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“Do you believe that Jesus is the Word?”

May 15, 2018

Do you believe that Jesus is the Word?

Post #31 paarsurrey wort:

Please elaborate as to what kind of word Jesus is. Please quote from Jesus where he said about himself being a word to support one’s view. I don’t find he ever said as such. Right, please?

Post #63paarsurrey

I agree with one here. People attribute things to Jesus that neither he said not he even implied to say. One is right, I believe, such things are just hearsay and hear say is improper to be admitted.


s    said: 
Jesus and the Father are both ‘God’.
blü 2 said: 

Post #105   paarsurrey

I agree with one. Jesus did not believe such things and did not even imply to say them, in my opinion. It is the Church who is forcing to put things in Jesus’ mouth, I believe.