

الَّذِي خَلَقَ الْمَوْتَ وَالْحَيَاةَ لِيَبْلُوَكُمْ أَيُّكُمْ أَحْسَنُ عَمَلًا ۚ وَهُوَ الْعَزِيزُ الْغَفُورُ
alladhī khalaqa l-mawta wa-l-ḥayāta li-yabluwakum ʾayyukum ʾaḥsanu ʿamalan wa-huwa l-ʿazīzu l-ghafūru

You asked a good question.

Thanks and regards

“Religion and the former intellectual capital of the world”

February 24, 2014

I wrote following comments: blog “Enquiries on Atheism” : topic “Religion and the former intellectual capital of the world”; link below:

February 24, 2014 • 4:06 pm

I think you get the phenomenon wrong. Muhammad ;and I don’t deny great personages before him also like Buddha, Krishna, Zoroaster, Moses, Socrates and Jesus, they all through Word of Revelation from the One-True-God, opened hearts and minds of the people for love of knowledge and truth and hence there was an explosion of great civilizations through them; later when people lost track of that truthful path revealed on such personages and enunciated by them and concentrated on the worldly and material benefits from the rulers of the time; the treasure of knowledge was lost .

Do you believe in Thor? Zeus? Mithra?

December 23, 2013

I re-blogged the following post in my blog one could view it at the following link:
“Words Have Meaning, Mr. Chopra”

The comments exchanged are given below:

paarsurrey says:

Reblogged this on paarsurrey and commented:
Paarsurrey says: I neither agree with Deepak Chopra nor with the Atheists; both the groups are off the path of reality.

Cayce says:

“The Atheists”? Those who define themselves as “atheist” are not a part of a group, like defining yourself by a religious belief. Harkening to the title of my post, words have meaning; in this case, “a-theism”–the absence of a belief in the existence of a god or gods.

Do you believe in Thor? Zeus? Mithra? If not, you’re an atheist. Some of us simply believe in one less god than you.

Hunt FOR Truth says:

Happy Holidays

paarsurrey says:

Do you believe in Thor? Zeus? Mithra?
Cayce says:

What? Why post a , absurd reply?

paarsurrey says:

Why discourage questioning; so loved by the Atheists? Have a heart please.
Cayce says:

I encourage with the intent to further knowledge.

Not random gibberish.

paarsurrey says:

What knowledge do you have and from what absolute source? Do you have more knowledge than Newton?

To be an Atheist only one has to deny God; absolutely no knowledge required

August 6, 2013

The Atheists in these blogs are of different hues and shades; they have often stated that they have only one thing in common that they deny existence of God.

They don’t have necessarily to be a scientist or following the scientific method that they have to hide behind many a times. It is sufficient to be ignorant to become an Atheist.

The New Atheists have an additional quality; they disrespect, ridicule and deride while reason rests aside.

Please correct me if I am wrong.


There is no limit to the nearness to the one true God

July 22, 2013

Mirza Bashir Ahmad, an able son of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad- the Promised Messiah and Imam Mahdi has written a good note on the above topic, I want that the viewers enjoy it reading:

 Mirza Bashir Ahmad said:

“Reason does not take us beyond this level, for there are cast iron gates guarded by angels. Until human reason gets the passport to enter God’s court, it cannot pass through these gates.

We cannot pass through these steel gates until God grants us special vision. But when we do get it, all the veils are torn apart and the sight which minutes ago was rebounding off the steel door, now starts falling straight upon the bright countenance of the Creator.

The closer a man gets to his Lord the clearer his vision becomes, and so does his knowledge and understanding of God. There is no limit to this nearness and no end to this knowledge and understanding, for God Himself is Limitless and knowledge about Him cannot be limited.

This is why along with every common man, Muhammad (sa), the Seal of the Prophets, also prays:

‘O my Lord, increase me in knowledge’. (Ta Ha 20:115)

And yet he is the one whom God made to say:

‘I am the best of all the children of Adam, but I do not take pride in it’; as God did say of His Prophet: ‘This servant of Ours came close to Us, and came so close that he lost himself in Us’. (al-Najm 53:9-10)”

Pages 40-41

This is further to my post:

Two levels of belief in God: “There should be a God”: “There is God”