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Mary was not the wife of God, so Jesus was never a “Son of God”

July 25, 2017

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 TselKage wrote:

The Quran states that Jesus was a prophet of Allah and nothing more; however if we assume this to be true, why would he lie of being the son of God? It seems to me that Islam has given a position to Jesus that is evidently paradoxical. I find this to be the biggest flaw in Islam, and I can’t see any sensible justification for this contradiction.

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I have provided many proofs below on how Jesus equates himself to Godhood, I recommend you look into these points and warn you of the potential hypocrisy of a frivolous reversal of when Jesus was literal and when he was metaphorical. I only say this because I wish to avoid a debate where anyone would simply say he is being metaphorical when he states himself as the Son, and literal in any other occasion when it does not suit one’s belief. I concede the Bible is not without metaphors and the like, however, it would be dangerous to assume everything possible as such when interpreting the Bible; such a behavior would simply belittle the message of the word of God. Once again I urge you to look into my many examples of Jesus’ Godhood below.


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