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It is His mercy that G-d sends His Messengers

November 30, 2019

#18 paarsurrey

“He (G-d) just doesn’t need messengers.”

I agree with one here. G-d does not need any Messengers/Prophets, it is His mercy that G-d sends His Messengers for us human beings guidance:

  1. But Bahaullah did not claim in unequivocal terms to be a Messenger/Prophet of G-d in Kitab-i-Iqan – one of the most famous and core book of Bahaullah. If yes then Bahaullah’s followers to please quote from Kitab-i-Iqan in this connection, please.
  2. Moreover Bahaullah was never a Bahai. If he ever said so, then also Bahaullah’s followers to please quote from Kitab-i-Iqan in this connection, please.
  3. Some Bahais believe that Bahaullah was god. If yes, then he could not claim and cannot be a truthful Messenger/Prophet , as both are distinct from one another.Right, please?
  4. etc, and etc


Bahaullah’s claims in Iqan are “implied”,none is unequivocal

May 20, 2019

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“the door to the knowledge of God is closed”


It is a meaningless concept. Nobody can close the door to knowledge of God as nobody has hegemony on God-Allah-YHVH, He can give knowledge to anybody and anytime .
If Bahaullah said it, it means that he found God’s door closed for knowledge for himself (Bahaullah) and his blind-faith followers. Right, please?


Shoghi Effendi wrongly translates Iqan

May 16, 2019

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I am now at page 53 of Kitab-i-Iqan-Farsi.

At passage # 76 is written:

“Knowledge is the most grievous veil between man and his Creator.”

There are no words in Farsi-Iqan which have been translated by Shoghi Effendi as “between man and his Creator.
Further, “Knowledge is the most grievous veil” is neither a verse of Quran nor it is Hadith. Right, please?


References to the quotes in Iqan must be provided

May 11, 2019

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“The effort would be better spent looking for those references now, rather than saying they were wrong or did not exist.”


That effort must have been made by the followers of Bahaullah, now it should be more easy. The books have been published and most if not all, I understand, are available even online. The references of all such Shia/Islam Ahadith/Narrations should be provided in the Arabic text. Now more than a century has passed, yet it has not been done. How much time Bahaullah’s followers want to take while they say Iqan is their core religious book?

I also understand that in the first hand-written or dictated Iqan had many mistakes even in the Quranic verses quoted and Bahaullah had to correct these later.



The technique of “All is fair in love and sales ” of Bahaullah

April 29, 2019

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So then, what’s the big deal that Baha’is believe the Virgin Birth and the Crucifixion of Jesus? They reject pretty much everything else about what the NT claims to have happened.” Unquote.

#203 paarsurrey
Don’t worry, please.
It is simple the technique of “All is fair in love and sales ” of Bahaullah. At one hand he agrees with the Christianity and on the other he sells his own God-Head, Manifestation of God and Bahaullah’s being Second-Coming of Jesus.
This is my understanding when I am reading Kitab-i-Iqan, the so called “The Book of Certitude” of Bahaullah.


Did Bahaullah renounce Islam and converted to no-religion?

April 24, 2019

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#45  paarsurrey

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I understand that Bab was Shayki /Esoteric/Mysticism Twelver Shia Muslim and Bahaullah became his follower.
In that case the question remains to be answered, when did Bahaullah renounce Muslim and converted to no-religion, please?



#50 paarsurrey

Bab did not renounce Islam, there a is friend in the Forum who is a Babi, but he is a strong Muslim. I understand Bab used to pray/formal-Salat as other Shia-Muslim use to do, Bab did not renounce Islam, believed both parts of the Kalima (1.Oneness of God and 2.prophet-hood of Muhammad ).
It means that Bahaullah remained a no-religion man between the period , he left religion-Islam in the pre-Iqan period and the Iqan-period. Till his followers announced Bahaullah to be follower of Bahaism in the post-Iqan period, please.


#57 paarsurrey

It is important to know. When one joins Islam one openly with his words recites Kalima (1. Acknowledges Oneness of God and 2.prophet-hood of Muhammad) and starts offering prayers etc and doing the religious actions like Salat as told in Quran and done by Muhammad.
In other words when did Bab and or Bahuallah cease to pray Salat like they used to do as Shia-Twelver-Muslims do or the Sunni-Muslims do.
It is the same question in other words, please.



Was Bahaullah a “Bahai”, please?

April 21, 2019

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#1 paarsurrey,

Was Bahaullah a “Bahai”, please?
Bahaullah was sure not a “Bahai” as per the core book of Bahaullah named by him as “Kitab-i-Iqan”.

Jesus was not a “Christian”, he was a Jew, he was “Baptized” posthumously as virtually being a follower of a new religion “Christianity” by Paul/Church and or the associates.
Thread open to all religions or no-religions.



” It should come as no surprise that Bahá’u’lláh’s respect for the Qur’an was heartfelt and genuine. Bahá’u’lláh was, after all, a Muslim.”
Visiting Assistant Professor, Michigan State University, buckc@msu.eduKALIMÁT PRESSLOS ANGELES
Symbol & Secret: Qur’an Commentary in Baha’u’llah’s Kitab-i Iqan (1995/2004)



“Love and Sales”: Bahaullah and “Iqan”

April 21, 2019

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#145 paarsurrey

Well that is everybody’s birth-right, whether a divine or not a divine, with reason or without reason. The pertinent question here is whether Kitab-i-Iqan was revealed in the sense Quran was revealed to Muhammad?

Muhammad kept Word of Revelation from G-d (Quran) separate from his own conversation with his companions and instructions to them .

Muhammad forbade Muslims to write anything from him , other than Quran, as long as Quran was being revealed so that it is not mixed up. It was for this that Hadith was written 250/300 years after him.

It is not of much significance that Iqan was written/dictated by Bahaullah in a night , or in a day and a night, or within two days or so. The substance or its contents is/are important which Bahaullah did not in an unequivocal manner claim ,in Iqan, was revealed on him from G-d.

In the sense Quran was revealed on Muhammad; Iqan was not, emphatically not, revealed on Baha’ullah from G-d. Quran is authored by G-d but Iqan is not authored by G-d.
The contents of Iqan also suggest that Bahaullah simply employed the “all’s fair in love and sales”*technique and the contents are not meaningful enough otherwise.


*#1 siti

Bahaullah has revealed! (3)

April 20, 2019

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Mirza Ghulam Ahmad’s all claims are within Islam/Quran/Muhammad, he started no new Religion while Bahaullah’s claims are outside of Islam/Quran/Muhammad, he started a new Religion, as his followers claim about it, yet he provided no name for it.
But we are discussing here that Bahaullah did not in a clear-cut manner claim in Iqan that Iqan was a Word of Revelation from G-d, he just wrote it as any human being would write and yet not claim that its contents have been revealed from G-d. Iqan is a brain-child of Bahaullah, not from G-d. Right, please?


Bahaullah has revealed! (2)

April 10, 2019

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Post #56 paarsurrey, wrote:

I quote from Iqan:
“This station is also one of the signs of the Day of Revelation; even as it is said: “The abased amongst you, He shall exalt; and they that are exalted, He shall abase.” And likewise, He hath revealed in the Qur’án: “And We desire to show favour to those who were brought low in the land, and to make them spiritual leaders among men, and to make of them Our heirs.” 21 It hath been witnessed in this day how many of the divines, owing to their rejection of the Truth, have fallen into, and abide within, the uttermost depths of ignorance, and whose names have been effaced from the scroll of the glorious and learned. And how many of the ignorant who, by reason of their acceptance of the Faith, have soared aloft and attained the high summit of knowledge, and whose names have been inscribed by the Pen of Power upon the Tablet of divine Knowledge. Thus,“What He pleaseth will God abrogate or confirm: for with Him is the Source of Revelation.” 22 Therefore, it hath been said: “To seek evidence, when the Proof hath been established is but an unseemly act, and to be busied with the pursuit of knowledge when the Object of all learning hath been attained is truly blameworthy.” Say O people of the earth! Behold this flamelike Youth that speedeth across the limitless profound of the Spirit, heralding unto you the tidings: “Lo: the Lamp of God is shining,” and summoning you to heed His Cause which, though hidden beneath the veils of ancient splendour, shineth in the land of ‘Iráq above the day-spring of eternal holiness.” Unquote
Bahá’í Reference Library – The Kitáb-i-Íqán, Pages 121-160

The hint number 22* gives reference of verse of Qur’án 13:41, which is incorrect. The Quran correct verse of Quran is 13:39:
AYAH ar-Ra`d 13:39 يَمْحُو اللَّهُ مَا يَشَاءُ وَيُثْبِتُ وَعِندَهُ أُمُّ الْكِتَابِ

Sher Ali Translation:
“ALLAH effaces and establishes what HE wills, and with HIM is the source of all commandments.”
ar-Ra`d 13:39
This needs to be corrected.

*It is hint #111 , Qur’án 13:41. ↩ in another English translation of Iqan by Shoghi Effendi.


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