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Religion bonds humans to unity, peace and justice

May 7, 2019

Religious Forums

#40 paarsurrey

If correctly understood Religion bonds humans to unity, peace and justice; if not correctly understood it is the fault of the vested individuals not of the Religion itself. Right, please?


Truth and Justice

November 11, 2017

Allah has enjoined Muslims to establish justice in every matter, but today we see that general Muslim population and scholars are not abiding by this teaching. For example, people tell lies in court [i.e. perjury] in domestic matters to get their rights. This is how corruption spreads in society and justice is overlooked. The claim of Muslims is that we are the best of nations [Khair-e-Ummat], but this can only be the case if we follow the teachings of Islam.


  • Allah has enjoined Muslims to establish justice in every matter, but today we see that general Muslim population and scholars are not abiding by this teaching. For example, people tell lies in court [i.e. perjury] in domestic matters to get their rights. This is how corruption spreads in society and justice is overlooked. The claim of Muslims is that we are the best of nations [Khair-e-Ummat], but this can only be the case if we follow the teachings of Islam. As such, irrespective of the situation, the testimony of a believer must always be based on truth and should be given for the sake of Allah. And this can only happen when a person has true faith in God. And he is even willing to testify against himself, his parents and his family.
  • It is sad to see that, from time to time, injustice even takes place amongst us in the matters of Qaza and business dealings. Even those who possess religious knowledge are sometimes guilty of this. We should remember that God cannot be deceived and all our actions will be put forward in front of us on the Day of Judgment. The Promised Messiah (as) has set high standards for us. It is mentioned that in his days of young age, the Promised Messiah (as) gave testimony against his own father in a court case. This was despite the fact that the lawyer had told him he would lose if he gave this testimony. After having lost the case, the Promised Messiah (as) left the court with such jubilance, as if he had won the case.
  • We should keep such examples in front of us. Some people evade taxes by hiding their income and become a source of disgrace after getting caught. If we act according to the teachings of God, He is the best of Sustainers. Some people lie in matrimonial matters. Some people try to disgrace their ex-husband or ex-wife after divorce. Such matters are against the standards of justice expected of Ahmadi Muslims.
  • We should never wrong anyone based on difference of religion. A true believer is he who upholds justice and peace in every matter. The injustices of Muslims are highlighted a lot in the western world; that is, how Muslims are killing each other, and how Muslim rulers are oppressing their own people. Some Muslims even commit atrocities when they come to western countries. They justify such wrongful actions by saying they are taking revenge from the western people, when in fact the real culprits are the Muslim leaders who are behind the oppression. For example, drones and bombings were done with the agreement of local Muslim leaders. This type of thinking only creates further enmities. And it is against the teaching of the Holy Quran, which states that the enmity of a nation should not incite you to be unjust towards them. Unfortunately, the Muslim clerics of today have misguided the Muslim masses. It is our responsibility to explain the true teachings of Islam and the true character of the Holy Prophet (saw).
  • Once the Holy Prophet (saw) sent some Muslims to spy on the enemies during the time of war. In the sacred area around Kaaba, some people saw these Muslims. Afraid of being exposed, Muslims killed two of the people. People came to the Holy Prophet (saw) to complain about the murders. The Holy Prophet (saw) did not say that you have also been oppressing us [i.e these killings are justified]; rather, he said that you have been wronged, and gave blood-money as per the custom of that time. And the Holy Prophet (sa) severely reprimanded those Muslims.
  • Such are the standards which we must follow. The Promised Messiah (as) was sent to re-establish such standards among Muslims. We cannot do true Tabligh without first establishing such standards of justice amongst us. Otherwise, the world would tell us to first look after our own affairs. May Allah enable us to follow his teachings and may he enable us to become a role-model for others in establishing justice!
  • Huzoor Anwar (aa) announced the funeral prayer of Respected Hasan Muhammad Khan sahib, former Naib Wakilut-Tabshir in Pakistan, and a Waqf-e-Zindagi, who held many offices. He was a Musi and had immense passion for Tabligh. He was imprisoned in God’s way in 1953. After arrival in Canada, he served as Editor of Ahmadiyya Gazette until 2006.

Religious minorities within Islamic societies

May 6, 2013

Question and Answer with Hadhrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad, 12 January 1996

Please start viewing the video, setting play-head position, for the relevant Q1 @ 00:00:49 I have been interested in your reflections this evening with place and treatment of religious minorities within Islamic societies perhaps with special reference to Saudi Arabia. Its answer ends @ 00:03:58; the answer is only: 3.09 in duration.

Paarsurrey noted following hint words and syllables in the contents of the reply to the questions asked, in case of doubt, please hear the video and correct accordingly:

Minorities,  Christian denomination, no religious form of government mentioned in Quran except with justice,  perfect equality and with justice, even if the non-Muslims have in the past transgressed against Muslims Quran does not allow to treat them except on equality and justice,  Quran is absolutely clear on it,  never a Mullah has been able to speak against it,


Buddha on “I am” or ego

April 23, 2013



Gospel of Buddha says:

“Is not man an organism of many aggregates? Are we not composed of various attributes? Man consists of the material form, of sensation, of thought, of dispositions, and, lastly, of understanding. That which men call the ego when they say ‘I am’ is not an entity behind the attributes; it originates by their co-operation. There is mind; there is sensation and thought, and there is truth; and truth is mind when it walks in the path of righteousness. But there is no separate ego-soul outside or behind the thought of man. He who believes that the ego is a distinct being has no correct conception of things. The very search for the atman is wrong; it is a wrong start and it will lead you in a false direction. 6

“How much confusion of thought comes from our interest inself, and from our vanity when thinking ‘I am so great,’ or ‘I have done this wonderful deed?’ The thought of thine ego stands between thy rational nature and truth; banish it, and then wilt thou see things as they are. He who thinks correctly will rid himself of ignorance and acquire wisdom. The ideas ‘I am’ and ‘I shall be’ or ‘I shall not be’ do not occur to a clear thinker. 7


Click to access The%20Gospel%20of%20Buddha%20-%20Paul%20Carus.pdf

Quran says:
Giving the example of “self” who has acquired goodness.

[89:28] And thou, O soul* at peace!
[89:29] Return to thy Lord well pleased with Him and He well pleased with thee.
[89:30] So enter thou among My chosen servants,
[89:31] And enter thou My Garden**.
* Could be translated as “self”.
**Could be translated as “heaven”.

And example of evil self going to hell.

[12:54] ‘And I do not hold my own self to be free from weakness; for, the soul is surely prone to enjoin evil, save that whereon my Lord has mercy. Surely, my Lord is Most Forgiving, Merciful.’

Paarsurrey says:

So according to Buddha, as I understand, the core of our ego ultimately depends on attributes that we acquire; if our self acquires good attributes and become one with the one true God that is one’s heaven and if our self acquires evil attributes, one becomes evil which has its abode in hell; in this sense heaven and hell are our own creation; one true creator God has only set rules for conduct with justice.

March 26, 2013

Paarsurrey says:

The Church has not dealt with the families fairly in he past; hence the secular governments have taken over this function of reconciliation or otherwise of the families .

The clergy had been carried away with their incorrect creeds and doing injustice with the families.The clergy/church/priests don’t represent the one true creator God; no injustice should be made in the name of church or religion.

Justice is one of the prime attributes of God.

This is my opinion; others could believe differently with rational reasons and arguments.

On a valid reason a wife could disobey her husband

May 7, 2012


A questioner says: There seems to be no allowance for the possibility that maybe the wife might have a valid reason to disobey her husband’s command.

Paarsurrey answers:

For a valid reason wife could argue and or disobey; Muslims have to do justice at all time; if one does injustice one surely disobeys and violates clear commandments of Allah mentioned in Quran.

The wronged wife in a family dispute could go to Qaza, set up in the community, or any other family court in the country they, both husband and wife, reside in and apply for separation as per the law of the land. Justice must be done.




The concept of Trinity is alien to Jesus and Mary

January 23, 2010

Wootah wrote:

I believe (Trinity) God is Good and Just

Paarsurrey says:

Hi friend wootah

First of all the Catholics Protestants should present the claim of the Trinity as also the essence of its reason from the Gospels; why should you try to put words into the mouth of Trinity, your assumed god, which it individually and collectively failed to mention in your book or to provide reason for it, to start with?

I don’t think your Trinity-god has anything to do with justice when it attempted to kill its own son for the sins of others; it is a cruel Trinity-god. Would you following your Trinity-god kill you own son or daughter for the sins of a passerby in the street? It is a cruel act, so you should rather leave the Trinity-god; than doing this inhuman act.

Trinity is neither Good nor Just; it is cruel and irrational.

The concept of Trinity is alien to Jesus and Mary; they never believed in it.

I love Jesus and Mary as mentioned in Quran.


In the name of justice and love; Christianity presents a very cruel God and concept of atonement of sins, which is neither practical and rational, nor natural and logical

June 12, 2009

Marianne says:

The apostles were not dull witted. Jesus spent 3 years training them and they were very smart and prepared to do their job.

To say they were somehow stupid is an insult to their teacher Jesus.

Paarsurrey says: But this is what the Bible presents them to be.

Marianne says:

They believed in the resurrection of Lazarus, because they were there when it happened.

Paarsurrey says:

Had they believed that Jesus had given life to a physically dead Lazarus; then they would have not deserted Jesus on the Cross’ they just ran away; actions speak more than the words sometimes.

Marianne says:

Jesus died on the cross, and then he rose from the dead.

Paarsurrey says:

If Jesus was physically dead, then his friends would have not been in hurry to take him to the tomb. They believed that Jesus was near-dead, hence they hurriedly took him to the tomb for treatment.

If they had believed that he must be physically and literally dead and was to be alive from the dead, they would have kept him in the open; at least for the Jews to see Jesus perform the miracle. That never happened; and they did not expect it. They knew that Jesus was not physically dead.

Marianne says:

HE never went to India. This is a fairy tale of unbelievers.

Paarsurrey says:

The scribes did not write the gospel books to record the facts for the public. They wrote it for a specific purpose to support Paul’s weird theological philosophy.

They did not mention accounts of Jesus’ earlier life; they had no interest in it.They did not have interest in what Jesus did after he went from Galilee. Jesus seeing their poor belief; secretly went to India.

Marianne says:

Unless you accept the atonement death of Jesus on the cross, and his resurrection from the dead, your faith is wrong, and your relationship with Jesus is = 0 (zero), meaningless.

Paarsurrey says:

There is no direct relationship between sins and Jesus’ supposed death on the Cross; which never happened. Sins are forgiven from the time of Adam to today under a separate process; whether Jesus died on the Cross or did not die on the Cross.My relationship with Jesus is meaningful; I believe in the same God Allah YHWH whom Jesus also believed.

Marianne says:

Jesus came to die for our sins. If you reject this, then you reject him.

Paarsurrey says:

Sorry, I don’t agree with you. Jesus came with a message from God Allah YHWH; that is why he was a Messenger and Prophet. Sins are forgiven by God Allah YHWH. Jesus has no authority to forgive sins; it is sole discretion of God Allah YHWH; this should be clearly understood.

If a passerby in the street committs a sin; you won’t kill your son for the atonement of the passerby’s sins. It will be a most cruel thing to do.

In the name of justice and love; Christianity presents a very cruel concept of God and atonement of sins, which is neither practical and rational nor natural and logical.

I respect your faith; but this is what I sincerely belive and with logical reasons.

You are welcome to express your faith; no compulsion; but it should not be blindfaith, it should be a reason oriented faith supported by reasons and logical arguments. Blindfaith is no faith.

I love Jesus and Mary as described in Quran.


I am an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim

It is a cruel idea; to kill your son for the sins of your wife or for the sins of your daughter

June 4, 2009

Markparker1 says:

Paarsurrey, do you believe that if we repent of our sins and forsake them God will forgive us?

Paarsurrey says:

Yes; if we sin, we repent, forsake the sins and ask forgiveness from God Allah YHWH; He could in His discretion forgive us the sins. God Allah YHWH is Master of Everything, he has created everything; and he has not to take permission from anybody to forgive the sins.

God Allah YHWH is the Judge; if he forgives a wrong doing human being under the above procedure very mercifully and for the sake of humanity, I don’t find any injustice in it. It is the question of love and mercy of Him towards the human being; there is no discrepancy in it.

This is very rational, practical and very logical; we all experience it in our family. We forgive mistakes and sins of our daughters and sons; and nobody challenges it or says that it is unfair. In fact everybody understands that it is quite natural.

This has been going on from ages to ages; from the time of Adam to the time when Jesus was delivered from the Cross in near-dead position and when he got cured of the injuries infliceted on the Cross; he secretly migrated to India.

Now comes the cunning Paul- an enemy of Jesus; with a new idea never believed by Jesus and Mary, and the sinful scribes of the Gospels tow his line.The give a new meaning of Jesus tribulations on the Cross; in the absence of Jesus while he was in India.

Paul’s idea is neither truthful, nor practical, or rational or logical or natural. It is a cruel idea; to kill your son for the sins of your wife or for the sins of your daughter or for the sins of a stranger- a man in the street. It is a mockery of Justice. In fact it is a sin to beleive in it or to act on it.

Sorry, I don’t agree with Paul; I won’t buy his weird philosphy.

I love Jesus and Mary as beautifully described in Quran.


I am an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim

better for the Catholics Protestants to describe Jesus as a step son of God or God as a hostile father of Jesus

May 3, 2009

ivarfjeld says:

So much God loved the World that He gave his only Begotten Son, so that those who believe in Him, shall not perish, but have eternal life.

Paarsurrey says:

Hi friend ivarjeld

Welcome at my blog; please feel to express yourself fully here, even if you differ with me.

Please don’t mind. Sorry, I can’t buy that this is any manifestation of love from God; this is no justice either. Even a normal human father; except one who is a sick person, won’t kill his son for the sins of a man in the street. The man in the street won’t benefit from it either; the son would be killed for nothing.

In that case perhaps it would be better for the Catholics Protestants to describe Jesus as a step son of God or God as a hostile father of Jesus; rather to name Jesus a “Begotten Son”.

God never said or thought anything like that; it would be better describing such god as cruel person instead of saying “God is love “.

This is a meaningless approach of cunning and sinful Paul collaborated by the sinful and unfaithful scribes; not held by any Messenger Prophet before or after him. Jesus and Mary, for sure, could never believe such a faulty Theology. They would promptly reject such an inhuman concept.

This is only a nonsensical invention of Paul; the enemy of Jesus, Mary and their disciples.

God loves justice and all His actions are full of Wisdom. Do you see any wisdom in it? Sure, not.

I don’t think one should believe such a creed blindfolded from Paul. One would perish rather to attain any eternal life, like Paul was punished and beheaded.

I respect your faith; however, this is my sincere and affirmed opinion.

I love Jesus and Mary as mentioned in Quran and not as presented by Paul or the sinful scribes.

Please keep the contact and remain in touch.


I am an Ahmadi peaceful Muslim

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